How Should I Not Hide my Light When my Daughter is Full of Anger if I Mention Jesus?

As the Bible says, the word will cause division in a family between believers and non-believers. How should I not hide my light when my daughter is full of anger if I mention Jesus. Is it ok to just say God bless you?

    The Approach I have taken to family members not believing and being hostile towards God is just to a) not be over bearing with “Thus sayeth this and that” (they will never get it until they seek God and does more harm than good) – but don’t be intimidated and speak your mind in love if necessary b) serve and demonstrate Jesus rather than focus on talking about him – that’s much better and leaves them with no excuse to bully c) God bless you can sometimes seem like a smack in the teeth when life isn’t going well so I would focus on b) The Bible says – we must do good works – not to be saved – but so that others will see the love of god in you and believe! Having said that it’s all easier said than done. Oh and pray that God does the work for you – ie brings people and things to her attention that will help open her eyes.