How Do I Spot a Dating Scammer?

Q: How Do I Spot a Dating Scammer?

Online dating scams are so prevalent these days that many people are actually scared to use the Internet to find a soulmate. Just look at the uproar surrounding the generally believed to be safe, and the world’s largest dating site ‘’ for an idea of how ‘good’ things can go bad. To be frank – almost all dating sites and matchmaking services are set up purely for profit and because of this, website owners in the main don’t really care about individuals – you – or your safety. They are interested in their wallet.

The best ‘solution’ to spotting scammers – is simply to make a rule never to send you meet anyone online money

The problem of romance scammers is most prevalent on free dating websites since there is no budget to weed out or vet individuals (there is one exception – the free site – owned and run by Christians and setup – purely to help Christian singles get married!)

Having said that, if you use a decent pay service – that will straight away eliminate a good proportion of scammers that are abroad – but of course it won’t protect you from people who can afford to pay but still have suspect motives and are looking for hookups and all the rest (if you are Christian and use a genuine Christian singles owned and run website you may be spared of much of this as the people on there in the main will be God fearing folk looking for like-minded people).

Spotting Internet Dating Scammers and Dating Con Artists

Below is a link to very in-depth guide as to how you can use the web to meet new singles and stay safe online.  Make sure you read all the way down to the end as there are some bullet points that will make you pretty scam-proof once you have read them! Of course – you can avoid any financial cons and con-artists by making a rule RIGHT NOW to NEVER send money online to anyone you meet on the web. This may not save you some heartache and time wasted but it will save your bank account being raided by unscrupulous people. God bless you and here is there article; How to stop romace scammers

1st Date Advice Tips & Help for Christians

100% Free Christian dating service online
ADVERTISEMENT: 100% Free Christian singles dating site. Owned and run by genuine Christians!

Our top tips, advice & help to choose a great place for a good first date!

“Worry doesn’t accomplish anything.” Psalm 37:8, TLB

stick-man-and-woman-peopleGot 1st date nerves? These days – it’s location, location, location! Could the same be said of a first date? You know – you only get one chance at making a good first impression so think your new date well through before committing to where and when:) There are no hard and fast rules but a bit of common sense can help loads. Think about the person you are meeting – what do you think they would like? – this is a great place to start!! Put yourself in your date’s shoes and start from there. Looking at the dating show pair. Mike – a fireman, chose for their meeting to take place at the top the Woolworth Building – his reason to start in a high place and so making a great first impression on his date!

How to Make a Good Impression on your 1st Date

Try something exhilarating like an action movie or a roller coaster if your date is not a wallflower – this will leave a great first impression – one as being exiting and they will associate the excitement with you! Keep things simple tho – you don’t want to have to worry about lots of details and make potential problems for yourself.

You don’t need to spend a fortune either (GUYS!). Most women out there with half a brain don’t like some flashy guy tying to impress her with his cash – she wants to be impressed by your creativity and care and if possible your charm and wit. Avoid tiny spaces and let your date chose where to sit – but guys – don’t be lame – make sure you do the organising once your date has given you the heads up in any decision making.

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UK Christian Dating Agencies & Services in United Kingdom

What are the best Christian Dating Sites & Services in the UK?

christian-matchmaker-coupleThe Christian personals services below are UK based and concentrate only on Christians so they’re not all mixed up with people who are not on your wavelength. They are hosted on secure servers so are safe are a fast, fun and above all a highly effective way of meeting your ideal Christian partner husband or wife. Especially if you are living in the United Kingdom. To search for other members all you need to do is register as a Standard Member yourself – except where the service is completely free. Becoming a standard member of most sites allows you to access the website’s huge database of Christian singles in your local area – attractive people waiting to meet you today!! Paid memberships are between £10 and £30 except where free depending on the service and the number of members you are looking for. Have fun!:)

 United Kingdom, UK specific Christian Dating web sites and singles services

FREE Christian Singles UK – run by Christians for single Christians free since 2000!
UK Christian dating service! Fusion is a totally and always free service – one of very few quality free personals sites on the Internet but has 100,000 members half of which are in the UK – the others are in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Tailored for Christian singles in United Kingdom – Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England. Speed dating and other singles events also listed. Great Britain Christian singles here we go!

Kingdom Seek – UK portal for Christians
Looking for an UK date? Heres a guide to UK dating services, value for money singles services based in England but serving the whole of Britain we believe. Some also specialises in chat for Christians in general. Links to Christian Holidays and events. Basically a directory of sites and services in the United kingdom – find many other useful resources for Christians here.

UK Christian Singles Group Online – a new service!
For single, separated, divorced or widowed people to find fun, friendship and support in the name of Christ. If you are new please introduce yourself so we can say hello! This is not a dating community, and we discourage individuals from seeking a partner through public postings. A really nice site based in Great Britain for English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Christian singles. They run singles events, speed dating and being good networkers have spent quite a lot of time making connections with other singles groups, churches and organisations in the United Kingdom. Don’t overlook them if you are in GB as they have a large membership and are very professional! UK Christian Singles meetings
We simply and effectively connect you with other single Christians across the UK and Ireland in a personal way that encourages and helps you to make new friends. We operate OFFLINE with real people to help you. Click here to see how that will affect you. As a member you will benefit from our caring, hands-on approach and enjoy our whole-hearted commitment to helping you enrich your lives..

More Christian Dating sites worldwide for international Christian singles

If you have a genuinely Christian site or dating service for UK Christians don’t hesitate to list it here contact Thanks.


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Should I join a Christian Dating Agency?

100% FREE Christian Dating service for single Christians
ADVERTISEMENT: Totally FREE Christian Dating Agency and singles matchmaking service owned by genuine Christians!

Are dating agencies a good option for single Christians?

I own and run an online Christian dating agency and it would be reasonable for anyone reading this to assume that I am about to say that all Christians should use dating agencies to find a partner, and that there is no conflict between using agencies or friend-finder services and what the Bible says on relationships marriage and finding a Christian partner etc. But I want to be honest, open and constructive about the subject – to discuss the good with the bad and yep, along with the many positives of online singles services, there are one or two negatives.

There are many reasons one might use a traditional or online dating agency. First though, I do not think all Christians (or anyone for that matter) should use dating agencies but having seen the results I do believe that they can be very useful for many people for a number of reasons. But they are by no means ideal – perhaps in an ideal world we wouldn’t consider or need agencies but having heard so many different conflicting views on the subject I wanted to addresss this question of wether we need them seriously, and I thought I’d start by trying to fnd some good arguments or texts on dating in general or using agencies from a Biblical perspective. After all I thought there must be hundreds of essays on this tricky and stigmatised subject that would help me get some honest views for and against using dating agencies.

But to my great surprise after searching Google and all the major search engines designed to find subject specific text matter, all I came up with was a barrage of dating sites offering their services and advice. 100’s of pages – all tuned to be picked up by any search relating to dating (good or bad) in the end designed to sell you a dating service – sometimes at a high price – up to $30 a month!! Some traditional agencies charge £1000 per year where your dates are ‘hand picked’. But I suppose I was niiave to expect to find many such documents (in fact I couldnt find any – but ther emust be some out there and Im going to serach some more) Dating is a highly competive market and I guess few people will write pages against dating. I did however find 2 pages with books that suggested Christian dating was against Christian Biblical principals. I have yet to get copies but I the idea was that it was the element of ‘trust’ or ‘not trusting’ that was a problem – that to use an agency was not allowing God to do his thing – interfering. I actually understand this point of view and believe that it may be right in some circumstances.

Are All ‘Christian’ Dating Sites Christian?

No not at all! Some are and you can find a list of those on this page. But the majority of sites called ‘Christian’ are not Christian companies – not that this is a problem – why should it be? Most ‘Christian’ dating sites are split-offs from larger secular dating sites trying to get in on the Christian market which is pretty large. But checking out these ‘mega sites’ reveales they have a small number of Christians compaired to authentic Christian sites because it is fairly obvious to visitors that the site is secular since by the first or second page they will be asked”are you gay or straight” as part of the questionnaire! They ask is becasuse your details will be put into the same database as 100,000 other people most of who are not Christian and therfore such questions are relevant. The biggest players can afford elaborate enticing sites but to build separate databases for every people group is expensive and so everyone is thrown in together. The site owners would actually be happier if you dont meet a Christian partner for life since your standing order will continue for longer!:-) That said many of these dating sites offer good services. You will find however many 1000’s more Christians on dedicated real Christian owned and run sites. To find them simply add ‘Christian’ and the country you wish to meet people to your search. You should be able to tell with a quick look which ones are genuine Christian sites (tip: check out the questionnare!)

Reasons to use a Christian dating site – why use one at all?

The essence of joining a dating agency is to put yourself in a position where you are more likely to meet new friends. Most of us singles do this every day conciously or subconciously and most will admit if asked frankly if they ever feel incline to better postion hemselves to meet members of the opposite gender. We all want to meet someone – Mr or Miss right – wether it’s the next party is or social event – it’s normall!! It’s all part of having fun, fellowship and interacting and learning about people – our likes and dislikes. That’s why it’s hard to argue against using a dating agency – especially if like me you lived out in the country side with just me and lots of middle aged couples and a few sheep attending the church – not the sheep! I started my own agency because I guessed many people would be in the same boat and not meet many new Christian people outside their social circle. And the feedback is that this is very often true. Read some of our testimonials – I love these!

What does the Bible say about Christian Dating?

Nothing specifically. But the Bible does say, “do not ‘look’ for a wife” – Surely this is the death knell for dating agencies?!! But hey, think about it – It may well be true that the Bible is saying “do not actively go looking or seek a partner” because practically this is fairly unwise for a number of reasons. Take my own experience which although slighlty embarrassing to explain;-) . . ….I will since it’s the truth it may help some people!

Here goes: I spent 10 years actively seeking a partner from 15 – 25 (when I wasnt absorbed in doing things that would actively make me more attractive to a potential partner!! Hee hee – come on we’re all a bit like this – surely it’s not just me:) but never met one or felt particularly attractive. I was fairly good looking so that wasnt a problem but something was. It was only when I became dishollusioned, tired of the whole dating thing and forgot about finding a one, that I gave in and got on with what I call ‘just living’. You know – working hard and generally growing up – being more mature. Then suddenly without trying I find a whole bunch of girls showing an interest!! why? – well it’s no new revelation but basiclly I didn’t appear so needy. All those years I had no idea I was giving off ‘needy’ vibes – and girls are just not attracted to it. Simple. The more I did it the less they liked me and I became more needy – a spiral. Now the problem is if you are needy its nigh on impossiblt to act really confident. You may keep it up for a bit but it will just come out in the end. Best to BE confident and so what better advice than to get on with living to achiev this!!? Fantastic obvious but often missed advice. So I believe the Bible is saying “get on with life since it’s short – improve your skills and concentrate on becoming a real man or woman of God”. That absolutely HAS to be the most attractive thing. Follow the above and you will find when the time is right God will help you meet someone and if you don’t meet many people – then hey why not use a dating agency – just dont fret or rest all your hopes and securities on it – GOD CAN DO MIRACLES. My personal tip is GET secure first (dont wish for things before you’re ready – your heart should tell you this). I dont believe it is saying “do not want or desire a husband or wife – girlfriend” etc. How could it since it is such a great experience!! The Bible never denys us good things unless it wants to prepare us first.

Why and when to use a dating agency

So – you feel relaxed, feel like some fun – want to meet some new Christian people and get a bit of a buzz? Great – then you might try joining an agency. It’s scary yet fun – afterall you dont know what someones really going to be like till you meet them. Take it lightly in terms of expetation but seriously should there be any happy spark because it often happens. But not toooooo seriously if you know what I mean. Here’s some great tips on how to attract a Christian fish!

When NOT to use an agency

Well just make sure you’re not using an agency as a kind of last resort. If you’re despairing cos you havn’t found a partner – try to come to terms with this first – Remember God’s in control and knows when would be best – not always when you feel like it! Persoanlly I found using an agency was great to just build my confidence. I met some nice often successful people who I could interact with and find out what I wanted and what kind of person would be a good match. I does just depend what you expect from it. Have fun. This is far and above the best attitude to take if you really want to attract someone.

Other places and ways to meet new people

Getting practical its a great idea visit some other churches tho there is the obvious danger that you could spend a lot of time doing this and get no where in this quest, whilst also potentially damaging your spiritual well being. This is not to say that you should not consider this idea. Also, be prepared to be humble and examine yourself, considering if there is any character trait or other trait which may put people off you as a partner. Dating agencies can be useful, but they are not ideal, as they may be less likely to provide people who live close to you. It is safest to stick to a rule of focussing on friendship first, and to get to know a person before you start to commit yourself to a relationship. If there is any distance between yourself and a contact, enjoying friendship first is made much more difficult.

Where are All the Men?

Apparently there are three times the number of single women attending church than single men leaving thousands of Christian women struggling to find a decent Christian partner. What should woman do… settle for a nerd, join an agency, date non-Christians or sit back and ‘trust in the Lord’? Welcome to modern day church!

According to recent Christian singles figures available from Research, there are on average 70 women for every 30 men in the church. New Day agency founder says that by the time women reach 40 the ratio has extended four to one and by 50 it’s a staggering six to one. What are women expected to do?!!! The real result of the imbalance is that many women in the church face the real prospect of staying alone and unmarried and this cant be allowed to happen.

What is the biblical view of dating?

The Christian view of dating (tho ‘dating’ is not mentioned of course in the Bible) is based on biblical principles which God designed to protect relationships – marriage and family. There are some basic principles of Christian courting or dating which if followed prevent the kinds of problems and suffering later – especially that of kids.

1) Dating people should be reserved for finding a marrriage partner – not trying people for size. Accordingly dont date until you are ready to take on the responsibilities of marriage. Between times – make a lot of friends – guys and girls and get ready for marriage and commitment.

2.Select dates very carefully – date Christians only. I know of virtually no examples where Christians have married non-Christians and the result is a happy stable marriage.

3.Select your Christian dates carefully. Dating a non-committed Christian or worldly Christian is usually a recipie for disaster if you yourself are trying hard to please God.

4.Abstain from intimate involvement prior to marriage. Kissing and petting may not seem like intimate relations – but it is the lead up to intercourse and lets face it – can anyone draw a line where kissing or petting stops and the other thing starts? It’s not that intimacy is bad – it’s that the further you go – the more bonded you will become – perhaps to the wrong person. Avoid it and you will stay sane and make good judgements.

To conclude – dating, sex and marriage are great giftsfor those who take them seriously.

Christian view on Dating

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Dating Site Reviews

100% FREE Christian Date Service
100% FREE Christian dating site owned and operated by genuine Christians with YOU in mind!

What are the most popular dating sites on the Internet?

The Christian Cafe
Join this great dating site to meet 1000’s of single Christiam men and women all over the US, CA and others! You gat a 14day FREE trial after which you can expect to pay aaround $30 per month – click here to see the actual cost as it may have changed since this review was written. See below for more Christian Dating site reviews.

What They Say: “The Christian Cafe – SERVES PRIMARILY US & CA. Christian Cafe is one of the oldest Christian dating sites on the Internet. Started in canada around. TheChristian Cafe – The premier Christian singles site online. is a comfortable relaxing online Cafe where Christian singles connect with each other. Whether you’re looking for a companion, a date, or a soul mate, is the place for you! Warm, romantic, inviting. Create your FREE TRIAL profile & browse 1000’s of other Christian singles. Check out photos, detailed bio’s, attractive men and women, all looking for love, romance, fellowship, dating & relationships.”

Testimonial: “ really really works! I stumbled upon in January of 2002, made a profile just to see if I would get any response. Within days, I met Ron. We talked practically every day and in March the doors opened up for us to meet in person. So sweetheart Ron drove 1060 miles from Boise to San Diego to see me. We fell in love and are soon to be engaged. Everyday we laugh about how strangely our relationship came about but we know the Lord had a hand in this. – Featured couple Kristen & Ron.”

Click here to find out more >>

Our Thoughts: Good pay as you go service. Reasonable value. Reasonable matches and correspondence.
What they say:  God creates an infinite variety of people… so finding the ones who are right for you can be almost impossibly hard! is here to help you find the person who will truly be your “soul mate”. Take advantage of their exclusive matching technology which allows you to find the type of person you are looking for. The most advanced matchmaking you will find anywhere. Are you ready to find your soul mate? Then get started today at

Our Thoughts: ‘Scientific matchmaking’ people who share the same attributes doesn’t make any sense. as were all know opposites attract. Take my parents for example – chalk and cheese – couldn’t be more happy! I also had a report from one very attractive last that joined this service and got very few ‘matches’ and correspondence. When she asked for a refund for her several hundred bucks it was not forthcoming. Summary: over-priced, big advertising budget, big ads, talks big but delivers small. Use a cheaper web-based service for just as good results.

Christian – One of the best online dating site for Christian singles to meet their Soulmate! Sign up today for an always free basic membership and they will give you a 10 day trial on a full membership. Christian Soulmates.Com has over 15,000 active members and growing! You may be just a few clicks away from your Soul Mate! Join others for online singles dating with chat, email, instant messaging, voice intros, bulletin boards and MORE! Network with other Christian Singles today.

Our thoughts: once a big player – now seems to be just left in the dust by the secular and few remaining decent Christian owned services.

Christian Matchmaker – Looking for fellowship to share the Word of God, a prayer partner, or the help mate created by God for you? The Christian Connection is an online community serving the Christian Community for fun, fellowship, and growing in the Body of Christ. began online as a BBS (Bulletin Board System) in 1985. 17 years later, Matchmaker is the internet’s leading community enabling secure connections between people with similar interests and/or needs

Christian Personals Network – Meet single Christians from across the US at the Christian Personals Network. With your FREE membership you can place your own ad, search profiles of thousands of Christian singles, receive e-mail and voice mail from other members and much more! Joining Christian Personals Network automatically makes you a member of one of the world’s largest networks of integrated online dating sites. Good people, fun, and romance is what we’re all about.  This site appears to be offline at the moment.

Christian Singles Connection – a great way to meet Christian singles for dating, romance, love, long term relationships and marriage or to simply meet new friends or partners for fun and activities. Socializing with people on Christian Singles Connection is both fun and safe. On average more than 3,000 people join Christian Singles Connection every week, making it one of the the fastest growing Christian romance, Christian matchmaking and Christian singles dating sites on the net.

Christian Mate.Com – We are a huge International active community, with thousands of new members joining every day. Our members are all people like you, who are interested in meeting someone for friendship and love. You’ll find people from all walks of life and we’re here to help you find Mr. or Ms. Right. With our automated match finder. You set your criteria, and CyberCupid automatically sends an e-mail or SMS to alert you with your matches. You can switch it on or off whenever you like

Boundaries in Dating
This Christian Dating book is one of the most popular Christian Dating books to have appeared for Christians on the subject of dating in recent years. Find out more by clicking here.

Christian Store & Shop | Dating Books for single Christians

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Christian Dating

Christian Dating Services

Online dates & Internet Dating Sites for the Single Christian

The first time I saw a dating site in the web was somewhere around 1994. We had a connection in our design studio and I was surfing around and came across it quite by accident… you don’t think I was looking for a date do you?! Since then, the number of daing sites on the Internet has exploded exponetially and is now probably well into the thousands!

100% FREE Christian Dating Service
100% FREE Christian dating site operated and owned by genuine Christians!

I wish I could remember the company… I recall it was one of the now massive originals – possibly – check them out for yourself – not strictly for Christians but Im sure has a large database of single Christians if you don’t mind paying a dollar or twenty. Anyhow I remember clicking around and once I’d realised how it worked (a simple email system linking users who log in and edit their own profile /add photos etc) I was astonished at the ease at which if I was willing to pay the price, I could now meet new peoplw online.

That was in 94′.. and since then, in 10 years the number of dating sites has doubled, quadrupled… there are now 1000’s of sites. I reckon probably 10 or 20 new sites a week. It is amazing that any make any money now that there are so many. But it’s all down to the marketeers. Who got there first plays also a large part in success of an online dating service. And because singles don’t always stay single, there is always a huge supply of people willing to pay a few dollars and try their luck in luv!

How to find genuinely Christian Singles sites

Most dating companies realised early on that to compete with the biggest secular players is futile so what agencies do is specialise in a particular dating market. Hence the arrival of specialised Christian dating sites! Now – amazingly the Christian dating services on the web generally have MORE members than the secular non-christiam sites – an amazing feat though not altogether surprising once you look a little closer at the sites themselves. Christians are fooled by non-Christian sites, but not for long. It does mean – if you want to find a Christian mate – best use a real Christian service!

A Christian person will type ‘Christian Dating’ into a search engine and get many results – apparently Christian websites. Some may well be good Christian sites and the search engines themselves strive to get rid of the ‘junk’ results. The entries that arn’t Christain sites, often employ techniques to rank near the top of the results – something search engines don’t like since the user isn’t given the information they asked for and often sent to an irelevant web site.

The page in the results may be headed something like… ”Cristian Singles, Christian Dating, Vancouver Dates…’ plus a description equally compelling eg. Christian dating, vancouver dating service, free catholic dating service. … Christian dating, vancouver dating service, free catholic dating service. However when you click, what’s called a ‘page redirect’ kicks in and you may be whisked off to some secular dating site – ie not the page described by the link in the search results. Doesnt always happen but is often used by web sites to gain more hits and the most members.

Find a site or dating service that suits you

Spend a while surfing around to find sites that have Christian principles stated in their ‘about us’ sections. This may take a bit of digging! If they say nothing regarding Christianity, you can be pretty sure it’s a secular company wanting a pice of the Chrisian action – nothing wrong with that – but just so you know.

Good Christian sites include Christian Cafe – great for american singles. In the UK specifically for free singles worldwide try fusion free Christian dating & singles UK fan effective free service if you’re not loaded right at the moment! Also Try them all if you like – most offer a free trial. See our dating site reviews also to give you an indication of prices and charges of the biggest secular sites plus the number or features and members each service has.

Have Fun!

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