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The London social scene for Christians is finally becoming what it ought to have ben years ago with the advent of more and more social events and happenings for Christiansin an around the capital. Many London Churches are adding more and more social events and get-togethers for Christians finally recognising the need for Christians to meet out side the church walls. Visit 1goodfriday for Christian party events in London.

This really has come about as many Christians feel they can’t approach other church members easily without feeling the ‘goldfish bowl effect’ – namely other Christians speculation and guessing as to what’s happening in people’s personal lives and amongst members of the congregation. Really it would be better for all – if people didn’t speculate on who’s doing what and who’s courting who and just let things lie but realistically, in a church or anywhere in public life this is never gonna happen. So what’s needed are places and events where Christians can get out of the bowl and away from al the very natural phenomenon of gossip.

This was illustrated to me just a few days ago by a church leader who I asked to attend one of my events for meeting London Christians. He wanted to know how many people from our congregation would be attending as he wanted to bring a lady with him, but was worried that people would take what was a perfectly normal and innocent friendship for something more and begin the all too familiar speculation process. Even though he did admit to having a romantic interest he was really just wanting to see where the friendship led. I felt it was pretty sad that he was worried about coming to the get-together and in the end he turned up but without the lady!

This is where we’re at but thankfully things are taking a turn for the better for London Christians. Check out the Christian event websites below and also look at for Christian events. Have fun and remember, when you get invited to a social even for Christians, invite your friends too and anyone that could use some help on the social front!:)

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