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The young Christian writer CS Lewis. C.S. Lewis wrote over 100 Book Titles in his lifetime. Genius is not a good enough description for this amazing Christian Author! He was most famous for his children’s stories but wrote a wealth of books on many other subjects – fantasy, factual and fiction books.

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Short CS Lewis Life-story

Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe – (children’s story book)

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MERE CHRISTIANITY By C S Lewis. C.S.Lewis Book Classics

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C.S. Lewis most famous book on Christianity!

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MERE CHRISTIANITY is considered a great 20th century book and a ‘must’ for Christians and atheists alike. In fact anyone who wants real answers as to why so many thinkers believe in a living, loving God, creator, Saviour and Christianity itself. After reading several books on Christianity that did nothing to help my understanding, I came upon C.S. Lewis’s books and Christian writings. Most books about the existence of God are off in their own worlds and do little to encourage and enlighten. This book explained the basis of Christianity and the reasons why it is more plausible to believe that God exists than does not – without leaving anyone in the cold. This book is perfect for the agnostic, the atheist, and Christians that wants to know how a highly sceptical English scholar became ‘ the most reluctant convert of all Britain’. – Logical, simple, but well thought out reasons as to how C.S. Lewis came to give his life to God. I was greatly impressed and have read this book many many times.  VISIT OUR CS LEWIS ONLINE STORE & SHOP >>

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Review: The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe by CS LEWIS

the_lion_witch_and_wardrobebuy_from_amazon_button_smallFour British children are sent away from London during World War II because of air raids. Edmund, Peter, Susan and Lucy live in the large house of an old professor. While exploring the new house, Lucy the youngest, steps into the wardrobe, finding herself in a strange world full of creatures, fairy tales and mythology. Her siblings don’t believe her to start but, after a while, all four of them enter the world of Narnia. An evil witch has the land under her spell, but help is on the way — a great lion named Aslan saves the day!

“The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe” is the second book from “The Chronicles Of Narnia.” CS Lewis wrote the book in 1950, yet its theme of the willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice makes the story timeless. Whilst the story is primarily aimed at the young, Lewis himself points out the following to his niece Lucy to whom the book is dedicated: “… Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” charming illustrations by Pauline Baynes.

This a a beautiful and very short story book for children that perfectly illustrates the love God has for hie people and creatures!

“one of the best books I have ever read”

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The Complete C.S Lewis Signature Classics Book Series Amazon

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A gorgeous all in one volume gift edition that contains the most important works of the best known and acclaimed writer C. S. Lewis for the first time ever. All the essential volumes are here – written by one of the most celebrated literary figures of our time are available in one deluxe gift edition from Amazon.

The Complete C. S. Lewis Signature Classics includes the following great books by cs lewis. Mere Christianity, The Great Divorce, The Screwtape Letters, The Problem of Pain, Miracles, A Grief Observed, plus The Abolition of Man. This fantastic book collection features detailed indexes covering 7 works as well as an elegant ribbon book marker and lovely line art in text and between each volume for the best gift you could give anyone who loves CS Lewis Work.

The Complete C.S. Lewis Signature Classic Book Collection

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c s lewis signature classics
c s lewis signature classics

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Praise for C. S. Lewis:
“Where would the Christian thinker be without Lewis? He is pivotal.” Jan Karon

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Single Christian Dating Network – Reviewed

Singles & Dating Network by dating-tech


They say: “Joining Christian Dating Network for single christians automatically makes you a member of one of the world’s largest networks of integrated online dating sites. Good people, fun, and romance is what we’re all about! Click here for free sites. Unlike some other leading sites we don’t spam, we wont sell your private info and our Members are real people!”

What we say: this site appears to have a good number of members and has certainly been around a long time and has great search features built in. We would recommend giving it a try and letting us know what you think. Visit the website here: http://christiandatingnetwork.com

More Services…

We love collecting great sites for christians… see below other free Christian date services and high quality pay as you go online singles services and single networks.

100% FREE Christian Date Service
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Fusuon101 has one of the biggest uk database for christians – it’s pretty basic but VERY effective – they have tonnes of marriages every month and over 500 new joiners per week – totally toll free!

Christian Matchmaker is a huge date service for love personals and romance!! – try it – it’s a pay as you go service but it is one of the biggest Internet singles sites around!

Christian E harmony Matchmaker is a super high quality but pretty expensive way to get the best matchmaking done for you. These people are experienced and do the matching up themselves based on your interests, likes and dislike. One of the few traditional dating agencies left!

Christian network dating site review at christianadvice.net 2004

Dating Site Reviews

100% FREE Christian Date Service
100% FREE Christian dating site owned and operated by genuine Christians with YOU in mind!

What are the most popular dating sites on the Internet?

The Christian Cafe
Join this great dating site to meet 1000’s of single Christiam men and women all over the US, CA and others! You gat a 14day FREE trial after which you can expect to pay aaround $30 per month – click here to see the actual cost as it may have changed since this review was written. See below for more Christian Dating site reviews.

What They Say: “The Christian Cafe – SERVES PRIMARILY US & CA. Christian Cafe is one of the oldest Christian dating sites on the Internet. Started in canada around. TheChristian Cafe – The premier Christian singles site online. ChristianCafe.com is a comfortable relaxing online Cafe where Christian singles connect with each other. Whether you’re looking for a companion, a date, or a soul mate, ChristianCafe.com is the place for you! Warm, romantic, inviting. Create your FREE TRIAL profile & browse 1000’s of other Christian singles. Check out photos, detailed bio’s, attractive men and women, all looking for love, romance, fellowship, dating & relationships.”

Testimonial: “ChristianCafe.com really really works! I stumbled upon ChristianCafe.com in January of 2002, made a profile just to see if I would get any response. Within days, I met Ron. We talked practically every day and in March the doors opened up for us to meet in person. So sweetheart Ron drove 1060 miles from Boise to San Diego to see me. We fell in love and are soon to be engaged. Everyday we laugh about how strangely our relationship came about but we know the Lord had a hand in this. – Featured couple Kristen & Ron.”

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Our Thoughts: Good pay as you go service. Reasonable value. Reasonable matches and correspondence.

What they say:  God creates an infinite variety of people… so finding the ones who are right for you can be almost impossibly hard! eharmony.com is here to help you find the person who will truly be your “soul mate”. Take advantage of their exclusive matching technology which allows you to find the type of person you are looking for. The most advanced matchmaking you will find anywhere. Are you ready to find your soul mate? Then get started today at www.eharmony.com

Our Thoughts: ‘Scientific matchmaking’ people who share the same attributes doesn’t make any sense. as were all know opposites attract. Take my parents for example – chalk and cheese – couldn’t be more happy! I also had a report from one very attractive last that joined this service and got very few ‘matches’ and correspondence. When she asked for a refund for her several hundred bucks it was not forthcoming. Summary: over-priced, big advertising budget, big ads, talks big but delivers small. Use a cheaper web-based service for just as good results.

Christian Soulmates.com
ChristianSoulmates.com – One of the best online dating site for Christian singles to meet their Soulmate! Sign up today for an always free basic membership and they will give you a 10 day trial on a full membership. Christian Soulmates.Com has over 15,000 active members and growing! You may be just a few clicks away from your Soul Mate! Join others for online singles dating with chat, email, instant messaging, voice intros, bulletin boards and MORE! Network with other Christian Singles today.

Our thoughts: once a big player – now seems to be just left in the dust by the secular and few remaining decent Christian owned services.

Christian Matchmaker – Looking for fellowship to share the Word of God, a prayer partner, or the help mate created by God for you? The Christian Connection is an online community serving the Christian Community for fun, fellowship, and growing in the Body of Christ. Matchmaker.com began online as a BBS (Bulletin Board System) in 1985. 17 years later, Matchmaker is the internet’s leading community enabling secure connections between people with similar interests and/or needs

Christian Personals Network – Meet single Christians from across the US at the Christian Personals Network. With your FREE membership you can place your own ad, search profiles of thousands of Christian singles, receive e-mail and voice mail from other members and much more! Joining Christian Personals Network automatically makes you a member of one of the world’s largest networks of integrated online dating sites. Good people, fun, and romance is what we’re all about.  This site appears to be offline at the moment.

Christian Singles Connection – a great way to meet Christian singles for dating, romance, love, long term relationships and marriage or to simply meet new friends or partners for fun and activities. Socializing with people on Christian Singles Connection is both fun and safe. On average more than 3,000 people join Christian Singles Connection every week, making it one of the the fastest growing Christian romance, Christian matchmaking and Christian singles dating sites on the net.

Christian Mate.Com – We are a huge International active community, with thousands of new members joining every day. Our members are all people like you, who are interested in meeting someone for friendship and love. You’ll find people from all walks of life and we’re here to help you find Mr. or Ms. Right. With our automated match finder. You set your criteria, and CyberCupid automatically sends an e-mail or SMS to alert you with your matches. You can switch it on or off whenever you like

Boundaries in Dating
This Christian Dating book is one of the most popular Christian Dating books to have appeared for Christians on the subject of dating in recent years. Find out more by clicking here.

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