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When you become a Christian, you might be well advised to make some new Christian friends. Ideally you need to search for people who can share your experiences and help you in the ups and downs of your new life. You may well find that becoming a Christian really does feel like being born-again and hence the term (did you know the term born-again actually appears in the standard Bible!). It is therefore good for you and your friends to find people who you can identify with and grow in your new faith. Make sure you find some friends that have been Christians for a long time as well as some who haven’t so you get a balance and can learn from their experience and wisdom.

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What should I do with my old non-Christian friends?
Definitely do not assume you must only make new Christian friends and ditch your old buddies. When you are considering your friends though, remember a few basic principles that the Bible outlines regarding friendship. The main point it makes that really relates to friendship is this. It says ‘bad company corrupts good character’.
This is an absolute truth and can the influence of others will effect us wether we think it is happening or not. It’s the same as advertising. You don’t see a coke advert and rush down to the store to buy a coke, no – the advertisers know that when you see something repeatedly, be it consciously or subconsciously, in the end it will form an impression in your mind.

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It is that impression that the advertiser will manipulate with clever marketing tactics and suggestions in the marketing campaign. A bad friend will have exactly the same effect on your behaviour if you spend large amounts of time with them and it’s not balanced with a few healthy strong Christian relationships (not forgetting hearing the word at Church).

Your friend however unlike the advertising company probably has no preplanned desire to manipulate or change your way of thinking – but the end result is that their actions, words and views will permeate your thinking and be essentially the same.

With the Bible the answer is not dogmatic – it never is. Don’t shut non-Christians out of your life – just be aware of the way behaviour breeds behaviour and the way it happens to more or less degrees wether you like it or not. It is after all your duty to love your non-Christian friends and show them God’s love:)

If you are a new Christian – getting yourself some new Christian friends will help you to stay on track and look at life from God’s perspective. They will show you a fresh new way of living where treating others with love is the most important thing. Your Christian friends will have the added advantage of the same Spirit residing in each of them – the Holy Spirit which is fab!!
Your new Christian friends will be a blessing and encouragement in the things you do and hope for. Also their friendship doubles your happiness and halves your bad times or grief. They can share their spiritual wisdom and insights into life’s problems with you. The wisest thing you can do in life is to pick your friends very carefully. The friends you choose will help shape your life, dreams and desires:)


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