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Do I need to Repent Every Time I Sin and How can I Repent?

Answer: If you were married, when you trespassed against your husband or wife which we all do from time to time, would they disown you and leave you? Of course not. Would they forgive you? Hopefully yes. Would they forgive you if you didn’t repent yet they tried to patch things up and make things well? Hopefully yes.

Now – having trespassed against your loved one – would you apologies – even though you know they would very likely forgive you even if you didn’t? Of course you would, as it’s the right thing to do! Even though you know you may do the same thing again (very likely) and your spouse will some days hurt you – think of how good it feels when someone says they are sorry even though you were happy to let things go and move on – it’s a wonderful thing to swallow your pride and apologise!

So therefore brothers and sisters – I propose so it is with God. Once you have accepted his gift of salvation – his son – no man can take away your salvation and God will do everything possible to get you into the ark – and yet, imagine how it pleases God when you acknowledge your mistakes and ask him to help you reform the part of your character that is lacking in self control or wisdom etc.

God bless you all!

Bible Verses to help with Repentance

Worry doesn’t accomplish anything. Psalm 37:8, TLB
.”Stop your anger! Turn off your wrath. Don’t fret and worry -it only leads to harm.”

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