How Should I Not Hide my Light When my Daughter is Full of Anger if I Mention Jesus?

This article is about witnessing to family members. As the Bible says, the word will cause division in a family between believers and non-believers. How should I not hide my light when my daughter is full of anger if I mention Jesus. Is it ok to just say God bless you?


The Approach I have taken to family members not believing and being hostile towards God is just to a) not be over bearing with “Thus sayeth this and that” (they will never get it until they are prompted by God (often through seeing our good deeds, actions and faith) seek for themselves God and sometimes does more harm than good) – but don’t be intimidated and speak your mind in love if necessary b) serve and demonstrate Jesus rather than only focus on talking about him – that’s much better and leaves people with no excuse to bully you c) saying “God bless you” over and over can sometimes seem like a smack in the teeth to some people when life isn’t going well, so I would focus on this; The Bible says – we must do good works – not to be saved – but so that others will see the love of God in your good works for others in you and believe! Having said that it’s all easier said than done.

Oh and pray that God does the really impossible work for you – ie that He brings people and things to her attention that will help open her eyes to the reality of His existence and love for all sinners that love and seek after truth and who despite their transgressions thirst after righteousness.

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How To Bring up Kids in a Cruel & Bad World

I have often wondered; how do we bring up kids in a cruel and bad world? The answer some say is to remove children from any bad aspects of society and shield them from everything and anything that comes their way that might be negative impact on their lives.

I know several parents that have resorted to pulling their kids out of school and home-schooling their children through the quite legitimate fear of the state system indoctrinating their kids with things they call ‘facts’ that are not in fact facts at all.

For instance – as we all know, evolution is taught as fact – when the real fact is that evolution is the only plausible option open to teach children if God is not involved in the creation process. Darwin was not exactly a genius – he merely wrote out the alternative to God option so everyone could now read it. I mean how else do we get elephants and whales – elephants must have at one point been whales right?!

But seriously – if you are not able to home-school you kids what is the answer? Well the answer is to inoculate not isolate! Teach them the truth about other ideologies. The way you inoculate in medicine is to give a weakened – preferably dead sample of a virus to the patient by placing some of this material in the person to be inoculated’s bloodstream.

The next thing that happens is that the body – being healthy and seeing this new invader as dangerous begins to create defensive cells so that when it comes across any live cells or invaders it can quickly overpower and remove them from it’s system. Likewise the healthy young mind taught well the things of God by it’s parents should see clearly any erroneous teachings and doctrines as such and will be well prepared should anyone try to infect them later.

The bonus is that not only will they be able to withstand the attack they will be able to inoculate the person whom is trying to infect them!

Abortion Advice. Help for Christians on Abortion

What Does The Bible say About Abortion?

depressed-lady-onwhiteBelow are some general help guidelines, Biblical viewpoints and web sites that may be able to help you with the issue of abortion. This is an age old dilemma that affects the consciences of thousands of men and women every day. These days we are so used to the idea of abortion that it actually becomes difficult to see why it may ar may not be right to do it. Make your own mind up but seek professional help and church advice if you are in any way unsure since a bad decision now is something that you will have to live with if you are faced with this problem.

Far from wanting to shut you out from his love for any kind of bad decision, I am sure that in every situation including one involving possible abortion, God would want to be there with you and guide your actions, listen to your thoughts, feelings and fears. Don’t be scared of God – for past or present things that have happened or that you have done or been involved in. God can forgive ANYTHING! The issue is always about making the best decisions from this point on. Hope you find these web sites useful in this sensitive and difficult matter.

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