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There are some fantastic resources out there on the net for artists of all kinds from resources sites, how to services (see you tube), websites and services that show you the best art techniques, tips and tricks as well as outlets – places where you can buy, sell or display your artwork!

There are also quite a few Christian specific art websites on the net. See our selected sites below all relating to Christian art and artist organizations. List your Artist organisation for Christians here – please email

Christian Art Websites

Index on Christian Art

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Fantastic Christian Clipart site

Christian Art Gallery 4 art & graphics

Christian Art Directory Site

Asian Christian Art

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Christian Music Websites

Where to find the best Christian Music Websites online

Are you trying to find the best music websites for Christians?… Christian Advice has collected a list of the best web sites relating to the Christian music field – all the best Christian recording artists past and present. Gospel music has always been one of the most powerful types (if not the most powerful type of music) of music on earth! It can move the spirit to tears with it’s power and message quite easily.

Check out Christian music if you want the best music on the planet – no meaningless pop lyrics and dull melodies to be heard! Music is God’s most powerful tool for affecting the spirit other than words themselves so we must make sure music is treated properly and not distorted. Good luck – and if you are interested in music read some of the Christian worship books that are now available written by music worship leaders with experience of the power of this ministry. Here’s a list of contemporary Christian praise and worship music artists and musicians.

Christian Music Websites – christian music sites – for Christian musicians – Christian Music Website – Christian Gospel Music Sites – Christian Radio Station Site – Radio music site for Christians Christian music Website – music sharing websites – social network for musiscians


Contemporary Christian Recording Artists A-Z

2nd Chapter of Acts
Aardvark Hill
Acoustic Spirit
Sion Alford
Among Thorns
Deborah Anderson
Shane Barnard
David & Juliana Barnett
Dave Bell
Jimmy Bell
Jeff Berry
Bill Olsen
Jason R. Bissell
Bonded Soul
Sue Brinkley
Terry Brinkley
Brother’s Burden
Clint Brown
Kimberly Brown
Robbie C.
C.A. Worship Band
Called by Christ
Jim Campbell
Shannon Canoy
David Michael Carrillo
Celebration Ministries
Christopher C. Chaney
The Chatmans
Christian Drummers Association
Paul Clark
Clear Voice
Christin Cook
Crimson Friday
Jim Croegaert
Andrew Culverwell
Cup of Trembling
D. B. Campbell
The Dan Oxley Praise Band
Danie & Moise
Danny Daniels
Dashboard Saint
David M. Sanborn
Holland Davis
Chris Day
Bruce Deaton
Deep To Deep
The Delaware County Cornhuskers
Jacque DeShetler
Destiny Calling
Divine Continuum
Brian Doerksen
Phil Driscoll
Katherine Duke
Kenny Ellis
Esther’s Request
Darrel Evans
Rob Evans
Exit 12
Expressions of Praise
Doug Farris & Company
Bob Fitts
Forest Park Worship Team
Mike Foster
Freddie Fish & the Loaves
Free Indeed
Jan Frichot
Mike Friday
Ed Frisbee
Full Access
Full Measure
Norman Garcia
Kelly Garner
Dennis Garofalo
Joe Gautier
Generation Y
Lynn Geyer
Pat Gill
Doug Gilmour
Glorification Singers
Joel Goddard
Grant Goodeve
Wayne Goodine
Grant and Shauni – Williams & Williams
Ron Greene
Jim Hamann
Fred Hammond
Hand to Hand
Kent Henry
Annie Herring
Highway 7
Crystal Hogan
Greg Holmes
Mark Stephan Hughes
The Hungr
Hymn Jim
In His Steps
In Our Midst
T.D. Jakes
Dennis Jernigan
Joe’s Garage
Joey Nicholson Ministries
Join the Club
Dr. Bobby Jones
Journey’s End
David Kauffman
Nori & Barbie Kelley
Graham Kendrick
Ron Kenoly
Richard Kiser
Shelley Kristen
Steve Kuehne
Robyn Lensch
Monique Lisbon
Chuck Loucka
Chris & Mary Beth Mack
Keith Macpherson
Robin Mark
Lorne Matthews
Diann McMillian
Men As Trees Walking
Mended Heart
The Messengers
Wayne Michaels
Rebecca McCoy Millett
Kate Miner
Modern Day Prophets
Don Moen
More Abundant
Alberto Mungai
Mark Muretisch
Tim Naylor
Marilla Ness
New Hope Praise Band
News at Eleven
Nitro Praise
No Apples for Adam
No Shades of Grey
Marty Nystrom
Gary Oliver
One Heart
One Voice
Graham Ord
Ordinary Time
Chris Pariseau
R. Dan Park
Carlton Pearson
Andrew Peterson
Jamie Pettit
Praise Band
The Praise Corporation
Praise XIII
Byron Prather
Present Reality
Prisma Brasil
Scott Puckett
Barbara Ramos
Christian Raxter
The Reformation
Laurie Ribordy
Tanya Riddle-Morgan
John Rieger
Steve Rigdon
Sue Rinaldi
Clayton Roberts
Rolinson, Boyce and Stanley
Randy Rothwell
Kristen Rourk
Robbie Rupard
Loren Sandford
Dr. Leonard Scott
Curt & Pam Seaburg
John Sellers
Shane & Caleb
Andy Shapiro
George Beverly Shea
Kevin Singleton
Six Days From Sunday
Sixty mHz
Sky Blue Presence
Alvin Slaughter
Jami Smith
Shawn Smith
Sold Out Soldiers
Soul Harvest
Souled Out Ministries
Sound of Praise Ministries, Inc.
John Standefer
Still Listening…
Rick Stokes
Stones’ Cry
Ten Point Ten
Bryan Thomas
Russell Thompson Jr.
Jeannie Thompson
Three In One
Three Strand
Larry Trammell
Two 4 One
Two by Two
Upward Call
Miles Urbano
Tommy Vaughan
Portia Brooks Vaughn
Laurie Vincent
Tracey Visser
Volatile Blue
Shumel Wahli
Tommy Walker & The CAWB
B.J. Wallace
James Ward
Water To Wine
Who Do You Say I AM?
Wigtune Company Praise and Worship Resou
Paul Wilbur
R A Wiley
Wind River
Worship Resource Ministries

Some famous mainstrem artists that have recorded Gospel and Christian music are: – Elvis’s gospel songs & music. Elvis Presley Gospel Music

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