How Does One Know What Is True or Counterfeit Religion?

There are lots of counterfeits in the world – so which is the true religion?  For a start, what about professionals – how do they identity counterfeits? For instance – do bank clarks study counterfeit notes in order to identify the real ones? No – they are forced to spend hours, days, months studying the real item, then a counterfeit is instantly recognisable.

Anything of value – in this case the truth is always precious and must be searched for

Treasure must be searched for and by definition can never be easy to find (or it would not be treasure). So until one searches for, and finds the real thing – it will be impossible to recognise a counterfeit – and you will always say “who can know?”
Is this why the Bible makes a point to tell us that we must study and weigh all things. We must not be idle and expect things to fall in our lap if we are looking to find the real and true religion – and yes – the Bible does use the word ‘pure religion! One thing God hates is laziness we read in the Bible.

How to know a counterfeit from a con

What employer would give someone a job who could not be bothered to study, look smart, buy a suit, get to the interview, pass the interview and have a good knowledge of their potential employer? None I imagine. Thankfully there is however such a thing as grace so our mistakes and laziness can be overlooked by God if we love Him and love truth wherever we find it.
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This page is about; How does one know what or which is true or counterfeit religion?

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