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Some Christian teen websites just for teenagers reviewed

Christian teenagers face many problems these days with the hundreds of media companies pushing every wrong thing down our teenagers throats. These teen help and advice services, guides and teen focused web sites should help with many teen issues and Christianity in general.

All teen related topics are covered by most of these websites – friendship, boyfriend and girlfriend issues, love, teen dating advice, teens self esteem help and what the bible has to say on teenagers issues in general.

Teen Friends & Single Teen Christians

Christian Single Teens & Friends – place to meet, chat & date other 18+ single Christians online

Check out the following Christian teen advice sites and help for Teenagers

Great teen advice

Christian Teen Topics – lots of useful info and teen answers – dating, help, advice

Kidz & Teens 4 Jesus – lots of fun stuff – free games & software found here

Christian Teen Corner – very cool website – like this lots!

Christian teen web site – another cool site young Christians

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