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Events for single Christian Men & Women

Are you looking to go to relaxed and friendly singles social events to meet new friends rather than the sometimes slightly awkward, full-on Christian singles events and parties? If you are looking to find Christian single events in the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia or in London or around the UK, this Christian networking group realise that most Christians are put off by the ‘singles’ stigma and are much more interested in seeing Christian relationships develop out of friendships and social activities rather than embarrassing singles dos! Visit the website for more details.

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I know this lot personally and they offer great, affordable services and events for UK christian single men and women – check them out! What they say: We’re an organisation with a big heart and strong desire to inspire single Christians to meet their potential, live their lives to the full and grow in God. Ah! And I almost forgot…make life long friends and meet someone special. Yes! That’s something we’re particularly good at.

Crossroads new third service especially for young adults! Come and experience church like you never have before! Sunday nights at 6:30 in the Student Center Theater!!!!

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Christian Events Worldwide website – free to advertise and find events

Other Christian Events – ‘Believers Community’
2nd Friday of every month 7:15 pm to 9:30pm, Great Room of Crossroads
Many from 20 somethings attend this special ministry outreach of Crossroads Singles! Gather together with over 150 Christian Singles from area churches the 2nd Friday of each month in a casual, coffeehouse environment. There is always live music, drama, splashes of fun & humor, refreshments & a motivating, real-to-life message! Childcare provided.

-February 13: “Jesus At The Movies” (Experience a mock -up version of an old school Hollywood Premiere). For more information call 981-0222 or
To receive Believer’s Commuity events via e-mail, subscribe at free.

Also try: – 4 UK Christian holidays & events

Single Christians – Night on the Town (N.O.T.T.)
NOTT is always the 4th Friday of the month & provides a safe environment for fun and to meet other singles. Borders Books, 404 E. Six Forks 9 to 11pm; Volleyball 8-10p, First United Methodist of Cary.
Contact 790-1191 or nightonthetown2002 for more information.

Choices – singles events for Christians
Newton Ho/118-119 Piccadilly,

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Christian Singles Dances

Dance Events for Single Christians

Looking for Christian dances or Balls in UK, USA, Canada or Australia?.. check out the following sites and services online. For London events for Christians check out this events for Christians site . Also you might search for Christian dances or dance events on Google to get the most visited and useful websites in this area of social events and dances for Christians.

There are also several other new Christian events services that have recently hit the web, London Christians being one.. and club unity – a Christian clubbing style events company that spcializes in getting young Christians out for a good night on the town to mix and match as well as meet loads of new Christian friends from the city.

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Christian Dance Events & Dance Sites

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Christian Clubs

Social Clubs and Events for Christians

This page deals with ‘clubs’ as in clubbing and clubs as in groups for Christians to join. See the websites at the bottom of this article. Christian clubbing is taking the US and now European countries by storm… alcohol free.. cool music.. chilled people are what make the latest Christian club events the coolest thing to happen in the Christian arena for decades! Not to everyone’s taste and liking by all means – some think it’s actually quite anti-Christian to pump out load music and dance away to the latest Christian bands.

I for one haven’t worked out exactly in my head what’s right and wrong in this case though I do however, think the US stance on NO alcohol has to be good in the dance environment which it has to be admitted does have an air of worldliness. Be in the world but not of it?… I think maybe this goes a long way to doing just that!

When you find a club event you will be invited by all means to tell as many people as possible about the good news (and I dont just mean the club!). Regarding singles – you’ll get to meet loads of other eligable single Christian guys and girls – goto be better than a night out drinking in some horrid smokey, dingy bar!!! Let’s hope these Christian clubs can maintain the moral integrity that they set out with – often easier said than done for any individual let alone an organisation. I know a lot of cash is exchanging hands at some of the bigger venues but of course you need money to put on events just like you need money to live. Check out some of these Christian club venues and websites online!!!!

Websites for Christian Clubs

Christian Clubs & Party Events

Motorcycles Associations Clubs for Christians

Christian events – find local and regional christian events – advertise free

christian social events and clubs sites and organisations.. – good_news_club – christian clubs in public schools – christian fellowship


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Christian Social Groups

Social Groups for Christians near you..

Meeting groups of Christians just got easier – now you can signp below for free social meetups near yu and get togther with like minded people of similar ages and who share the same interestes. What’s really need in the current online social world is real world meetups for Christians and people looking to make new friends and meet new people in their local area – if you are new to a town or city or even a church – this can be especially hard so we wanted to try to make this process od finding and connecting with people you are inetersted in or that are in your age bracket – beit teens, young adults, mature or senior Christians – you shoule easily be able to get your mobile and find groups of poeople that are meeting or nearby so you can hookup and fellowship with them.

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Other Places to Meet Christian Friends, Sites & Services for Christian Social Events

OneGoodFriday Christian social networking groups and events
Signup to find out about free social events for Christians, paid dos, parties and networking events. Nice socials and meetups for Christians making it easier to meet new local Christian people – socialise, find friends, singles and speed dating events, balls and holiday sites.

Christian Rambling/Walking Club
Rambling and hill and fell walking socila meets, mountaineering and general Christian fellowship

Meet New Christian People and Friends in london
Christian sites, meet friends, find churches, singles events & parties for London Christians

Christian Democracy Online
Non-denominational group that is devoted to promoting Christian-inspired and ethical political values.

Christian UK Motorcyclists Association
Witnessing, promoting a wholesome lifestyle to motorcyclists in general; providing fellowship to Christian motorcyclists
Christian Events Site & Services
Places to advertise you own Christian events totally 100% free!

FREE Christian social Events & Paid Events and Meetups

Boaters Christian Fellowships
Join this Christian witness and fellowship site and service for the boating community of UK.
Other Christian Sites & Services
Christian Social Networking Site | Christian Social Network | Christian Social Singles Network | 100% Free Christian dating site and service online | Christian Party Social Network |

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Christian Social Events

Social Events for Christians

Looking to find Christian social events or local parties for Christians?.. this website has events and social gatherings plus other websites and pages listed to help you meet new friends in your area.

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Apart from the big Christian events like Greenbelt, Detling and others.. what social events are there put on near you? Well thankfully many churches are answering the call for more social events for Christians outside the walls of the church allowing people to meet, mix and match in a less pressure way. Why would Christians feel pressure in a church to approach new friends and potentially find a partner.. think about it. For one you can’t easily just stroll up to someone at church and ask them out cold without feeling a little like your being watched (you probably feel like that cos you are!:) 2 – you just wanna get to know people with friendships first and it’s just not that easy sometimes to break out of that Christian circle you find yourself in and get to talk to some of the people you’d like to.

So – there is a great need for social gatherings and Christian get-togethers as life these days is pretty fragmented – not like the old days when communities were close knitt and you knew everyone in it. Sometimes – even in a busy city or church (especially the big London churches) these days you can paradoxically feel out on a limb and lonely!!!

Christian Social Events & Places to meet Friends

If there is no website linked to the headings below – copy and paste the social group name into Google to find the website

1GoodFriday – register for Christian social events groups near you!
Great Christian events, socials for Christians, meet new people, socialise, parties, fun, friends, singles events, speed dates, balls, holidays, social outings and more.
Amicus Clergy /Church Workers
Information advice and support on employment issues to the clergy and church workers.
Ashram Christian Community
A voluntary association of radical Christians working in deprived urban areas shops, community houses and publications.

Association of Church Accountants & Treasurers
Heping and assisting church accountants.
Baptist Christian Caravan Fellowship
Holding weekend rallies throughout the country fostering fellowship among caravanning Christians and supporting small churches

Christian Events Worldwide – Advertise FREE!

Boaters Christian Fellowship
Christian witness worship and fellowship for the boating community in the waterways of Britain.
Black Christian Civic UK Forum
Promoting citizenship, education and participation in church & community.
Christian Caravanners and Campers Fellowship
Evangelical Christian holiday fellowship; weekend and holiday rallies, annual national rally, winter day rallies.
Church Shops Association
Association supporting cathedral and church shops in the UK; annual trade fair; conferences, meetings
Christians in london
Christian sites, meet friends, find churches, singles events & parties for London Christians
Christian Democracy
All-party, non-denominational group devoted to promoting Christian-inspired values in politics
Christian Motorcyclists Association UK
Witnessing, promoting a wholesome lifestyle to motorcyclists in general; providing fellowship to Christian motorcyclists
Christian Rambling & Walking Club
Rambling hill and fell walking, mountaineering Christian fellowship
Christian Socialist Movement
A forum for Christians on the left of politics. Affiliated to the UK Labour Party
Christianity and the Future of Europe (CAFE)
British contribution to public Euro-values – studying the impact of EU on British church
Christian Events & Social Gatherings
Social events for all ages and people groups.
Clergy Chess Club
Enabling clergy to play chess by correspondence or phone. Tel 0113 286 2710
International Christian Maritime Association
Voluntary association of Christian organisations promoting the welfare of seafarers, and families
Christian Conservative Fellowship
Developing Christian contribution to the Conservative Party’s life.

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Christian Singles Clubs

Clubs to Make Meeting Christian singles a Walk in the Park!

“Find me a man” I hear you say… well you just might be in luck because the tide is turning in the favour of Christian singles all over the globe where helping Christian meet new friends was once unknown and un-catered-for territory. The modern plight of Christian singles is finally beginning to be adressed with thousands and thousands of singles groups, Christian dating agencies and matchmaker sites and servces available to everyone who has use f a computer! Our advice is too get yourself sorted before going on any major soulmate search… in fact searching for a soulmate may not really be the best thing to do at all.

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Let God bring your partner to you… by all means use these services to practice your interactivity skills, get confident and generally have fun – but remember – God has someone for you he is preparing should it be his will for you to find a partner. Do not use these services to stroke your ego or get a string of dates. Also be very careful of your brothers and sisters in Christ – in other words… you don’t need to try before you buy!!!! – get to know someone as friends, pray and see if God wants you to be together. Try to see past your emotions here (very hard) and always think of others before yourself:)

Finding a “club” for Christian singles was once only for those marginal and so called “sad” people but now we Christians have realised that in fact all are at some point pretty much in need of a helping hand when it comes to finding a mariage partner that is actually a proper Christian. Thank goodness for services like 101 and a host of others for creating sometimes but genuinely free services but more often than not at least decent value for money services for single Christians that don’t charge an arm and a leg to use!

Christian Singles Clubs & Events Sites & Services

UK Christian events / singles parties

search Google for singles clubs and organizations on the web…

christian singles 101

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