What is The Mark of The Beast?

How do I know what The Mark of The Beast is? OK – because the Bible does not say exactly or explicitly what this ‘mark’ is, there are as you would expect a 100 different views on what The Mark of The Beast is, and that alone should tell us something.

It tells us that we should stop trying to figure it out. But surely that’s irresponsible?.. surely we need to know what it is exactly? Nope and here’s why. Let’s see what The Bible DOES say unequivocally about The Mark of The Beast.

Later in the text The Bible tells us explicitly what The Mark of The Best will cause to happen, and here there is no question. In other words, when we see this particular thing happen, at that point we will know we are looking at The Mark. So what is this event or thing that will tell us?

How you’ll know The Mark of The Beast when it appears (proving to date it hasn’t!)

The Bible says; “that no one without the mark could buy or sell without it.” So there we have it – if a chip comes on the market and you can still buy and sell – it isn’t The Mark – period! We can stop worrying about wether we have taken it or not and wait for this buying and selling scenario to happen which will tell us what we are dealing with. And it makes perfect sense. It’s not The Mark itself or the form it takes that is the problem – that is largely irrelevant – card, chip, tattoo or whatever and too much breath is wasted trying to answer this. It’s the division that The Mark will cause between sheep and goats, and which side we choose to be on that will causes all those that take it to be rejected by God.

The Mark will be a life and death choice to separate sheep from goats

It appears from The Bible (and it makes perfect sense) that God deems it necessary, in order to expose to all of humanity good and bad the real thoughts and intents and hearts of men, to divide the real sheep from the real goats – those that really love God, from those that really love the world and would rather save their own skin than see truth prevail, making the closing scenes of history a matter of life and death – to eat or not eat – to work or not work. We can all say we show our allegiance to God with our minds and lips, but lip service will no longer do when the truth becomes ever more in focus to those that love God and delusion becomes ever stronger to those that don’t as the Mark appears.

Ultimately our actions will determine where our faith and our allegiance really lie, just as it did when Abraham took his faith into action when he tied his Isaac to the altar regardless of the possibility of losing his own son – just as God did later with Jesus.

The Antichrist if and when he comes onto the scene will attempt to do what all dictators do and have to date failed – namely to to gain total control of the world. And there is only ONE way to do this; to control ALL buying and selling. Basically control all money transactions. And of course this will be extrapolated to getting a job (or not being able to get one for all those that refuse this mark).

To summarise

If some person, some organisation or some government comes to you and says you must take this tattoo, this day of worship, this micro-chip, this barcode, this card or whatever, and buy not taking this thing you cannot buy and sell in any way at all – your allegiance will be tested beyond anything else that is likely to happen because this will be a matter of eating or not eating – and what better way could a dictator like the one described i the Bible see which side you are really on – just as it was with Shadrach Meshach and Abednego.

Here is something very important we need to know about The Mark; The Bible says; “and He causeth all to receive a Mark…” – not forced all to receive a mark…” What does this tell us? It tells us that most people will probably embrace this mark when it appears, and history and common sense tells us that this would be the way to go for anyone that wanted to impose such a thing on the entire population of the world. Any force would be greeted with resistance as it was in the past and defeated. This really will be a – if not – the – ‘strong delusion’ The Bible warns us about.

Finally though, however it happens, and it will as we see it taking shape right now, the message to all Christians must be; do not fear man – only fear God!

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Don’t believe there have been more earthquakes and natural disasters? – think it’s only because we are better at reporting them and many natural disasters went unrecorded in the past?.. think again!

Please note – that whilst I believe history is coming to a close (yet I would never be so niiave as to try to predict exactly when since the Bible tells us not to concern ourselves with such detail) – we are warned not to create fear or panic – but rather to live out Godly lives.

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