If God Exists, Who Created God?

You will often hear the argument; “well if God exists, then who created God?” as if it is a legitimate question to ask. This is a legitimate question until you stop to think for a moment about it, whereupon the question itself is seen to be meaningless and not even a logical question to ask. Why?

Here’s how to answer this question; “well who created God?”

Answer: Fact; God must be infinite – timeless by definition – of He is not a God. If so-called ‘God’ or ‘Gods’ were created, then they are not in fact Gods at all – they are created beings by whatever ‘God’ is.

By definition, you can only have one all-powerful, omniscient God/being – you cannot have two or three or four ‘Gods’ that have a kind of power-sharing agreement – otherwise these ‘Gods’ are not in fact real God’s at all, they are at best, semi powerful and labelled ‘Gods’ purely to describe perhaps awesome power but they are by no means all powerful – i.e God.

So if a real God does exist, then He must have existed forever or not at all – period, so the question; “who created God” self destructs. In other words – if God does exist, He MUST exist in an infinite, timeless realm we cannot comprehend – otherwise he is not God and just like us!

So now, knowing we cannot see or ‘touch’ a God that is really an infinite God, it just remains to be discovered if man can or cannot step outside our finite realm into the infinite to understand God, by I rather think that God would not leave that option open to us – lest armed with the full knowledge of infinity and creation we not only mess up the world and bring it to the brink of destruction, that we totally destroy ourselves.