What Are Legal Rrequirements Regarding Street Preaching & Evangelising?

The following video is a typical example of how many people in authority will try to bully a street preacher or street evangelist into quickly moving away from the vicinity with 101 false ‘legal requirements’ hoping that the person being violated will know the law.

As you watch you will see how they police and the casino owner buddy up as if the casino owner is someone worth defending in preference to the Christian street preacher who is trying to save people’s souls. Watch as they come up with all kinds of nonsense.

NOTE: if you get into a US free-speech lawsuit it appears that YOU don’t have to pay and for once this is great for the normally suspect attorney ‘business’ where lawyers will often tell you they can get you off anything when in actual fact they cannot and simply want your money.

You MUST get all encounters on video or you have no chance in court.

Here is he description from the video: Jesse Morrell of www.OpenAirOutreach.com talks about “How to Win A Lawsuit” regarding street preaching or free speech. After many years of experience in dealing with free speech lawsuits, Jesse gives some basic pointers or tips that will help you in your case if the Police are violating your rights. He discusses his recent lawsuit against the Police of the City of Shreveport and how that lawsuit turned out.

Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

I will present two arguments here. Why is that? Because some time after I wrote my first completely ‘logical’ reasoning for why Christians should be in politics and essentially reform it, only a few days later – I saw a very well thought out video that argued very logically why Christians should NOT be in politics! Call me fickle, or call me someone who wants to find out what the truth is, and bring it to you! See the two arguments below then YOU must not take my word for it, but read the Truth of Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to tell you the truth, and weigh up the arguments and make your own mind up!

Argument for Christians in Politics

Of course not! We all know the great american constitution was designed to keep religion out of politics and separation of Church and state!

Let God be truthful and all men a liar – The Bible

Ahem… the amazing and incredible and brilliantly designed constitution was designed to keep politics OUT OF RELIGION! It’s the other way round – read it! Real Christians know and accept that all men are capable of lying – and inevitably do at some point and even more so where power is involved. The americans read their Bibles and knew this wisdom and knowing their own hearts to be corrupt like any other man, took it very seriously to heart.

So when the americans saw how the the corrupt British political system and politicians were influencing the Church of England and sensored everything the Church did, so the americans came up with a means for this corruption of religion via bad politics and politicians not to affect religion. Brilliant!

The First Bibles printed in america were printed by Congress. The first amendment was there to allow freedom of religion and prevent a theocracy. So the truth – real and pure religion (and yes – The Bible speaks and uses the word religion!) has got to be in politics. In any case – all our laws though being quietly and systematically eroded are built on the 10 Commandments!

Christianity is all about Reform

Where possible we are to be conformed to the image of Christ – in other words we are to be re-formed – both in character. This goes (where possible) not just for individuals but and that of organisations and institutions and even political parties! I say ‘where possible’ because for instance Martin Luther – very imperfect as he was, found it was not possible to reform the Catholic Church and after being excommunicated began his own reformed gatherings of the brethren. Sometimes this must be done when no reform is possible and the problem with men is that everything they touch they insist on making a business – the church being no exception.

So the answer to the question; should Christians get involved in political issues and parties? must be yes – Christians should and must get involved in politics. The truth must be heard in politics wether regarded or not. How far you will get as a Christian politician is probably not very far – but not the point!