How To Increase Rings on iPhone T-Mobile Before Voicemail or Call Divert

Q: how to increase the number of rings on iPhone before voicemail or call divert?

This is the most annoying thing ever – I can never reach my iPhone in my pocket or on my desk or anywhere before the stupid thing goes to voicemail. Clearly this is designed to increase revenue as someone gets paid when the caller has to leave a voice message. Outrageous but who would expect anything else from greedy mobile firms?!

Voicemail settings are not changed on your phone but controlled by ringing your carrier with a special code!

So, how can you increase the number of rings your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 makes before it goes to answerphone or voicemail (same thing)? Well after about 3 attempts at calling 150 and getting different answers I finally worked it out. Incidentally none of the advisers at TMobile got it exactly right so here is your answer.

Type the following (including the +44 – this was what I missed and it kept failing) and then press the green ring button;

**61*+447987805171*11*30#  (then press Call).  

Note: ’30’ above is the number of seconds your iPhone rings and must be entered in increments of 5 seconds.

To stop voicemail altogether on iPhone and TMobile

Text the following all upper case to 150 (TMobile);



What if I do not use TMobile on my iPhone 5 or iPhone 4?!

Simple – see that long number  between **61*+447987805171*11*30# – well that my friends just needs to be substituted with your carriers number. You might have to call their short number helpline to get this.

For increasing number of rings before call divert/voicemail on Talkmobile

  1. Using your phones keypad, enter  **61*121*11*
  2. Then enter the number of seconds you would like it to ring for (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30)
  3. Then press #
  4. And then press call

Hope that helps you with increasing the number of rings your iPhone allows before voicemail kicks in!

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Plain Old Radish Kills Stomach Cancer Cells Dead!

New research (2011) indicates strongly that the plain old horse radish – that’s right – the thing we normally eat as a semi-hot white sauce on our beef has powerful anti-cencer properties. Especially in relation to stomach cancer cells. Whilst some vegetables have little or no effect on certain cancer cell growth (though they may reduce other types of cancer cell growth) the humble horse radish seems to have a lot of anti-cancer properties!

The message is to “eat a portfolio of vegetables to fever all the bases when it comes to stopping or slowing different types of cancer cells from growing or spreading or even forming in the first place. See the view below for more information on this – and we guarantee it’s not sponsored by the National Radish Association!

How Jesus Could Have Walked on Water

Jesus Christ of Nazareth on the cross at Calvery

What are the chances of Jesus walking on water for real? Not as slim as we used to think according to new research! Did you know that some scientists are now considering the idea that our existence and the entire cosmos may be one of many universes, and that the entire thing may just be a digital hologram?

Well whilst this may not turn out to be the case, it sure does mean we no longer have simply the option of believing that jesus walked on water in some ‘impossible’ way and that what he did may be entirely possible with a God who has created a cosmos more akin to a 3D modelling program or photoshop than hard matter made of physical atoms!

Perhaps God can by simply adjusting the numbers by speaking into his on his huge heavenly rendering console, and adjusting the gravity, weight, hue and transparency of am immortal body, make it do anything he pleases without so much as a sneeze! Too far fetched? Not according to the scientists. Well of course they leave out a creator but they do now admit that the kind of digital holographic scenario (one that science fiction writers have imagined for decades) might actually exist!

How To Bookmark a Webpage

Guide To Bookmarking a web site page

Bookmark one of our Web pages with Internet Explorer’s Favorites list or Netscape’s Bookmarks list by using the following two key strokes:

Make sure your browser is displaying the page to Bookmark.
Hold down your keyboard’s “Ctrl” key while you press “d”
That’s it!

To put your favourite page in your browsers ‘Links’ bar (top of page),
drag your page from the favourites list and drop it on the bar – simple!

Christian Search Engines

Directories of Christian Sites & Services

What search web sites are there on the Internet for Christians?

Ever since the dawn of the Internet in the late 80’s, Christians have copied, more or less successfully secular search engines to offer Christians an alternative to searching the web. The idea being that a Christian search engine or ‘Portal’ contains more Christian focused content and can get Christians the information they need quickly. Also there is a tendency to filter indecent content and so at the beginning of the Internet boom, there were many Christian portal websites offering filtered content to protect family and kids from the worst stuff on the web.

So why are Christian search engines often ignored by many web surfers then? .. the simple answer is that Christians need access to more than just Christian content and since the big search sites like, and contain 99% of Christian sites and the pages they contain internally, there is little need for a Christian to actually use a dedicated portal filled with Christian content only – except where they want filtered content – though most if not all of the secular search engines now offer this as standard anyway.

What can a Christian portal offer. Well – graphically (depending on how well they are layed out, there will be a lot of Christian information at close hand with lots of topics presented under one roof relating to Christianity. Most Christian search engines are compiled by hand and sites ranked accordingly (a secular site will employ automatic mechanisms to rank sites in terms of popularity and overall relevance to a particular search term). So there are some positives to using one. Also you are likely to find dowloadable sermons, Christian products and services all near by. See our selection of Christian Portals and web searching tools below.

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Catholic Christian Search Engine at CATHworld
Cathworld is a Catholic Christian resource site with a major Roman Catholic focus. Includes Catholic Blogs, Catholic search engine, directory and Christian

Crossmap Christian Search Christian Portal
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Christian Websites-The Christian Websites Directory
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Agape Christian Search Engine and Directory
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LookforitOnline – The Largest Christian Search Engine in the world! Net Ministries Home Page – Christian Resources, Free Pages, Directories

Christian Search Engine
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Christian Mega Search
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Search Engines
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Christian Search Engines
Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry is dedicated to proclaim the Love of God as revealed in the Holy Bible the Injil to all Arabic speaking people on the

Build free Christian websites –
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Christian Search Engine Kingdom Seek – UK USA Canada England Ireland
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Christian Search Engines – All the Christian Search Engines
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Fish the Net – The Evangelistic Tacklebox
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ACTS Christian Search Engine and Directory
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Christian Web Sites Search Engine and Directory
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Ultimate Christian Resource Center.
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Christian Graphics, E-Cards, Bible Trivia & moreWork in Ministry, Find great ministry positions on Christian Broadcasts, Listen online at Christian Resources, Search now

Find Christian search engines with Search Engine Colossus
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Christian Search Engines and Directories
All but one of the following directories and search engines identify themselves as “Christian.” This may be confusing to some of their readers,

Crosswalk Directory
The CrossWalk Directory is a searchable Christian Directory that features over 18000 Businesses, Ministries and Churches. 18690 listings, Search

CrossSearch Christian Links
Extensive on-line directory that is actively maintained by Gospel Films, Inc.

Welcome to the Everything Christian Search Engine
Contains top news stories as well as a rich directory of many Christian sites.

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Christian Programmers

Looking for a Christian Programmer or web Developer?

One of the the problems I’ve always experienced running a Christian web based company is getting good, fast and honest programmers that won’t take you for a ride. In the early days of my business I was seriously taken for a ride on a number of occasions – sometimes blatantly by non-christian web developers and sometimes through lack of knowledge, a combination of the two.

I can honestly say though that when you do find an efficient Christian programmer that gives you good honest advice – there is nothing like it. Sometimes it’s even worth paying more for a Christian programmer if it’s someone you can implicitly trust – priceless! For the first 3 years my business was in operation I had a combination of secular and Christians programming my websites with mixed results. The Christian company was the middle man using a secular programmer who had bad communication skills and was never around – even to say he was busy. When the programming was complete it was invariably not quite what you’d asked for and half would need to be re-programmed.

Recommended Christian Programer and Project Management Website

Christian web developers network

So it was a breath of fresh air when I finally found a guy who had juat started his own web development agency – on whom I could completely rely! My advice is – look for a Christian to do your programming and if possible – see if they will buy into what you’re trying to achive. It may be worth striking some kind of deal on top of the payment if you are strapped for cash, but at least you will have peace of mind. My site was not even built securely and had to be remade no less that 3 tines before being green I knew enough about IT. Unfortunately the old saying is true in this world – knowledge is everything*

*except with God! – praise the LORD!!!!!

Are you a Christian Programmer?… advertise here email

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