Christian Fellowship

We Need Christian Friends!

Fellowship is one of the most important part of the Christian’s life for many reasons. It’s needed for edification – the hearing of testimonies of others to strengthen ones’s faith. It’s needed in order to admonish and encourage one another. We need trusted friends to confess our faults, and we need good friendships in order to maintain a healthy emotion state and keep our minds in good condition. Of course there are a thousand other reasons.

Social Network Websites we DO Recommend

Christian Social Network


Social Networks Websites we DO NOT Recommend
This site is full of ungodly content, gossip and slander and whilst some may argue that this is where Christians need to be in order to spread the gospel, we believe the danger of being dragged into the world’s ways outweighs spending many hours trying to debate and in many cases argue online with people who in the main have no real interest in truth – rather they interested in gossip and comparing themselves with others. This site is primarily based around ‘self’ – the me me me culture. Whilst is is an amazing site functionally, and connects family members and school friends brilliantly, the site DOES NOT have your best interest at heart. It is interested in your data, your likes and dislikes and revenue that you generate from yourself and other by using it. Not to mention the fact that EVERYTHING you do on these sites are recorded forever!  Research shows that people who use Facebook are more unhappy than those that don’t. Why? It’s very simple and doesn’t need research. It’s the same reason that people who live in a particular road are always comparing themselves to their neighbours, who nearly always put their best foot forward and present a perfect image of their lives and lifestyle. When the realit for all of us is different to the one we present to the world. Facebook encourages people to present a front and not reveal the reality of their lives. Hence when we look at the lives of others on Facebook they appear perfect when in reality this is far from the case.