How to Stop Photos from Opening on When Plugging In iPhone

It can be super annoying that every time you plug an iPhone into an iMac to charge it, the iPhotos or photos application opens up – and takes a month of Sundays to do so before I can get on with my work when all I want to do is charge my phone! So… what can we do to stop this? How do you stop photos from opening on when plugging In iPhone? I wasn’t sure myself until I did a bit of research – and here’s what I found.

The method needed to stop the Photos application from opening when you plug your iPhone into your iMac or MacBook for charging only is to use the following simple steps;

  1. Plug in your mobile phone (iPhone) into your iMac or MacBook Pro and wait for the Photos application program to automatically open up. If it does not – open up Photos from your program menu (scroll to the bottom or side of the screen and hover to see your app menu or open your Mac icon on desktop – goto Applications and open Photos program from there).
  2. Click just under where it says ‘Import’ at the top left of the window where your iPhone should appear (as it’s plugged in).
  3. Last – simply uncheck the check box top most left (above where your iPhone appears) next to where it says; ‘Open Photos’. That’s it – a lifetime of unnecessary annoyance has come to an end! OK maybe I exaggerated that a bit:)

For a graphic view of what i just described above – see the screenshot  took below and note a) your iPhone appears when you plug it into your Apple iMac/Mac Book and b) where the little elusive check box is that you need to un-check. Happy charging!

Here’s how to stop that pesky program application Photos from opening every single time you plugin your mobile iPhone to charge! See the blue checkbox top left… uncheck that and you are good to go!

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This article is about; how to stop Apple Photos program opening every time you charge your iPhone | how to disable Photos from opening when you plug in your iPhone | method to stop the application iPhotos from activating and launching when you plug your mobile phone into a Macbook Pro or iMac. 

How To Increase Rings on iPhone T-Mobile Before Voicemail or Call Divert

Q: how to increase the number of rings on iPhone before voicemail or call divert?

This is the most annoying thing ever – I can never reach my iPhone in my pocket or on my desk or anywhere before the stupid thing goes to voicemail. Clearly this is designed to increase revenue as someone gets paid when the caller has to leave a voice message. Outrageous but who would expect anything else from greedy mobile firms?!

Voicemail settings are not changed on your phone but controlled by ringing your carrier with a special code!

So, how can you increase the number of rings your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 makes before it goes to answerphone or voicemail (same thing)? Well after about 3 attempts at calling 150 and getting different answers I finally worked it out. Incidentally none of the advisers at TMobile got it exactly right so here is your answer.

Type the following (including the +44 – this was what I missed and it kept failing) and then press the green ring button;

**61*+447987805171*11*30#  (then press Call).  

Note: ’30’ above is the number of seconds your iPhone rings and must be entered in increments of 5 seconds.

To stop voicemail altogether on iPhone and TMobile

Text the following all upper case to 150 (TMobile);



What if I do not use TMobile on my iPhone 5 or iPhone 4?!

Simple – see that long number  between **61*+447987805171*11*30# – well that my friends just needs to be substituted with your carriers number. You might have to call their short number helpline to get this.

For increasing number of rings before call divert/voicemail on Talkmobile

  1. Using your phones keypad, enter  **61*121*11*
  2. Then enter the number of seconds you would like it to ring for (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30)
  3. Then press #
  4. And then press call

Hope that helps you with increasing the number of rings your iPhone allows before voicemail kicks in!

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