What is the Relationship Between God The Son and God The Father?

Q: What is the Relationship Between God The Son and God The Father? 

How do you understand the relationship between God The Son and God The Father? because from what i read, they are One and The Same Person!??? kindly help.

A: The Bible says; “God is spirit” – so my understanding (not saying I’m correct) is that God needs to become a human in order to make a credible appeal to human’s – therefore His chosen method was for His spirit to enter and ‘posses’ if you like the flesh body we know as Jesus. So we have a perfect sinless spirit working and bringing Jesus’ flesh – what would otherwise be prone to sin – under control. The Bible says; “Jesus learned to become obedient” which I found incredibly frank of The Bible. So yes we have 2 separate entities, the Father (spirit) and the Son (flesh) becoming one at the same time.

The above is how I see Jesus as both fully man (in his flesh) and fully God/divine (having God’s spirit in full) at the same time and yet one being – a bit like we are 2 in one also; flesh and spirit. I am well aware some denominations do not see Jesus as divine but my belief is that it’s a necessity in order to make His demands for us to keep His commands a reasonable one (since I believe God to be perfectly reasonable) – i.e God (in Jesus) is saying do as I do – not just do as I say. As ever – these are our thoughts only so please ask Holy Spirit for guidance here to bring and guide you into all truth as He promises!

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