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Singles and The Church Generally

Sensitivity and ministry to singles became a theme in church life of the late 1980’s but few churches really cater for the needs of Christian singles effectively either through lack or resources, realisation of their needs or any understanding of the importance of looking after singles – the future generations of the church.

Some Interesting Singles Stats

It is said that some 40% of the United States’ population is single, with at least three categories of single people identifiable as: divorced, widowed and never-married (an increasing percentage of especially college-educated young adults}. A fourth category in church life is the “religious single,” whose spouse either chooses not to worship or attends another church.

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Singles in the Church often Feel Excluded or Marginalised

Research points to the fact that singles in todays church feel excluded by the church’s emphasis on “family” in worship, and otherwise. One study suggests that loneliness and grief, two major issues for singles, are unaddressed by the ministry of most churches.

Outreaches for Singles

Outreach to singles who are unchurched may hold the greatest evangelism potential for churches in some areas. But reaching your own christiab singles groups within your church may be the first step in helping others. If you want to help us to help single Christians – email

More articles and guidance for singles can be found in the links to the right and at the bottom of this page. We hope this is of some help:)

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