Why Does God Not Always Heal?

Because this world is NOT heaven – this world is ruled by the Devil and still under his dominion. In this world, when God does heal – which he often does… God does not heal for the sake of healing as we so often wish – as he will do when we are all resurrected and given perfect glorified bodies as we once had in Eden.

No – he heals in this world for another reason – to display his light in a dark world! To show that HE is still the master and is able to contravene the laws of nature! To show He is still on the throne and has our backs – even in a world handed over to the Prince of Darkness!

When God doesn’t heal – NEVER curse God. That is Satan’s main aim for you – to curse God and blaspheme the Holy Spirit! Just believe in His goodness and His ultimate plan for our ultimate healing and happiness and joy in the soon-coming renewed heaven and earth!

What Are Legal Rrequirements Regarding Street Preaching & Evangelising?

The following video is a typical example of how many people in authority will try to bully a street preacher or street evangelist into quickly moving away from the vicinity with 101 false ‘legal requirements’ hoping that the person being violated will know the law.

As you watch you will see how they police and the casino owner buddy up as if the casino owner is someone worth defending in preference to the Christian street preacher who is trying to save people’s souls. Watch as they come up with all kinds of nonsense.

NOTE: if you get into a US free-speech lawsuit it appears that YOU don’t have to pay and for once this is great for the normally suspect attorney ‘business’ where lawyers will often tell you they can get you off anything when in actual fact they cannot and simply want your money.

You MUST get all encounters on video or you have no chance in court.

Here is he description from the video: Jesse Morrell of www.OpenAirOutreach.com talks about “How to Win A Lawsuit” regarding street preaching or free speech. After many years of experience in dealing with free speech lawsuits, Jesse gives some basic pointers or tips that will help you in your case if the Police are violating your rights. He discusses his recent lawsuit against the Police of the City of Shreveport and how that lawsuit turned out.

Courage Help & How To Be Courageous

Advice & Help for Christians on Having Courage

open-bibleonwhiteCan The Bible help on being courageous?

“There is no doubt that if you’re going to be a Christian in todays world you will need courage – super human courage from God. Yes it’s true that in the days of old Christians were thrown to lions and burned at the steak – deaths of which we cannot even contemplate in the brave ‘civilised’ society.

No – Satan (who most in the west, because we rarely experience open unmasked evil, believe does not exist) has to be far more subtle in today’s world – open persecution though still happening in some parts of the world, at least in the western world would be seen as entirely politically incorrect by even the hardest anti-Christians.

One thing Satan doesn’t want to do is upset the status quo – if the public wanted Christians eaten by Lions in the old days – but now the public simply want Christians and Christian morals and principals silently and quietly got rid of without any gore or bloodshed on their conscience. No, it needs to be done in a humane way. Slowly but surely remove Christianity by stealth. First in homes, then in schools and we will at last be free from the stifling and controlling God of the Bible!

Begin a subtle but deadly escalation of internet violence and x rated content that affect and traps the minds of the young – enslaving them for ever more gory and violent video games. Make them dissatisfied with their girlfriends and wives with a constant bombardment of ‘acceptable’ soft porn and glamour in the papers and films. Make every kind of abominable thing available viai the Internet – things that were once only available to the truly ‘debauched’ are now freely available to one and all.

A Christian in todays world will need an entirely different kind of courage than the ones of old – where hardship and persecution was forced on people by authorities and people in power. It is now forced on people in far more covert ways by the media and other backdoor means by many people and companies who have no concept of the long term damage to society and young people – and affecting all people eventually – that their ‘innocuous’ programming, video games and relentless barrage of shallow media content that devalue human life, meaning and love are having.

If you are enslaved to anything and a Christian – do not fear – Jesus was tempted and tested in every way we are. He is here to help. Don’t loose courage or the will to be a Christian. Simply carry on and confess your sins – even if you find yourself enslaved again and again – that is the nature of the battle. All you have to do is be courageous and not give up fighting and victory perhaps in this life – certainly in the next will be yours!

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How To Be Assertive

What is Assertive Behaviour?

SUBJECT: How To Be Assertive: Here’s a Christian proverb; “wisdom makes one man more powerful than ten rulers in a city” What is assertiveness & assertive behaviour?
Assertive behaviour is the ability to formulate and communicate one’s own thoughts and wishes in a clear, direct and non-aggressive way! It’s about knowing where you stand, and communicating from this starting point. You are more likely to get what you want, in half the time, and without treading on everyone’s toes in the process – you can’t loose!

What will being assertive do for me?

It will raise your self-esteem by showing you how to resist bully tactics and emotional blackmail without using aggression! People who develop good communication skills are able to defuse difficult situations. Naturally this will help in romantic relationships too. Far from being more difficult to deal with, being assertive will make you easier to deal with as people know where they stand. Assertive behaviour also promotes a positive response in others!

Great Products to Help with Assertiveness

How to Win Friends & Influence People

Dale Carnegie’s absolute classic – the worlds best selling self help book: How to Win Friends & Influence People

Dale Carnegie wrote the worlds best selling self help book – how to win friends and influence people.It offers practical advice & techniques for how to make life more rewarding. Far from being a typical modern quick fix self help book this book really offers fantastic well considered advice – not designed in any way to manipulate but develop genuinely strong relationships with friends and work colleagues.

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How do we become who we are?

With life’s knocks we pick up all sorts of behaviour patterns good and bad, that make us who we are. We end up assuming bad traits are part of our true self when in fact they’re not. Just as It’s not good to be aggressive it’s not good to let people walk on you. The answer in an age where people are increasingly resorting to bullying is to be assertive – or be an easy target! Being unassertive doesn’t make you bad, but it stops you from using your full potential.

Children Behave Assertively!

Does a child offend you when it becomes upset? No – because it’s not attacking you directly but expressing earnestly its wants and needs. To be successful in dealing with people we must express ourselves earnestly!

Does Assertive Behaviour add anything to male/female relationships?

Yes! Anything that improves your communication skills will do this.

Steps to Being Assertive

When feeling threatened . . .

  1. pray God intervenes. God will act in your life if you genuinely want Him to. Conflicts and threatening situations can be defused if one party involved invokes God’s healing power.
  2. use assertive behaviour

During conflict situations a person may adopt four types of response:

  1. Passive
  2. sniper
  3. Aggressive
  4. Assertive behaviour

Passive response is appropriate at times (when dealing with someone who could be violent at any moment).

Sniper response is particularly tasteless and includes things like spreading rumours or withholding information.

Aggressive response is characterised by shouting, abusive language, obscene gestures, invasion of body space, aggressive postures and irrational behaviour.Ê This demonstrates lack of maturity.

Assertive behaviour means feeling good about yourself, being aware of your rights and taking responsibility for your actions.

Examples of Assertive & Agressive Behaviour

please leave these premises
I think your language is unacceptable
I do not wish to continue this conversation

Get out!
You are a rude b******
Shut your mouth
you have fundamental rights:
The right to speak and to be heard
The right to make errors
The right to change your mind
The right to be responsible only for yourself and your actions
The right to say no

When dealing with difficult people . . .
You have the right to terminate a conversation
You have the right to choose a proper place for a discussion
You have the right to be treated with respect

Points to remember
1) You can be assertive with people on a higher level than you as long as you show respect in words and actions.
3) “YOU” statements cause defensive responses promoting conflict.

How to negotiate

By Alexander Wilson JP BSc (Psych.) PhD.

Listen attentively. This is the most important part of successful assertive negotiations. Empathise with the other person. See things from their view so you remain calm and objective. People respond positively if they think you are willing to listen. Summarise the key points of the problem to demonstrate you’re listening and willing to cooperate.

Be sure your statements are correct. Vagueness will be seen as weakness and increase resistance. If you request a person stop doing something which is offensive, say so with a firm, calm voice. Always have an alternative solution ready. In most cases, you should be able to find several solutions. Remember the way you feel about yourself and others comes out in the way you talk (from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks)

Always give the other party opportunity to retreat without loss of face. A WIN-WIN solution is the most successful ending to confrontation. Use words and body language to defuse a confrontation. For example. “I am sure we can solve this problem together”. What can I do to help this situation for you?

  1. Decide if you want to say yes or no. You may need time to think it over – let the person know when you’ll be ready. Know what you want.
  2. Ask for clarification if you don’t understand what is requested of you.
  3. Be as brief as possible with a legitimate reason for your refusal. Avoid elaborate justifications as these may be used to argue you out of your “no.”
  4. Use the word “no”. “No” has more power and is less ambiguous than, “Well, I just don’t think so…”
  5. Make sure your gestures mirror your verbal messages. Shake your head when saying “no.” Often people unknowingly nod their heads and smile when they are attempting to refuse.
  6. “I won’t” or “I’ve decided not to” are better than “I can’t” or “I shouldn’t”. This emphasises that you have made a choice.
  7. You may have to decline several times before the person “hears” you. It is not necessary to come up with a new explanation each time, just repeat your “no” and your original reason for declining.
  8. If the person persists after you have repeated “no” several times, use silence (easier on the phone), or change the topic of conversation. You have the right to end the conversation.
  9. You may want to acknowledge any feelings another has about your refusal, “I know this will be a disappointment to you, but I won’t be able to…” Don’t say “I’m sorry”. In most situations saying “I’m sorry” tends to compromise your basic right to say “no.”
  10. Avoid feeling guilty. It’s not up to you to solve others’ problems.
  11. If you do not want to agree to the person’s original request, but still desire to help them out, offer a compromise: “I will not be able to baby-sit the whole day, but I can sit for two hours.” – You can say “no” to a request you originally “said” yes to!

Such a program could help to acquire a new set of responses and to be more effective in your interaction and communication with others. You would learn what to say or do in various situations, when to say it, and, importantly, how to say it. Getting a little bit ”people-smarter” can’t hurt, and it can make you feel so much better about yourself.

Physical confrontation

Always create distance from the other party when involved in serious confrontation. If someone becomes physically violent, contact the Police.


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