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One of the the problems I’ve always experienced running a Christian web based company is getting good, fast and honest programmers that won’t take you for a ride. In the early days of my business I was seriously taken for a ride on a number of occasions – sometimes blatantly by non-christian web developers and sometimes through lack of knowledge, a combination of the two.

I can honestly say though that when you do find an efficient Christian programmer that gives you good honest advice – there is nothing like it. Sometimes it’s even worth paying more for a Christian programmer if it’s someone you can implicitly trust – priceless! For the first 3 years my business was in operation I had a combination of secular and Christians programming my websites with mixed results. The Christian company was the middle man using a secular programmer who had bad communication skills and was never around – even to say he was busy. When the programming was complete it was invariably not quite what you’d asked for and half would need to be re-programmed.

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So it was a breath of fresh air when I finally found a guy who had juat started his own web development agency – on whom I could completely rely! My advice is – look for a Christian to do your programming and if possible – see if they will buy into what you’re trying to achive. It may be worth striking some kind of deal on top of the payment if you are strapped for cash, but at least you will have peace of mind. My site was not even built securely and had to be remade no less that 3 tines before being green I knew enough about IT. Unfortunately the old saying is true in this world – knowledge is everything*

*except with God! – praise the LORD!!!!!

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