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What Makes A Personality?

Our brains are like super-computers, all different, all elaborately wired, some more powerful at performing certain tasks than others. We come with a basic operating system (like windows 95) to maintain basic organ function and keep us out of trouble, but our main hard drive unlike most computers, has the ability to improve efficiency with use. So although we are limited by general specifications, there’s always room for improvement! Having weaknesses is unimportant as we were designed to work together! We personally feel that owning a piece of kit like this is extremely exiting!

A certain blank portion of our brains (80%!) is available to experiment with all kinds of software (learned skills and behaviour) with which we can have enormous amounts of fun discovering which areas are most highly tuned. This area also takes in surrounding data and stores it in our conscious or unconscious mind for later use. The data can be used to generate automatic physical or emotional responses or learned skills.


The most important part of our being, our spirit, gives us a third dimension and a major advantage over computers – personality! This spirit is apparently connected to our brains using an amazing wireless system that humans have yet to understand! Even more amazingly, nobody actually knows where the spirit resides but people used to think it was in the heart. The spirit probably resides in the spiritual realm as the name suggests!!

The result is that no-one is just an extrovert or just an introvert. We are a mixture, tempered by life’s up and downs, the societies we live in, and by what we hold to be true or false. We are complex beings full of hopes dreams and anxieties.

The Person As a Whole

The general well being of a person depends on a balance of heart mind and body. When one part of the being is not working well, it eventually effects another part. For instance it is known that continual stress has a negative effect on cholesterol levels!

As we said the most important part of your person is your spirit. The Bible says many times to guard it and be careful of what you allow to enter it. It needs to be nourished with good spiritual food and company -the Word of God and his people!

Feed your spirit bad food or keep bad company and it will soon affect the way you’re thinking. The way your thinking will affect the way your feeling and may lead to actions that you regret or depression. So as the Bible says, keep every thought captive!

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