Feeling Despondent About Christian Men in Churches Today

I shared with a guy on a Christian dating site him he needed to be born again. This is the truth but he has no concept of this. I’d have left it there but thought he had contacted me again . It’s so difficult to find a Christian guy .I said to him this was a Christian site for those who love and know the Lord  and I believe it. But some men on here don’t even know what a Christian is and don’t even worship God in church .
I’ve had them tell me they “follow their heart not a religion”, they  don’t need to read the Bible or don’t believe the Bible, they don’t need to go to church  and only believe in the values of Christianity. So many different thoughts but no good for those of us who are passionate and in love with Jesus because we have had a transforming revelation of who Jesus is. It’s not fair not to tell them the truth so I do . When we get to heaven how bad will it be if we haven’t given someone the choice to know Jesus in spirit and in truth.
He has reported me for telling him the truth. I have an evangelical heart as should we all. I’m not judging anyone – just telling them the truth .
I do get frustrated waiting to meet the right man for me and get so upset. It’s so difficult . 
Thank you.

Our Reply
I understand your frustration – I was in several minds a few years back about the Bible / which one / who wrote it etc – having gone to an evangelical church myself and been weaned on the NIV and realised just from my own reading all kinds of subtle issues – and I even stopped church myself for a while as so many people had different ideas I felt a hypocrite for not knowing what was what. 
So I asked God to help me and it all straightened out when I read the KJV – no more contradictions and now I firmly believe the Bible is inspired. But what I’m really saying is – I understand with todays young preachers and 100 different bibles and rock churches why people dilute the bible’s importance – the world and the bible don’t mix very well.
Many folks in churches don’t even know what the 10 commandments like say they would 100 years ago – and so to some degree it’s not their fault – its their teachers who should know better. So I try to be a little easier on people as it clear we all only see in part.
But yes – its true – there is a problem and shortage of the sort of fervent people you are looking for – I guess thats why I started fusion – because really the churches should take care of this issue completely – it would be quite easy to solve but they like to remain compartmentalised.
Oh onwards and upwards!:)
God bless you

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