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What are the best Christian Dating Sites & Services in the UK?

christian-matchmaker-coupleThe Christian personals services below are UK based and concentrate only on Christians so they’re not all mixed up with people who are not on your wavelength. They are hosted on secure servers so are safe are a fast, fun and above all a highly effective way of meeting your ideal Christian partner husband or wife. Especially if you are living in the United Kingdom. To search for other members all you need to do is register as a Standard Member yourself – except where the service is completely free. Becoming a standard member of most sites allows you to access the website’s huge database of Christian singles in your local area – attractive people waiting to meet you today!! Paid memberships are between £10 and £30 except where free depending on the service and the number of members you are looking for. Have fun!:)

 United Kingdom, UK specific Christian Dating web sites and singles services

FREE Christian Singles UK – run by Christians for single Christians free since 2000!
UK Christian dating service! Fusion is a totally and always free service – one of very few quality free personals sites on the Internet but has 100,000 members half of which are in the UK – the others are in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Tailored for Christian singles in United Kingdom – Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England. Speed dating and other singles events also listed. Great Britain Christian singles here we go!

Kingdom Seek – UK portal for Christians
Looking for an UK date? Heres a guide to UK dating services, value for money singles services based in England but serving the whole of Britain we believe. Some also specialises in chat for Christians in general. Links to Christian Holidays and events. Basically a directory of sites and services in the United kingdom – find many other useful resources for Christians here.

UK Christian Singles Group Online – a new service!
For single, separated, divorced or widowed people to find fun, friendship and support in the name of Christ. If you are new please introduce yourself so we can say hello! This is not a dating community, and we discourage individuals from seeking a partner through public postings. A really nice site based in Great Britain for English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Christian singles. They run singles events, speed dating and being good networkers have spent quite a lot of time making connections with other singles groups, churches and organisations in the United Kingdom. Don’t overlook them if you are in GB as they have a large membership and are very professional! UK Christian Singles meetings
We simply and effectively connect you with other single Christians across the UK and Ireland in a personal way that encourages and helps you to make new friends. We operate OFFLINE with real people to help you. Click here to see how that will affect you. As a member you will benefit from our caring, hands-on approach and enjoy our whole-hearted commitment to helping you enrich your lives..

More Christian Dating sites worldwide for international Christian singles

If you have a genuinely Christian site or dating service for UK Christians don’t hesitate to list it here contact Thanks.


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Socially Responsible Social Networking Sites

Socially Responsible Social Networks

little-devil-illustrationAs you can imagine – the list is quite small! Many sites and services – especially social networking sites are now waking up to the idea if not just being social – but socially aware too! We hit the ‘green’ peak a couple of years back but now with the global economy (predicted my many includnig me) on the downturn – making vast fortunes from millions of web users and giving nothing back but the ability to ‘connect’ just doesn’t seem good enough. Accordingly – with social networks – there is a shift towards looking not just at social networking in and end to itself – but to start looking at global needs and causes and how they can do something actually useful other than ‘twitter’ on about – well – nothing. Below are some websites we found that seem to be geared towards helping the poor, needy, down and out and those people in societies at home and abroad that can’t help themselves.

Featured Socially Responsible Network – the Social Network with a Social Conscience
What they say: Budiz is a social network with a social conscience and connects you with people who are interested in what your into – find old and new friends, school friends, classmates, activity partners, singles, information, business networking, socially aware organisations, videos and advice on just about anything you can think of. Budiz puts the ‘social’ back into social networks! Unlike any other social network – Budiz DOES NOT keep or sell your data and profits go to charity!


Socially Aware & Socially Responsible Social Networks
Tree-Nation is an ecological project with a focused objective: To plant 8 million trees in Niger, Africa to fight desertification! Large-scale plantation of trees will increase the land’s productivity and re-generate the soil. Tree-nation is an online community in which you can buy your own tree and become the guardian of a real and happy tree that we will plant in our park in Niger. Our objective is two-fold: Primarily environmental, but also closely linked to the humanitarian aid that it will provide in the long term. The project will benefit local populations in terms of welfare, education and farming practices. And that’s not all… The benefits of preventing desertification extend beyond trees to other kinds of plant and animal life. Any opportunity to re-introduce and/or help prevent any endangered species will therefore become an integral part of our mission.
What they say: Socially Responsible Investing
Each day we have a choice on whether our actions reflect our conscience. But it’s all too easy to divorce our values from our wallets. How can we ‘walk our talk’ when it comes to our short and long-term investments? The origins of what has become known as Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) dates back to biblical times when Judaic law laid down directives to invest ethically.   Today, SRI is primarily defined as portfolio decisions motivated by a company’s performance in several broad areas, including:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Tobacco & Alcohol Production
  • Weapons Contracting
  • International Operations & Human Rights

In addition to negative and positive screening, the true power of SRI is found in its shareholder activism — a powerful, effective tool that affects corporate policies throughout the world. And while the popularity of SRI has been phenomenal — with socially screened portfolios growing from $165 Billion in 1995 to over $3 Trillion in 2006 — most studies suggest that SRI-screened portfolios have about the same risk-adjusted returns as their unscreened counterparts**.   Socially Responsible Investing not only earns competitive returns, but also helps to build a sustainable future and enhance our quality of life through shareholder activism. – csr awards list

Awards are granted to up to five companies or individuals that have demonstrated excellence in integrating social responsibility in multiple aspects of their businesses. The contestants are judged in six categories of equal weight, with the highest total scores being the winners. The categories are: Community Involvement, Education, Health, Employee Empowerment, Environment, and Sourcing. The criteria have been adapted from guidelines established by the Social Venture Network in a document titled, “Standards of Corporate Social Responsibility,” which is available at the SVN website, or you can download the document Here.

The Top 10, Socially Responsible Brands off the Internet

(independent poll – looking at the list this must be a joke right?!)

  1. Ben & Jerry’s
  2. Wal-Mart
  3. Coca-Cola –
  4. Newman’s Own
  5. Target
  6. Yoplait
  7. Whole Foods Market
  8. Burt’s Bees
  9. Starbucks
  10. Kashi


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Singleness in The Church

Short Essay on The Church & Singelness

christian-single-men-friendsI’ve just returned from a great and uplifting church meeting in London. But I don’t feel quite right. I asked the church leader if he would spare me a few moments to discuss the issue of singleness in the church only to be met with “you don’t need to speak to me – you need to speak to x”. Later I sent an email to the pastor trying to explain that I only wanted to chat, if nothing else to see if I was doing the right or wrong thing by trying to help out singles. This time I was given a ‘contact’ that was probably a “better person to discuss it with”. Well of course I do need to speak to the paster, as it is the issue of being single and how to find a partner in the Church, that dogs so many people who silently tolerate it, not knowing if they should be doing something about it or not. Actually it wasn’t a rant or rave, or even to arrange singles nights – but a bit of pastoral care I wanted.

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I had to stop myself from feeling a little upset, as I have given 4 years of my life to try and help out Church singles, and couldn’t even manage to get 5 minutes to chat. I now know what it feels like to get the brush-off (albeit a misunderstanding) from people on your own side – it really hurts and I suddenly saw for the first time why people leave churches when they are hurt – often unintentionally. I am old enough to realise that this guy really does have enough on his plate already and probably doesn’t understand the pain it causes, basically because people always put on a brave face – especially in the city where independence and self sufficiency mean so much. I felt for a moment that he actually thought that discussing the singleness issue might suddenly turn a perfectly normal church into a dating agency!!!

Whilst I actually feel OK about being single these days, (probably age related!!… plus I am a good deal less inward thinking than I used to be) the fact is in city churches, there are dozens of people that you could ask out, but if you’re not well connected or you are new to a church, it can be one of the loneliest places on earth. Plus, gossip in churches unfortunately is pretty much worse than anywhere on earth, so asking someone out is a big risk. Consequently many guys and girls simply wont risk the frenzy that occurs after such an event… a simple date easily becomes… “is it marriage… are they in love… who dumped who?” and as a result, 70% of 20-30s in most churches are single and remain that way till we help em out. THEY’RE TOO AFRAID TO ASK!!!:)

Whilst I realise a lot of it is up to us to make our own way with God’s help, (I think there is some small truth in the saying ‘God helps those that help themselves’ – perhaps its should be “God helps those who can help themselves”. Several things occured to me regarding singles tonight… One was that it is not the churches responsiblity to cater for my every need and want at a moments notice. Second, I need to be as outward looking as possible and proactive in all things. Self pity is no good and – always makes one feel worse. Third and probably most important – I need to be thankful for what I’ve got which whilst being single can be tough at times – I imagine any a person in the third world would trade their life of poverty and opression for my life of comparitive wealth and singleness – and might even laugh at this essay! There isn’t really a comparison. Praising God when you least want to (from the heart) really is the answer I think. I have learnt throuh many a dark moment that the right thing to do for sanity and health is praise the Lord for what we have – not what we havn’t got.

Anyhow – tonight I decided (again!) that I really wanted to find out how the church views singles and singleness. A couple of phone calls I asked someone to make to the Evangelical alliance was met with silence – not because they don’t care but I guess because there are a million other issues to deal with (actually it’s because they only deal with people they know to a large extent). Im not sure the Church really ignores singles – I think they don’t really know how to handle the issue or singles themselves – sensitive creatures. Most ministers are married and so somehow it is conveniently forgotten or at least not an issue “look at all those eligible people”. Nothing bad, just not realising there is a problem. For months I have been trying to think of an all in one package to present to the churches that resolves the singles issue for them – but somehow I have to gain the churches trust – but I don’t have friends in high places. What I do have is determination and generally when I want to do something – God seems to give me what I need to do it, and, not knowing people in high places to date has has proved difficult for me – certainly didn’t prove difficult for Jesus!

My passion is music – but in my desire to help singles in the Church – rightly or wrongly I have put it on hold for 5 years so far. I miss it like crazy – it really gets to me but I feel that it is more important in these days of dwindling Church attendance figures (and I believe the whole ‘sexual revolution’ and breakdown of family values, morals and standards in general – TV – porn and a general diet of media junk and the like – has a large part to play in the dropping attendance of young persons, and accounts for much of the difficulties in staying on the straight and narrow and ultimately in the church). Several times I have wanted to pack in the whole church thing in because its so much easier to find a partner outside the chuch – ten a penny – but I always come back to the truth – that I need a Christian partner. We all do in the church. I really want to resolve the issue for Christian singles. With God’s help if he will back me! I guess fruit or no fruit will be proof of my motives and reveal the true motives behind what I do. Im confused sometimes even myself about wether God would want me to help in the way I do. It’s not as if he needs me – but we are all called to serve regardless of wether he needs us – it’s for our own good and I have to say that the times in my life when I feel most satisfied – are when I receive letters of thanks saying how I helped someone find a Christian partner. That I think that is what real joy feels like and I am privileged .

Anyhow – tonight I have resolved not just to run a singles dating agency for Christians as I do – but to really get under the skin of the leaders, to ask questions, find out what they think – why they apparently don’t do anything for singles to speak of, and persuade them to back my vision to make things better in the church for singles. To DO something. I didn’t start an Christian singles agency to make money but to make things better for Christians. It’s cost me £15,000 quid to date but luckily now my costs are down to £5-600 per year all in thanks to God and a few generous people. As I said I don’t really believe the church don’t care – I just believe no-ones really addressed it properly. So – good time to do something about it.

To be continued…

Contact us if you share my vision and want to help singles in the church. We can be found at contact page.


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Christian Singles Ministries

Help and Resources for Christian singles

Looking for a Christian singles ministry near you?… there are now very many Christian singles resources both on the Internet as well as offline. Literally hundreds of Christian single ministries have appeared in the form of online date sites, advice ministries – on and offline, phone services, books on dating for Christian singles, singles seminars, singles holidays, retreats and many other group activities that can help Christians of all ages meet, mix and match with each other. You can also find a general Christian ministries website here.

100% FREE Christian Dating Service

Get-togethers & Events

Events are a great way to meet new people and you can find several Christian events and general get together sites and services on the web in the UK, America, Canada and Australia – just check out Google and search for Christian singles events or parties or even Christian cruises. There are a number of companies that do these kind of activities.

Ministries Online & Traditional for Singles in the Church

Out of these ministries many friendships develop into deeper relationships and often end in marriage. Getting involved with Christian ministries or one sort or another really is a great way to meet single Christian men and women or find a Christian boy or girlfriend without the hassles or stress of visiting loads of churches – which does nothing for ones faith!:) See the singles ministry listings below or use google to find the best single resources for Christians.

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Encouragement for Christian singles

singleness – help and encouragement – singles guide

Singleness encouragement and articles

Mayfair Christian ministries

How to be single and content – singles ministry for young Christian people

Christian Singles Dances

Dance Events for Single Christians

Looking for Christian dances or Balls in UK, USA, Canada or Australia?.. check out the following sites and services online. For London events for Christians check out this events for Christians site . Also you might search for Christian dances or dance events on Google to get the most visited and useful websites in this area of social events and dances for Christians.

There are also several other new Christian events services that have recently hit the web, London Christians being one.. and club unity – a Christian clubbing style events company that spcializes in getting young Christians out for a good night on the town to mix and match as well as meet loads of new Christian friends from the city.

100% FREE Christian Dating Service

Christian Dance Events & Dance Sites

SignUp for Local Christian Social Events >> – Christian dance – Christian dance site – International Christian dance fellowship

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Christian Singles dances & dance Events at

Christian Singles in the Church

Help & Advice for Single Christians at Church

Singles and The Church Generally

Sensitivity and ministry to singles became a theme in church life of the late 1980’s but few churches really cater for the needs of Christian singles effectively either through lack or resources, realisation of their needs or any understanding of the importance of looking after singles – the future generations of the church.

Some Interesting Singles Stats

It is said that some 40% of the United States’ population is single, with at least three categories of single people identifiable as: divorced, widowed and never-married (an increasing percentage of especially college-educated young adults}. A fourth category in church life is the “religious single,” whose spouse either chooses not to worship or attends another church.

100% FREE Christian Dating Service
Find church singles online totally free!

Singles in the Church often Feel Excluded or Marginalised

Research points to the fact that singles in todays church feel excluded by the church’s emphasis on “family” in worship, and otherwise. One study suggests that loneliness and grief, two major issues for singles, are unaddressed by the ministry of most churches.

Outreaches for Singles

Outreach to singles who are unchurched may hold the greatest evangelism potential for churches in some areas. But reaching your own christiab singles groups within your church may be the first step in helping others. If you want to help us to help single Christians – email

More articles and guidance for singles can be found in the links to the right and at the bottom of this page. We hope this is of some help:)

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