Is Purgatory Real

little-devil-illustrationIt’s a nice thought… that we all get a chance to clean up our act before we go on to the great gig in the sky! But common sense tells me that this is a man-made doctrine, designed to keep people coming back to church, since we all know that people’s main concern is; am I going to heaven

The short common sense answer to the question; does purgatory exist is; of course not! It’s just another concoction by the church to keep us coming back and ultimately filling the coffers. If you are Catholic and reading this I am terribly sorry to burst your bubble but Jesus was very, very, very clear that man is to live once – then the judgement. He didn’t say; man is to live twice – once on earth – once in purgatory, and then the judgement.

It is also worth noting that Jesus talked of hell more than any other person in The Bible so for all those that say; naa… it’s just a description of x, y, z, be very careful who you listen to – your workmate, the guy at church or Jesus Christ – the one whom the entire Bible is based on. Jesus said very clearly hell was made for the devil and his angels.

For those that think; a good God wouldn’t allow people to suffer in hell! you might consider then why he allows innocents, men womwn and children to suffer incomprehensible sufferring on earth where God’s spirit actually resides with us in the form of The Holy Spirit. If that’s you, you may want to read this article.

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There has always been a raging debate amongst Christians and non-Christians as to wether hell exists. But these days even believers are being tested to the limits and find it hard to believe in the notion of heaven – let alone hell. Why do we need God anyway with modern technology making it plainly obvious that the Bible is a myth? – Or is it?… God makes elaborate blue prints for even those who are going to choose not to use them.

God would never allow such suffering as hell?

Jesus spoke more of Hell than anyone else in The Bible. So the question becomes; what exactly was he describing when he spoke those words. Most people who don’t believe in hell do so because they cannot believe God would torment people in such a way. I’m afraid this argument falls down before the question was asked since in a great mystery God already allows innocent creatures, children and adults to suffer in incomprehensible ways on earth – apparently for the greater good and the fulfilment of his plans.

Therefore, let’s not be complacent and rule out fire and torment for those that are truly evil and hate God, since if God allows it to happen to creatures that are not guilty here on earth, would it be unjust not to exact some kind of justice either now or later – at least ‘eye for an eye’ on those who cause this suffering to innocents and know better.

No, if we are going to rue out torment and brimstone it must be for another Biblical reason – not that; “God would never allow such suffering.” Always go to the scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to give you answers, and do not be afraid of physical pain but always look for truth and justice when considering these things.

Are some elected to go to Hell?

The suggestion that there are those who are elected by God to go to hell is a travesty on the nature of God. Some verses sound this way on a superficial reading but only when taken in isolation. To get to the truth on any subject – it must be looked at as a whole. The Bible states over and over – Christ died for all men and that whosoever will, may find his salvation!

God it seems understands the full nature of evil and its consequences – to the point of him seeing it worthy of endurance by humans destined for an infinitely more beautiful after life.

Young people. We must always remember in our freedom it was bought at great price. We may never have to witness our friend being killed, although it is possible if things were to suddenly change. Enjoy your freedom in the knowledge of how it came about. Check out these interesting articles and websites on the existence of heaven and hell.

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Does Hell Last Forever?

One thing we do know is that The Devil does not have a red suit and a forked tail – a description that pleases him no end causing millions of people to doubt his existence! A smart handsome business man might be a might be a far better description!

Before we answer this question (if it can be answered) we must first consider something that happens during our life here on earth that we all witness to varying degrees every day; that is, that God already allows untold suffering (albeit temporary though for some it is extremely prolonged) to people that are both innocent and guilty of crimes and injustices towards others, to children and old people, evildoers and saints alike.

So at the outset – the idea that a good god would not allow eternal suffering falls down straight away because by this argument, if he was truly good, then he would not allow any suffering at all – at least not the amount and sort we witness every day and may well one day visit us wether we are deserving or not 9the rain falls on both the just and unjust). After all we must face the fact that we regularly hear reports of people burning to death, falling under buses or dying in the most painful ways imaginable.

And let’s not forget that throughout much of history people were tortured and and burned as heretics for what today we would consider minor offences – reading the Bible is one example. Indeed one of the problems is that today in the cozy western hemisphere we are very much shielded from the kind of suffering that God clearly allows to go on all around the globe daily.

So we cannot come at the argument from a desire that virtually infinite suffering already occurs under God’s watch of both the innocent and guilty. This would indicate that there is far more to suffering that just punishment of

Now consider if God allows this kind of terrible torment to the righteous, people who  do not in most people’s eyes deserve such siffering, is it not possible that at the very least an evil person will at the very least suffer as much as the righteous have? And yet if this is the case – would this be justice? Perhaps it would; and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth most likely comes from this concept.

So it would appear that understadably this debate comes about like may others in the Bible that we just don’t want to be true because quite frankly it scars us to death and is frankly too horrible to contemplate. But none of this proves or disproves wether hell lasts forever – it merely gets some things out in the open we don’t like to think about. So now we can look at what the Bible says and see if a) we can makes sense of what it says in different places regarding hell b) whatever it says is just.

One thing the world does is equate the numbers of people that suffer with the amount of suffering itself, when it is obvious that a single person can only suffer so much as stated in the Bible – and that suffering is not ‘multiplied’ simply by numbers of people involved. Each life is of the same value and can potentially and broadly only suffer the same amount. as we so often want to call one despot worse than another because he killed 10,000 people while his brother killed 100,000 – they are both as bad as each other since every life is of the same infinite value and one life taken in murder is by reason alone as bad as 10,000, and the Bible makes it clear that God’s eyes see suffering in this way.