Which Shared Hosting Services Are The Best for WordPress?

Have you been wondering what shared hosting companies and services are best for hosting WordPress and which shared hosting services and companies should be avoided from an unbiased view? Well I’ve been doing some research, being a WordPress site developer myself and having a few shared hosting packages myself.

Ways to speed up your WordPress site on shared hosting

  • install WP SuperCache.
  • to reduce number of calls on db put the site URL and home URL in wp-config file so you don’t have to go to database to get these urls (images etc).
  • optimise to remove transience and orphaned data, comments etc – WP Optimise.
  • remove post revisions with plugin.
  • get images off server using third party free image hosting service.
  • try not to use more than 1 security plugin. Find the right one and us that.
  • don’t use more than 1 slider plugin.

Services to avoid (in no order)

Services recommended (in no order)

Average but functional cheap services (in no order)

Building websites

WordPress – an amazing web solution

Are shared service any good?

When Should I Use (or Not use) WordPress Multisite?

Q: When Should I Use (or Not use) WordPress Multisite?

Reasons for using Multisite;

  • If you want separate sites with their own admin area.
  • you are happy being the only one that vets/installs plugins/themes on the network of sites and your admins can’t (don’t let them on a multisite or risk all getting hacked).
  • if you want all users to be able to comment on all other sites
  • If you don’t want admins on multiple sites to install plugins.
  • upgrading plugins is very easy and a one click job
  • when you are happy to support the people on the network 100% forever (in which case only very simple setups are applicable).
  • Use it when the group on the network fit together.

Reasons for NOT using Multisite (remember rules are to be broken);

  • if you want users to be able to edit widgets.
  • if you want to be able to NOT have to support people on the netwok longterm.
  • you want all sites to share same store/database (will happen – but not yet).
  • if you want members to use iframes and javacsript – like giving them keys to car (use short codes and plugins)
  • If you want members to instal their own themes and plugins. You must be in charge of vetting these or face the entire network getting hacked.
  • if you are likely to want to move sites off the network (its not that easy).
  • you don’t want all users to be able to comment on all other sites.
  • because you don’t want you admins to administer (that’s what it was deigned for!.. for separate site administered by separate individuals).
  • just because you want all your sites to be the same. Note worpress.com runs on multisite = 1000 totally DIFFERENT sites.
  • if you want 1 massive social site where all can login and exchange data use single install with buddypress.
  • It’s not easy to share content or menus
  • mulisites set up with subfolders  have /blog/ in their URL
  • Restricting plugins is complicated
  • creating user roles is hard
  • moving it (or just one site) is tricky
  • some plugins wont work on multisite
  • don’t use it for sites that need categories (wordpress does this and plugins are available for creating subdomains and edit/remove categories)

Things to note:

  • you can map domains but how will this affect email and shell access?

NOTE: if you are running WordPress multisite for more than 5 people and it’s not hosted on a VPS or a platform that is easily upgrade hardware with 1 click you may have problems.

Questions and Answers

Q: Should I use WordPress with Multisite?

A: It depends what you want to do! What do you need? Not necessarily what do you want? We all like shiny things but sometimes they weigh us down!

Q: What is Multisite for?

A: Multisite is for truly separate sites like wordpress.com. It’s designed for; multiple – separate – sites!

Q: I want the same article to be shared on every site of my network – is that ok?



Want to go nuts with multisite and create multi-networks of multisites? (warning – be careful:)

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Should You Add a / After a Hyperlink?

Yep you should add a forward slash at the end of a link that goes to a web directory (note not a page with a .htm or something similar after it!) The reason is not widely known by most bloggers and basic web-masters like myself but I just found out why and it seems fairly important to get in the habit of doing long term when you are creating a web directory and/or and a hyper-link to it.

Normally, web directory links – (all web links to folders or files are called ‘URLs’) that point to files did not include the slash at the end whereas URLs that pointed at folders (web directories) did have the trailing slash added at the end. So to illustrate this look at these two URLs;

http://www.site.com/url-address/   is a link to a web directory
http://www.site.com/url-address    is a link to a file (like a PDF or something similar)

Now what I didn’t know was that the trailing / makes the web link and finding the resulting page faster! Here’s why; the trailing slash tells the web server to go to directly or folder or file (depending on whether you added the / or not) and crucially this means it does not have to go look up what kind of link it is! It knows from your ending / that its a directory and not a file making things faster all round. So leaving off the forward slash results in a redirect which means everything gets slowed down.

Best get in the habit of deciding what type of link it is you are creating – to a folder or to a file and adding the forward slash or leaving it off accordingly! Happy hyper-linking!

How To Set Up a Website Cheaply & Quickly

Q: How To Set Up a Website Cheaply & Quickly

OK here’s a very quick and rough guide on how anyone can set up a website. First, some basic terms;

CMS (content management system); use WordPress software – download free from wordpress.org and install on server, but they also have website (wordpress.com) where for small fee you can build your site on their severs using the same software very easily. Great thing about WordPress CMS is, if you want to go elsewhere with it, you (simon) can download the site/db it yourself in a few clicks. It also allows anyone to customise the look in a click with 1000’s ‘Themes.’

Web Hosting (all done in cloud these days – even having your own ‘server’); For non-MOD stuff all you need is a shared and managed (host takes care of server/software updates) £15pm. Most have 1-click WordPress install feature. You need full DNS control (managing/pointing) of your domains.

Of course there are dozens of hosting and domain registration companies but I’ve tested quite a few eg do not use 1&1 – messy and lack of control over domains – so here are my unbiased and not-for-my-own-profit personal recommendations.

You have 2 basic choices…

1) go to WordPress.com create entire site there cheaply and register domains there also. Your site/domains will be hosted by wordpress with 1000s others – no prob and you can easily migrate away. Cons; plugins available (for things like calendars/contact us forms) and the ‘Themes’ are limited but can still make good site editable by anyone. Note: not sure if they allow DNS control of domains you register there – your dev will know.

2) What I have for bit more control (ie you might need developer to do custom coding + more control over plugins / front-end design); Bluehost.com. V cheap. I use Namecheap.com to register domains as I have lots and it’s bit cheaper – but you could do all your hosting and domain registration on Bluehost. Full full DNS control at both Bluehost and Namecheap.

Avoid using developers own software or servers – create your own account at your host company eg Bluehost and then give developer login – that way its all in your name and no one can hold a gun to your head and drag out the work/bills if you want to use another dev company.

Timescale; basic site;
1 day to register domain/hosting, install WP get site up.
3-5 days tweaking functions/about us pages/design.

My dev company

Dotsquares are a great web development company, charge me £75 a day booked in 5 day blocks but you’ll need to either; up at strange hours to manage them – or b) give very clear instructions. Freelancers will drag things out and work on 10 clients at once and can make moving away hard.

Building websites


Christian YouTube Alternatives

Are There any Alternative ‘Youtube’ Sites for Christians?

Q: Know any Christian YouTube Alternatives? What is YouTube anyway? Well, YouTube.com is an amazing website full of videos made by individuals, organisations and film companies. The idea sprang up just a few years back from a couple of guys who wanted to make it easy to share videos on the net and developed U Tube in the process. Within a few months the site was becoming busier and busier to the point that they were expanding but not making money and paying for the services using their own credit cards.

Amazingly it became in two years what myspace.com (a similar networking and video upload service) took 5 years to turn into. The Youtube company tho making a loss had built an amazing brand with millions of users and thousands of videos going back and forth over the web. Aren’t the film companies worried by the use and posting of their copyrighted material on the web?… seems not since the video quality itself is low – they see it more as an advertising medium to get films and clips seen – if anything it will encourage users to go out and buy the full length hi quality movie or dvd of the clips they have been viewing!

Visit YouTube website

Are there any Christian YouTube Sites?

There is news of a forthcoming Christian YouTube I found on the Internet that is being spearheaded by the Christian media company. YaaWAY which have a dedicated team of people collecting video web content for a launch in the new year. They are expecting it to become an effective online evangelising tool and medium to spread the gospel around the Internet.

They say they are collecting around 7000 video and content clips to put into their archives. The site will also become a kind of self help service where people can find all sorts of encouraement and advice online in free video formats. The topics will include all the usual current affairs such as sex issues, social issues and help with substance abuse and more. Of course as with all the utube style video content sites you will be able to upload your own content. Also oncluded is bound to be the standard social networking and file sharing features foud on all the myspace’s on the net.

More Christian Services Online – top picks. Christian YouTube style sites…

christian music website

christian spaces – christian myspace alternative

Clean version of YouTube

Jesus Clips Christian video sharing site – faith and thought in Christianity

21 alternatives to YouTube

More alternative sites for Christians to YouTube

Advertise a Christian service here contact us at christianadvice.net. We will check it out and list it here if we think it’s a cool service or website.

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Christian Text SMS Dating

Meet new friends using SMS text Dating & Mobile Messaging service!

Christian dating will probably take on a new turn with the proliferation of loads of sms text messaging websites now seen on dating sites and services everywhere – to date, usually secular websites. This will all change soon once the texting mobile phone technology is cheaper and more freely available to add on to singles and personals services for Christians online. You will soon find several Christian mobile dating services online as with the new mobile smart phone technology, meeting via mobile phone is now becoming a real possiblity made easier and easier with each new mobile phone technology leap.

Christian Text Messaging Dating Services

Looking for mobile phone Christian dating, belive it ot not we actually couldn’t find any sms text dating sites on the web at this time for Christians even though we searched Google, Yahoo and msn and found none!… please revisit us later and we’ll be sure to have some for you to try.

Secular Services – see how these sites work!

www.playtxt.net – mobile phones text dating website
Secular sms texting website service – They say: Hook up with friends nearby, socialise, flirt or date – all from your mobile phone! You can meet new friends of friends to expand your social group or flirt with new people who match your preferences! Soon you’ll also be able to receive free club & bar information & discounts – but only if you want to!

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Secular texting and sms text mesage dating service – What they say: Party Flirt – the UK’s best singles website for those aged 18-35. For personals, love, romance and a lot of flirting! Use one of our many forms of communication – love text messaging, chat room, video chat, party flirt message system to find that dream date/friend.

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