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Alt.Books-CSLewis Newsgroup:
At this site you will find still another place to ask questions and
debate issues of Lewisian scholarship. Jack’s stepson, Douglas Gresham,
is often on-line to field questions and to comment on others’ observations
about Jack.


C.S Lewis Books Sites

CS Lewis Sites

The young Christian writer CS Lewis. C.S. Lewis wrote over 100 Book Titles in his lifetime. Genius is not a good enough description for this amazing Christian Author! He was most famous for his children’s stories but wrote a wealth of books on many other subjects – fantasy, factual and fiction books.

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Great C.S. Lewis Fan Sites & Resources…




www.fanpop.com – clubs cs-lewis


Short CS Lewis Life-story

Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe – (children’s story book)

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stick-man-and-woman-peopleDo the many pay dating sites offer better services as you’d expect – well – yes – and no. Well… by their nature, free dating services are sometimes (not always) less feature-full and often have less members than the sites operated as pay as you go businesses. But it’s not always the case!! – there are some free sites that have lots of members and pay sites that have hardly anyone due to bad design and/or lack of marketing.

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More Services…

We love collecting great sites for christians… see below other free Christian date services and high quality pay as you go online singles services and single networks.

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Fusuon101 has one of the biggest uk database for christians – it’s pretty basic but VERY effective – they have tonnes of marriages every month and over 500 new joiners per week – totally toll free!

Christian Matchmaker is a huge date service for love personals and romance!! – try it – it’s a pay as you go service but it is one of the biggest Internet singles sites around!

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Kings Singles
King’s Singles is a Christian Dating Club designed to help singles find a Christian date or mate in the hopes of creating more families who live for and glorify God. Sometimes believers have a more difficult time finding a mate because we do not easily fit into the singles scene of the general society. Members of King’s Singles can search for other singles with similar beliefs and interests and then contact the ones they choose. We are promoting wholesome relationships. Promotional offer – Free memberships all Month. www.kingsingles.com

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Free Christian dating and courtship service for singles for 99 days! Complete with christian courtship advice, messaging and guides. Singles can create profiles, send email, and find love. www.dearestchristian.com

Christian Mingle
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Christian Singles Love Seek
We at Christian Single Web realize that love is truly a choice and that building relationships on the right foundation takes time. We also understand that careers and outside commitments limit the amount of time available to develop a healthy social life. The pressures of society, demands of single parenting, and the lack of high-quality and secure avenues for meeting Christian singles can make the situation seem hopeless. www.loveandseek.com

Love and Seek Christian Singles Network
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Websites for UK Christians

UK Christians – Sites & Resources

Websites and services for Christians in the UK

This resource page for Christians in the UK is to be completed – please revisit later. Meantime take a look at some of the UK sites and resources we found online for Christians.

UK Christian Aid Sites
www.christianaid.org.uk – UK Christian Aid website

Christian music web sites
www.danielpipes.org – article on Christians in the UK
www.ccj.org.uk – uk Christians and Jews meetings

Christian singles events in the uk
www.csw.org.uk – Christian Solidarity Worldwide (UK site)
www.cis.org.uk – UK Christians in Science

Advertise a UK Christian web site or services here email Christianadvice.net. We will check it out as soon as possible and list it here if we think it’s cool.

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