101ChristianSingles Review | 101 Christian Singles Dating Site Reviewed

Well the Internet website thieves are at it again. This morning I awoke to see that 101ChristainSingles.com – a new dating service to help single Christians meet has been ‘traffic-hacked’ (don’t panic – this does not mean the site itself has been hacked – read on to see what I mean) by some Russian or American – or combination of both but more likely the former – has registered all kinds of domains and and added the ‘101Christian’ brand (registered) to the front of their domain so it looks like 101christiansingles.dtyesgg.com and all sorts of other ridiculous domains – clearly designed to steal traffic.

Why can’t these folks thing of anything themselves? Because they want to short cut their way to success – that and they clearly don’t believe that God is looking over their shoulder. If they really knew that they will be answerable to God. So aside from that, what matchmaking features does this new Christian dating site actually have that can help singles meet that share their faith?

The real 101ChristianSingles

It has winks, meet me, date diary, photo albums, video uploads, audio uploads, and 101 other dating features. We recommend you check out this great new premium and safe dating service right now! Anyway here are the two web addresses you need if you want to join a great and safe Christian singles service.

101FREEChristianDating.com | 101ChristianSingles.com | Fusion101.com