Christian Version of MSN

Looking for a Christian Alternative to MSN?

Is there a search engine like MSN hotmail for Christians?

As far as we know, there is as yet and unfortunately no ‘Christian MSN’ search engine equivalent as such – however, there are several Christian email providers some of which are free and web-based like hotmail, search engines and portals that offer Christian based emailing systems and web searching – very much like MSN (or Google or Yahoo for that matter). So what is the nearest equivalent to MSN for Christians on the web? Try checking out some of these Christian search engines and portals on Google search designed specifically for Christians.

So the Christian community has yet to come up with it’s own Microsoft Netwrok style email system with its own unique search tied in, but there are some great Christian portals that combine email, other peoples search results and web directories all in one. Have fun searching – be safe and all the best – Christian

Christian portals & search engine directories of interest Christian Portal
What they say:  Welcome to the Christian Internet Directory, listing the Christian businesses, Christian rock groups, and religious websites across the globe. Find Christian resources to assist in your ministry, and much more. This directory is being constantly updated to include as many Christian sites as possible. Now you can shop at specific sites designated as Christian websites. You can use this directory to find church resources to assist in your ministry. Simply click on a category link to the left to find a specific set of sites, or search in the search box below. If your Christian site is not currently entered, we encourage you to find the proper category, and click the “Add URL” link to fill out the form. Be sure to bookmark this site so you can stay up-to-date on any new Christian portal sites.

Here’s some Free Christian Email Services
Here’s a Christian search engine that resembles Google to some degree. It has many 1000’s of Christian websites spidered which includes much or the burried pages within the sites. Here you can find hundreds of articles and websites on Christian subjects as well as a ‘Church engine’! This contains around 2000+ churches around the globe!

Advertise a Christian mail service or email web based service website here email and we will check it out and possibly list it here if we think it’s a good resource for Christians.

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