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Nightclubs for Christians – a Contradiction in Terms?

If you reached this page it’s probably because you want to meet new friends or singles. ChristianAdvice,net believe the world ‘CHRISTIAN’ AND ‘NIGHTCLUB’ are a contradiction in terms and we advise agasinst going to ANY clubs – regardless of wether they advertise themselves as ‘Christian’ or not!

Apologies if like us you once looked for a way in your Christian walk to make the things of the world fit into your lifestyle – rather than do what we shold be doing – making our lifestyle fit with the things of God, Jesus and The Bible.

In love, and out of care for your soul we recommend you STOP going to night clubs, bars or any places that are ‘dark’ in reality or in spirit altogether and look for alternative ways to meet Christians – try online Christian dating services (make sure the service is owned by Christians!) and attend Christian social events.

Original page text: Christian nightclubs for better or worse are springing up all over the place – esp around th UK, US, Australia and others. New Zealand will no doubt have 1 or 2 Christian night clubs as well woth looking at. The question is… are night clubs something that Christians should be attending anyway? Well I’m not going to answer that question one way or another except to say that we should excercise caution whenever we get involved with things that originated from a worldly standpoint – a category which a nightclub fall into.

Obviously apart from the possibility or ear damage from very load music – there is the issue of alcohol. Personally I believe these places should be alcohol free ideally for Christians but then there will be a problem with financing such intitutions since most nightclubs get most of their revenue by people drinking. Anyhow – you don’t have to drink when you got to a club:)! – USA Christian Clubbing

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