Gods Guidance and Hearing God

Guidance by God: How Does God Guide Us?

compass-on-whiteDoes God really guide his people?

Firstly, is a God that can’t guide us a real God? We have every reason to believe the Christian God of the Bible is real and that His guidance is a real phenomenon – incredible but true! But how does he guide – can you hear God speak? Is it my coincidence telling me to do something? Is a strong hunch the voice of God? Does God speak aloud as we hear each other?


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How does God speak?

“God whispers in our pleasures, talks in our thoughts and shouts in our pain”  C.S.Lewis

God speaks in an infinite number of ways and will not be confined to one method. The Bible tells us that occasionally, God speaks in an audible voice. He also speaks in our conscience. He speaks in our pain and he speaks in our pleasures. Sometimes softly, yet other times He may have to shout to get your attention. Sometimes the voice of God is so quiet above the hubub of everyday life that he gets missed. Is this why we are told to ‘be still’ when seeking Gods guidance?

Who Actually Guides Us?

The Holy Spirit is the source of all guidance. From the moment of conversion he overshadows the Christian. His responsibility is to nurture spiritual life once begun. He woos us into line with Gods’ will but won’t force us. When the spirit enters a person he removes guilt and restores spiritual life. He is the author of soundness of mind and as the body is a temple of God, we can if we wish have the source of all guidance within us!

Does God speak in our emotions?

Emotions are physical feelings – affected by the the things you say and hear. Words – good or bad – true or false trigger thoughts and in turn hormones that make you feel accordingly – A nice glow or a nasty shock – depending on what’s been said. In other words your emotions are not necessarily guiding you – since it’s possible that the truth of a situation may make you feel bad. And an ‘easy option’ which may not be the best route may feel ok. This is why you should refrain where possible from making decisions when you are emotionally upset!

When we are guided by God?

When guided by God, we work on all cylinders. We are motivated and efficient. It’s also a fact that guidance doesn’t always lead to the outcome we want. It may lead in an unpleasant direction. However, you can be sure that God has your infinite good at heart.

Being guided is exiting

Just knowing the creator of the universe is willing and able to guide us is more than exciting. And what’s ahead is always more exiting than the past. God works behind the scenes. The fantastic thing about guidance is that you can train your heart to hear Gods voice. This means you can start right where you are with little or no understanding of how God speaks to us. I guarantee wherever you’re at, if you open your heart to God his voice will become more easily detectable as your christian life moves on.

God makes blueprints

“Gods plan” sounds rather twee! But there is a plan – there has to be. You wouldn’t design something as intricate as people and planets and forget the purpose! His plan is of the utmost perfection. Can you believe that most of Gods plans are not used because we choose to use our own! But God is always busy rewriting the script bringing us as closely back into line as possible and giving us life in the full. Plans are always made at the outset – and God’s were made at the beginning!

It’s ok to make mistakes!

I believe without failure and it’s consequences, we dont learn much, and our self awareness would amount to little more than a dreamy outlook – Like a bird stood on a railway track unaware of an oncoming train. Unfortunately, life’s knocks are in the end what teach us about ourselves and the nature of good and bad. We are then free to choose life if we so wish.

Should we leave it all to God?

Ii’s often said that God should be in control. This is only true if you are incapable of helping yourself otherwise you would be rightfully expected to make your own choices. In fact it would be bad parenting not to let go of the seat just because the child might fall of his bike. There will come a moment when God appears silent and he has to ride on his own. Short term pain means longterm gain and better decisions.

The consequences of taking a wrong turn

All decisions lead to other decisions. Every decision you make affects your being. But unlike being knowingly rebellious, taking a wrong turn with God is correctable!

But which direction should I take?

If the direction was as important as we think, non of us would move anywhere since non of us knows for sure which decisions are right!. What’s important is that through a series of trials successes and failures, we learn about ourselves, the nature of real life (spiritual) and to detect God’s voice even when the prevailing noise seems deafening.

Don’t stand still!
An analogy often used is the ships rudder. Unexpectedly, the direction we are moving in is not as important as we might think. Especially at the start of the journey as a ship moving in the wrong direction can be re-guided. A ship that’s not moving can’t be guided anywhere! For most of us the start of our christian walk will mean taking many ‘wrong turns’. Moving, with God in mind is the key.

Can you upset gods plan?

People all through the ages have believed they can. But of course the answer is nothing can thwart God’s plans – in fact – if you try to do so he will ironically use your efforts to procure his will! No evil circumstances, nothing can get between God and you except pride. The only thing that can upset gods plan in his most complicated work of Genius -the universe -is you! Very little if anything can be done with a proud, hard heart. But everything can be done with a humble heart. Look at Joseph in the Old Testament. All the plotting against him only served in the end as stepping stones to his ultimate success!