How To Stop Watching Porn

Porn; don’t make Provision for the Flesh to Sin;

This means we don;t need counselling – we need to get rid (ie not provide/make provision) your internet! You want to stop using a microwave?… I guarantee you won;t stop using it until you sell it! But if you do you are unlikely to sneak down to the garage to use their microwave!

Christian Dating 101

101 Christian Dating

There is literally 101 Christian dating sites and singles matchmaking websites and services about christian dating in general that now abound on the Internet and so far we haven’t found any that are completely free, even though that is the promise of virtually all the ‘free’ sites we could find. Generally ‘free’ means a cut down or limited services or perhaps you’ll be offered a free trial for so many days – usually ten of so. After that you will normally be asked to pay. There are howver 1 or 2 genuinely free Christian dating services (see our sponsor) without any confusing blurb!

We’ve got a few helpful sites here you may be intereted in to – some friend-finder websites for Christians and others are articles that relate to Christian dating… quite a thorny subject in many Christian circles these days.

Our belief is that God’s timing is paramount so it’s probably wise to use these dating sites and services with a view to making great friendships and pen pals, and to get used to talking to Christian guys and girls! Then when Mr or Miss right does come along you’ll have all the much needed self-confidence you need to carry it off.

Recommended Christian Dating Services Online

100% free 101 Christian dating service online for single Christians
For those that can’t afford it this service is totally free and for those that can’t its guaranteed the cheapest site on the internet or your maoney back. It literally has thousands and thousands of Christian members – mostly single but many Christians just looking for Friendship and paenpals. Join 101Christian dating here
What they say: is an Christian singles online Christian dating service which offers Christian personal ads for Christian matchmaking and Christian online romance. It’s a new approach toward finding love, Christian friendship and lasting relationships among Christian faith. Spirit Christian Singles promotes personal and Christian growth, while encouraging a healthy Christian Singles lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in Dating Christian traditional members we have what you need. Join now to enjoy your free Christian Singles Dating membership! – Christiandating services
Lists many of the best Christian dating sites and services on the web. – Christian personals & dating services
Offers a lot of secular sites as well as Christian service including reviews – worth a look.
This website speaks for itself and contains many free dating sites – Christian and otherwise for dating, love romance, personals and more.

Advertise a Christian Dating Site or services on this site please contact Well check it out and possibly list it here if we think it’s ok.

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To Counsel or Not To Counsel?

Say I know how to make fruit salad. And I can make he best fruit salad in the world. If you come to me because you have a problem making fruit salads what am I going to do is take you to my kitchen. Am I going to take you to my kitchen – sit you down and  ask you to tell me all the things you do to ruin your fruit salad?

First off – I don;t really want to hear your bad habits lest I start getting bad ideas, I really just want to show you the right way to make a fruit salad. This is not only easier and less time consuming, I know for a fact that

Of course the counselling industry is built on listening rather than provising solutoions. I know because i spent several months at a counsellors who in the end offered NO advice whatsoever! Not even from the bible. Did idt occor to anyone the reason for this? $$$$. How much is a counsellor going to make if they just read out the Bible the answer to your problems – ie the right way to do something when they can string it out for weeks knowing you would like nothing ore than to talk about ypur prblems endlessly without having to actually do anything about it!

The same happened when I had driving tests – I was offered to be booked for 10 more when I had already enough to take my test – $$$$ follow the money!

You want to stop using a microwave?… I guarantee you won;t stop using it until you sell it! But if you do you are unlikey to sneak down to the garage to use their microwave!

Christian Eye Gazing Events

What is an ‘eye-gazing’ event? I would think this has to be a variation on speed dating events where people get together in a large group – guys and girls and have 3-5 minutes sitting and chatting opposite each person of the opposite gender in the group!

However I will come back and update this page when I know more about exactly what an eye gazing event is really all about!

What Fuse Should I Use – 3A, 5A or 13A Fuses?

UK Plug Fuses Guide

NOTE: this is for guidelines only – please check your particular electrical appliance!

Most common UK plugs are fitted with a 3A or 13A fuses.
For electrical devices and appliances up to 700w you should use a 3A fuse. For appliances that are over 700w you need to use a 13A fuse. For example:

3A Fuse – Table lamp, standard lamp, television, video, computer, mixer, blender, fridge, freezer, power drill, jig saw, soldering iron

13A Fuse – higher power machines i.e washing machines, toasters, dishwashers, microwaves, kettles or irons.

Manufacturers have now standardised plug fuse ratings to be either 3A or 13A. However,

5 Amp fuses are still used in some older equipment and are available to buy.

Understanding Email Authentication

Here are several key articles that explain the differences between the different ways to authenticate email.

The Domain Name System is essentially the phonebook for the Internet. It manages the relationships between IP addresses (the phone numbers), and domains (individuals and corporations).

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) was originally designed for email to be sent/recieved in coorporate and educational agencies and spam was not considered a problem. Ensuring a valid identity on an email has become a vital step in stopping spam (as email can be filtered based on such an identity), forgery, fraud, and even more serious crimes. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is continuously evolving, but when it was designed, in the early 1980s, it was the purview of academia and government agencies, and as such, there was no cause to consider security. It provided for no formal verification of sender. Various email authentication methods have since developed:

Authentication methods

  • 3.1 SPF (SPF checks whether the sender’s IP address is authorized by one of the identified ADMDs)
  • Sender ID or SIDF(framework) (Microsofts licenced/patented alternative to SPF – Sender ID tries to inprove on SPF yet they address different probles. Sender-ID requires SPF in order to be implemented. typical Microsoft! – see below)
  • 3.2 DKIM (DKIM checks the message content, deploying digital signatures. Rather than using digital certificates, the keys for signature-verification are distributed via the DNS. That way, a message gets associated to a domain name).
  • 3.3 ADSP
  • 3.4 DMARC
  • 3.5 VBR
  • 3.6 iprev
  • “PRA” (Purported Responsible Address) gives incorrect results (false positives) on all the same things that SPF does, but also fails on mailing lists, moderated newsgroups, most MSAs enforcing submission rights (RFC 2476) without adding a corresponding “Sender:” header, and other MTAs adding incorrect “Sender:” headers.
  • DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication)
    “Despite being one of the world’s largest email senders, we only require a handful of individuals to maintain all of Facebook’s email security efforts thanks to DMARC,” said Michael Adkins, Messaging Engineer, Facebook. “DMARC’s powerful controls protect over 85% of our users from fraudulent email that claims to be from Facebook, and that’s after just one year. Add in the visibility and insight provided by DMARC’s reporting features and a very small team can have a huge impact on phishing.”

DNS Record Types



SPF vs Sender ID

DKIM (domian keys identified mail)

SPF (sender policy framework)