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What is  Christian Apologetics Anyway?

I love the idea of discussing and finding out the real meanings and truths about the Bible – about which parts are regarded as fact – and which parts are regarded as illustrative or combinations of both. Of course there are those that believ that the entire Bible – every word is literal and straigh from the mouth of God. Appoogetics takes all the theories of science, philosophy and Biblical knowledge and attempts to explain the truth of the Bible and present its historical accuracy. Here’s an extract of the definition of apologetics from another site, the full article of which can be read by clicking the page at the end.

If you go to the Scriptural texts, Christians were called upon to refute error. The apologists in the early church were required to answer false charges against Christians. In First Peter, you have the classic verse for apologetics – always be prepared to give an answer for the reason of the hope that is within you, yet do it with gentleness. That is an imperative in Greek, and it is not just applied to pastors and theologians. It is for everybody. It is a command.

The Church has always made a distinction between things that were most central and really worth defending and everything else. Or, fundamental and non-fundamental truths – the primary and the secondary. I am not going to go to the wall against the guy down the street who has a wrong interpretation of what it means to be baptized for the dead or that a woman is going to be saved by her child-bearing. But if you are talking about something that has to do with the plan of salvation or how a person is going to become righteous before a holy God, if we love people enough we will fight for that truth.

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