How Does One Know What Is True or Counterfeit Religion?

There are lots of counterfeits in the world – so which is the true religion?  For a start, what about professionals – how do they identity counterfeits? For instance – do bank clarks study counterfeit notes in order to identify the real ones? No – they are forced to spend hours, days, months studying the real item, then a counterfeit is instantly recognisable.

Anything of value – in this case the truth is always precious and must be searched for

Treasure must be searched for and by definition can never be easy to find (or it would not be treasure). So until one searches for, and finds the real thing – it will be impossible to recognise a counterfeit – and you will always say “who can know?”
Is this why the Bible makes a point to tell us that we must study and weigh all things. We must not be idle and expect things to fall in our lap if we are looking to find the real and true religion – and yes – the Bible does use the word ‘pure religion! One thing God hates is laziness we read in the Bible.

How to know a counterfeit from a con

What employer would give someone a job who could not be bothered to study, look smart, buy a suit, get to the interview, pass the interview and have a good knowledge of their potential employer? None I imagine. Thankfully there is however such a thing as grace so our mistakes and laziness can be overlooked by God if we love Him and love truth wherever we find it.
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This page is about; How does one know what or which is true or counterfeit religion?

Does it Matter Which Bible Translation I Read?

Does it Matter Which Bible Translation I Read?

So should you worry about reading different versions of The Bible? Well, not if you are not worried about the fact that many of the Bibles translations we have now contain quite conflicting teachings (remember not so long ago there was pretty much one Bible in general use – The King James – but now we have literally 100’s, and most of these were translated into text sufficiently differently to existing Bibles in order to obtain a copyright – yep that’s right – without changing the text sufficiently they cannot sell the best selling book in the word! These new translations are then sold in the main by publishers for profit).

So why am I writing this article? I’m writing it as i have just read of a Christian brother accuse another of being a ‘false teacher’ based on the fact that he believed Christians may actually go through at least some of the Great Tribulation, and quoted Revelation 3:10 as proof the man was wrong. Fair enough I thought – I guess he’s done his homework (the accuser) and proceeded to check the verse in more than one version – The NIV Bible 90% Christians have read over the last 40 years and the King James Bible – the only one that really widely available to people many years ago. (see the verses and the 2 versions below). Surprise!

OK here’s the quoted verse of ‘proof’ that the man was in error – an example of dozens of verses in the NIV that conflict with the King James Bible version;

Revelation 3:10New International Version (NIV)

10 Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth.

(this being proof Christians will not go through The Great Tribulation) or in the King James Bible we have;

Revelation 3:10King James Version (KJV)

10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

Now, a trial (NIV) may be a period of persecution – but a temptation (King James) is most definitely NOT persecution – as many believers having read the NIV example only have come to believe it means – it’s a temptation and nothing more or less. So which is it that is coming on the earth?.. a trial as the NIV says – which could be a dozen things including The Great Tribulation spoken of in The Bible – or a temptation as The King James Bible says – which is plainly pain and suffering caused directly by those that oppose God to His people and nothing else?

Either way – it’s now easy to see that regardless of which translation is right – 1000’s people now take the NIV’s translation and the word ‘trial‘ as proof we Christians will all miss the Great Tribulation – as the King James Bible no longer in general use and the word ‘temptation‘ not seen but may mean this verse has a totally different meaning – like perhaps; the hour of temptation when Satan tempts the whole world to follow him and we all Christian included may be forced to choose? (it came out later had a lesbian on the board or advisors to the NIV translators, and she on tape admitted had they known she would not have been allowed to advise – and miraculously many references to ‘homosexual’ activity being wrong were removed and replaced by… well I’ll let you read it and find out).

Study yourselves

I suggest we do some homework to decide for ourselves which Bible and which ‘translators’ we can trust – who and for what purpose (and I mean the real purpose) it was translated. After all – if I were the Devil, my FIRST target would be to subtly change (mixing a tiny amount of error with the truth is far more lethal than plain error – everyone can taste plain arsenic!) the thing that underpins Christianity – The Bible!  Here is a clue as to a Bible translation you can trust from the Bible itself; The Bible tells us that it’s wise to have many counsellors on any given subject or task – since they will be accountable to each other. An example of this; The King James Bible – translated by over 50 scholars – some with opposing views but ALL accountable to each other in the open having to fight out the true meanings of the text – lest they be seen as manipulative fools by their peers. Or a bad example; Eugene Paterson’s ‘Message‘ Bible – one man translating for what purpose? – a gap in the market perhaps? Who knows, I don’t and you would have to ask him, but remember The Bible tells us; “the love of money is the root of all even” (bad translations say “many” evils!).


Regardless of wether my example above is right or wrong – it does show that Bibles can say VERY different things that may have very different meanings. Therefore, we think that bearing in mind that our adversary would surely make The Bible his target, it would be very wise to study yourself to see if it is worth differentiating between Bibles – not by fishing for ones that suit your lifestyle – but for ones that tell the plain truth. Learn about Bible history, how it came to us and was very nearly kept out of the common man’s hands was it not for brave men and women that were burned alive for our sakes so we could have it and read it. I have found in my studying that one Bible seems more consistent (some say perfectly consistent) and that is The King James Bible. But you must make your own mind up and not be swayed by me – this is just to get you thinking! Ask the Holy Spirit (the still small voice that The Bible says He can teach you all things) to guide you as remember – we could be wrong!


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If God Exists, Who Created God?

You will often hear the argument; “well if God exists, then who created God?” as if it is a legitimate question to ask. This is a legitimate question until you stop to think for a moment about it, whereupon the question itself is seen to be meaningless and not even a logical question to ask. Why?

Here’s how to answer this question; “well who created God?”

Answer: Fact; God must be infinite – timeless by definition – of He is not a God. If so-called ‘God’ or ‘Gods’ were created, then they are not in fact Gods at all – they are created beings by whatever ‘God’ is.

By definition, you can only have one all-powerful, omniscient God/being – you cannot have two or three or four ‘Gods’ that have a kind of power-sharing agreement – otherwise these ‘Gods’ are not in fact real God’s at all, they are at best, semi powerful and labelled ‘Gods’ purely to describe perhaps awesome power but they are by no means all powerful – i.e God.

So if a real God does exist, then He must have existed forever or not at all – period, so the question; “who created God” self destructs. In other words – if God does exist, He MUST exist in an infinite, timeless realm we cannot comprehend – otherwise he is not God and just like us!

So now, knowing we cannot see or ‘touch’ a God that is really an infinite God, it just remains to be discovered if man can or cannot step outside our finite realm into the infinite to understand God, by I rather think that God would not leave that option open to us – lest armed with the full knowledge of infinity and creation we not only mess up the world and bring it to the brink of destruction, that we totally destroy ourselves.

How Do Catholics See The Pope in Relation to Jesus Christ?

It would appear that according to their own writings, their official Catechism and teachings that The Pope is the new ‘Christ. See the quote below for the answer to this question from the horse’s mouth.

Does the Pope Represent Jesus Christ on earth?
The Pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ, but he is Jesus Christ Hismelf hidden under the veil of flesh. Does the Pope speak? It is Jesus christ who speaks…” – Pope Piux X Catholiquie Nationale, July 13, 1895


Is this the truth? We say; of course not! – Jesus told us in his own words we would not have to be told who the Christ is upon his return in The Bible, he would come not like the first time, as a servant. but he would return in a way so all eyes and ears would know without a doubt who he was! But don’t take our word for it… find out for yourself by studying The Bible for yourself and to “show yourself approved” as The Bible requires.

Why Does God Only Require Faith To Be Saved?

Why on earth would God only require men simply to ‘believe on Jesus’ to be saved? Surely this is far too good to be true! Well, there is good reason why God made salvation so simple, apart from the fact that those who are not so learned can acquire salvation like children and those in remote places who have never heard or had the chance to read the deep truths and revelations in The Bible. God has done it this way so it is not just the scholars who will be saved but the rest of us have a chance. “Come to me as children” Jesus said.

So the answer to this very deep question as to why God requires only faith in his son and sacrifice Jesus to be saved is written here in the King James Bible in Romans 10.

9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

That underlined line is astonishing! It is saying that a mans heart – i.e wether he thirsts after righteousness or evil is seen in what he chooses to believe in. This also goes a long way to explain why God said in The Bible be careful what you believe in – as there are many false doctrines that are allowed to exist to snare the unrighteous heart.

So the message is – always search for truth, as the Bible says those that “loved not the truth might be dammed.” Please note; this does not say: “those that knew not the truth might be damned” – but those that loved not the truth might be damned. In other words – God doesn’t even expect us to always know the truth, how can we know it if we have not been exposed to it? No, all he asks is that we love and pursue the truth and this is the mark or a righteous heart! My burden is light, my yolk is easy he says. How hard is that?