How Jesus Could Have Walked on Water

Jesus Christ of Nazareth on the cross at Calvery

What are the chances of Jesus walking on water for real? Not as slim as we used to think according to new research! Did you know that some scientists are now considering the idea that our existence and the entire cosmos may be one of many universes, and that the entire thing may just be a digital hologram?

Well whilst this may not turn out to be the case, it sure does mean we no longer have simply the option of believing that jesus walked on water in some ‘impossible’ way and that what he did may be entirely possible with a God who has created a cosmos more akin to a 3D modelling program or photoshop than hard matter made of physical atoms!

Perhaps God can by simply adjusting the numbers by speaking into his on his huge heavenly rendering console, and adjusting the gravity, weight, hue and transparency of am immortal body, make it do anything he pleases without so much as a sneeze! Too far fetched? Not according to the scientists. Well of course they leave out a creator but they do now admit that the kind of digital holographic scenario (one that science fiction writers have imagined for decades) might actually exist!