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Well the Internet website thieves are at it again. This morning I awoke to see that 101ChristainSingles.com – a new dating service to help single Christians meet has been ‘traffic-hacked’ (don’t panic – this does not mean the site itself has been hacked – read on to see what I mean) by some Russian or American – or combination of both but more likely the former – has registered all kinds of domains and and added the ‘101Christian’ brand (registered) to the front of their domain so it looks like 101christiansingles.dtyesgg.com and all sorts of other ridiculous domains – clearly designed to steal traffic.

Why can’t these folks thing of anything themselves? Because they want to short cut their way to success – that and they clearly don’t believe that God is looking over their shoulder. If they really knew that they will be answerable to God. So aside from that, what matchmaking features does this new Christian dating site actually have that can help singles meet that share their faith?

The real 101ChristianSingles

It has winks, meet me, date diary, photo albums, video uploads, audio uploads, and 101 other dating features. We recommend you check out this great new premium and safe dating service right now! Anyway here are the two web addresses you need if you want to join a great and safe Christian singles service.

101FREEChristianDating.com | 101ChristianSingles.com | Fusion101.com

Feeling Despondent About Christian Men in Churches Today

I shared with a guy on a Christian dating site him he needed to be born again. This is the truth but he has no concept of this. I’d have left it there but thought he had contacted me again . It’s so difficult to find a Christian guy .I said to him this was a Christian site for those who love and know the Lord  and I believe it. But some men on here don’t even know what a Christian is and don’t even worship God in church .
I’ve had them tell me they “follow their heart not a religion”, they  don’t need to read the Bible or don’t believe the Bible, they don’t need to go to church  and only believe in the values of Christianity. So many different thoughts but no good for those of us who are passionate and in love with Jesus because we have had a transforming revelation of who Jesus is. It’s not fair not to tell them the truth so I do . When we get to heaven how bad will it be if we haven’t given someone the choice to know Jesus in spirit and in truth.
He has reported me for telling him the truth. I have an evangelical heart as should we all. I’m not judging anyone – just telling them the truth .
I do get frustrated waiting to meet the right man for me and get so upset. It’s so difficult . 
Thank you.

Our Reply
I understand your frustration – I was in several minds a few years back about the Bible / which one / who wrote it etc – having gone to an evangelical church myself and been weaned on the NIV and realised just from my own reading all kinds of subtle issues – and I even stopped church myself for a while as so many people had different ideas I felt a hypocrite for not knowing what was what. 
So I asked God to help me and it all straightened out when I read the KJV – no more contradictions and now I firmly believe the Bible is inspired. But what I’m really saying is – I understand with todays young preachers and 100 different bibles and rock churches why people dilute the bible’s importance – the world and the bible don’t mix very well.
Many folks in churches don’t even know what the 10 commandments like say they would 100 years ago – and so to some degree it’s not their fault – its their teachers who should know better. So I try to be a little easier on people as it clear we all only see in part.
But yes – its true – there is a problem and shortage of the sort of fervent people you are looking for – I guess thats why I started fusion – because really the churches should take care of this issue completely – it would be quite easy to solve but they like to remain compartmentalised.
Oh onwards and upwards!:)
God bless you

If God’s will is for all to be healed, and people die, wouldn’t this mean then that God’s will doesn’t happen?

Q: f God’s will is for all to be healed, and people die because they aren’t healed, wouldn’t this mean then that God’s will doesn’t happen?

A; It is of course God’s will that ALL are healed, because a loving God could have no other will. So why doesn’t God heal everybody? Remember, ageing and death itself is a form of illness and we all die. But this dies not mean God does not want to heal all. The thing is, it is up to God when who and how he intervenes in our fallen world and heals to show HIS glory. I don’t believe as Nabeel says that God wills sickness on anyone. This world is the Devil’s domain and fallen – just as with

Why doesn’t God Heal Everybody?

IMHO (could be wrong:) I think we Christians sometimes see healing in the wrong way – as if God is a genie and when we say the right worlds or have enough faith we should always be healed. This would be like God was playing prayer games and He does not do that. The fact is the world is fallen, people get sick and die because of the curse we know about in Genesis. However – God will intervene at His choosing at certain times to display HIS glory and power OVER SATAN. And yes – Jesus healed all who asked him that were in his presence in the Bible which adds some mystery. But whatever God does – He is not vindictive and does will – either now or in the world to come that all are healed. Remember Jesus was not spared the cross. That said, I am praying and believe that God can heal Nabeel. He has good work to do. Here’s another article on why God does not always heal here and now.

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How Does One Know What Is True or Counterfeit Religion?

There are lots of counterfeits in the world – so which is the true religion?  For a start, what about professionals – how do they identity counterfeits? For instance – do bank clarks study counterfeit notes in order to identify the real ones? No – they are forced to spend hours, days, months studying the real item, then a counterfeit is instantly recognisable.

Anything of value – in this case the truth is always precious and must be searched for

Treasure must be searched for and by definition can never be easy to find (or it would not be treasure). So until one searches for, and finds the real thing – it will be impossible to recognise a counterfeit – and you will always say “who can know?”
Is this why the Bible makes a point to tell us that we must study and weigh all things. We must not be idle and expect things to fall in our lap if we are looking to find the real and true religion – and yes – the Bible does use the word ‘pure religion! One thing God hates is laziness we read in the Bible.

How to know a counterfeit from a con

What employer would give someone a job who could not be bothered to study, look smart, buy a suit, get to the interview, pass the interview and have a good knowledge of their potential employer? None I imagine. Thankfully there is however such a thing as grace so our mistakes and laziness can be overlooked by God if we love Him and love truth wherever we find it.
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This page is about; How does one know what or which is true or counterfeit religion?

Does God Always Heal Here and Now?

Q: Does God always heal those that pray for healing here on earth in this day and age?

Why doesn’t God always heal? Well, here is my humble opinion on God healing people from physical and mental sickness, from what I read in Bible and see here on earth;

In my opinion from reading the Bible, God’s will HAS to be to heal – He is a God of love. But here’s where we find ourselves in regard to healing in this world; The world has chosen the itself over Him, and fallen accordingly. Therefore He has removed His hand of protection from it and us, as we see everywhere – no one is immune from this judgement on the world.

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for but NOT seen

Therefore it’s His choice weather He intervenes in any particular case to show His glory. It’s His call. But we should have faith always in Him healing us either now, temporarily (remember everything on earth dies, so in that sense there is never full physical healing on earth, as ageing and death in a sense is a sickness in and of itself after all, illness comes about most often from ageing, after is the breakdown of what are once perfectly functioning cells that are no longer able to function properly – it’s all part of the fall) or – when we receive our new bodies – either way – those who love God and love truth – will be healed period.

When asking the question: why doesn’t God always heal? We must never forget – though Jesus healed everyone he met instantly indicating this is often how God works, he himself had to wait till after death to be physically healed – so both timings of healing are clearly in operation.

Always pray for healing and expect to be healed – either now or later. Never lose faith in God to fulfil His promise that He wishes to heal ALL men – and will heal ALL men that love Him.