Which Bible Version Should I Read?

Q: Which Bible Version Should I Read?

The question should really be; “which Bibles shouldn’t I read?” Well, as young and new Christian I was always being told that all Bible versions were good-to-go and useful for getting different perspectives (as if we need to be confused from the start about what the text is saying).

However my experience was different and for many years  was disturbed by the fact that I kept reading contradictions in my NIV – even more frustrating was that I could not put a finger on what the problem was – until that is – I finally got the guts to read the book everyone said was ‘too hard to read’ (but turned out not to be the case at all).


Which Bible translation is the best?

Do All Roads Lead to Heaven?

This is what we often hear isn’t it and this is what I would reply to someone that said this; so let me get this straight; when someone comes to you and asks you how they are to get to the local KFC do you just turn round and say; “hey man – just take any road you like – they all lead to KFC in the end!”

Erm I don’t think so. And unlike the freeway which may four or five roads you could take and possibly end up back on the right road, the spiritual roads that exist are so numerous you’d better be double sure you took the right one!

On the freeway many of the roads you might take may lead you in exactly the opposite direction you need to go it – so what makes you think you can tell someone that all spiritual roads lead to the one and the same God?

Not only that – when we buy a map – we know for a fact that all the map designers are using the same template and map from which to print their version.

With spiritual matters there are a bazzillion different ‘maps’ you can use – and many of them are mutually exclusive and claim to be so – such as Christianity and Islam!

Besides – what driver would embark on a long journey without at least looking at a map or taking the time to ask someone which road he is on?

So then – you need to take infinitely more care when dealing with your spritual road map – you’d better study it very hard as you have according to Jesus Christ another problem that the ordinary driver does not face!

Jesus said there are hundreds and thousands of people out there who wish to make merchandise of men – to create false maps and false guides to make $$$$ from your insecurities!

You’d better check your spiritual road-map is authentic and has the seal of approval from the master!

What is The Biggest Religious Cult in The World?

First off, to answer this question we would need to find out what a ‘cult’ is. So, what is a cult?

Definition; cult

a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
“the cult of St. Olaf”
a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.
“a network of Satan-worshiping cults”
synonyms: sect, denomination, group, movement, church, persuasion, body, faction
“a religious cult”
a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.
“a cult of personality surrounding the leaders”
synonyms: obsession with, fixation on, mania for, passion for, idolization of, devotion to, worship of, veneration of
“the cult of eternal youth in Hollywood”

So then, we can see that a cult is any religion built around an object (idol) and/or a religion that’s built the doctrines of a man, women or person. Where that man and his (or her) doctrines are placed above the laws, teachings and doctrines of God (of course the question of who is (the real) God is a different question altogether for another article!).

So now that means we can all answer the question; what is the worlds largest cult? very simple to answer. In fact, it’s a question we can all answer for ourselves without me or anyone else having to tell you my or their thoughts or opinions. The truth is out there for all to see – should they so be inclined to search out and find it.

All you need to do is go out there and find the largest group of people that follow a person or personality – a human in other words – a person and revere him or her as described above and you have your answer! Please note; if the person that this group follows claims to be God or their followers claim that this person is God (God – if he is God – has to be all powerful, i.e he must have ALL POWER as by definition you can’t actually have 10 Gods sharing all power as much as some people like to believe from a logical point of view alone – a power-sharing God is no God at all.) this is a very serious claim and one that you MUST study and decide for r if it is true or not. Since if that person is in fact God incarnate – i.e God (spirit) wrapped in flesh like yours and mines spirits are wrapped in flesh – and other claims that that person makes are then by default true, your life may depend on it!

Can Something come From Nothing?

It’s a self defeating argument? Why?.. surely something might be able to come from nothing, it’s just a matter of time before the scientists find out right? Err no. If something can come from ‘nothing’ – then that so-called ‘nothing’ must in fact (according to logic alone) be something! So if a scientist ever tells you that they have proved something came from nothing, they are lying and do not know this for a fact.

Apart from pure logic, the ‘nothing’ they are talking about has to be something according to their own definitions of what is and isn’t possible. After all in one breath they will tell us that information can come from nowhere – likewise matter is the same. Its the same as the wall they hit with quantum physics – they quickly escape to live another day by concocting multi-universe theory. And what’s amusing is that this theory and ones like it, like evolution, are the only possible options if you are going to believe in nature creating itself and far from ingenious thinking.

So Why Do Scientists want to Prove That Something Can Come from Nothing?

Of course, theistic scientists that believe in God love science for a different reason and see it as a means to glorify their creator. But the reason atheistic scientists (and atheists in general) are bent on finding ways to disprove God’s existence is very obvious. The reason they have always looked for ways to prove their naturalist way of thinking is that they do not want to be morally accountable for their actions by some kind of cosmic creator – so if they can disprove the idea that everything must have a creator – even nothing – then they can use this at their defence when they get to the cosmic judgement if for some reason they got it wrong and God does in fact exist and created everything. Science to people that dislike the idea of God is like a cosmic insurance policy.

You see one thing scientists know in the pit of their stomach is that they will never be able to prove that God does not exist. So they seeks to find ways to strengthen their defence should they actually be wrong and have to meet and be judged by their maker. Well then they have all the things they need; “God you didn’t make it obvious enough” or “you allowed us to prove and think that something can come from nothing” etc etc.

Of course God will just quote His inspired word the Bible;

“for man is without excuse seeing from what has been created the power of God.”

Facebook Does Exactly The Opposite of What it Says on the Tin!

Want to get disconnected from the people that really matter in your life? – Join Facebook! Who really matters in life? Our family, our genuine fiends we can tell anything to, the poor man on the street that needs your friendship, the widow round the corner, your grand parents, the person at school, college or work or church that no one wants to befriend because they are not cool enough to be on Facebook. These are the people God thinks are important – not superficial friends on Facebook.

Facebook claims to make us ‘more connected’ and I will add; make us all more happy and content as a result. However – we all know, if we are honest, that Facebook does exactly the opposite. Because people don’t discuss their real issues, struggles and problems in life publicly (and why should they), Facebook gives us a never-ending stream of other people’s ‘perfect’ lives for us to compare ours with and get more and more dissatisfied with our own life than ever before – even though the reality of our lives ad our friends I guarantee is a lot different to the persona created and constructed on Facebook.

And this is borne out by ‘new’ research that affirms that people are more unhappy when they use Facebook. Well did we really need research to figure that out? I guess someone got paid lots of money to do it.

What Facebook – the site that started as a ‘hot or not’ site (where guys would vote on the ugliness or prettiness of girls at university campus) actually does, is to connect us with hundreds and hundreds, and if we are not careful, hundreds of so-called ‘friends’ – in reality people we really have no time to care about and who have no real time to care for us other than to ‘like’ our favourite song of soup! Facebook has taken the meaning a vacuous and sallow relationships to a whole new level.

It’s Time for Serious Christians to Get Off Facebook!

You thin that’s harsh? OK I’ll eat my words if the clever sociologists of tomorrow don’t in years to come blame the slew self-centered and self-obessesed networks and websites of today for the future state of mind and depression of future kids and adults, who will soon have no idea what to respect their parents no matter what – or what love really means. To them to love will be to ‘like’. To help your neighbour will be to ‘like’ their post or page or favorite colour.

Are We Really More ‘Connected’?

The dreadful and disastrous result of facebook is that families that once were connected are now fragmented, with both adults and children alike becoming obsessed with the hand-held screen, abandoning normal and healthy face to face relationships with their parents and close relatives. It has further impressed into the minds of the young that love is to ‘like’ something – when in reality love is sacrificial – to GIVE of yourself – your time, money, skills and in some cases your life – for which there is no greater demonstration of love. Facebook has helped to create a whole generation of selfish droids who cannot ay longer think for themselves, do not know the difference between right and wrong, think that the opposite of love is to hate (it is not – it is to be selfish) all parrot each other in embracing the evils of the day!

The Real Result of Being More ‘Connected’ is Disconection & Isolation

True we are more connected – but with the wrong people. Not family and close friends in the community, mothers, fathers, and the people they should be really and practically caring about. No we are connected to hundreds of people that if push came to shove, neither we nor they would lift a finger to actually help or serve us. These are shallow associations and ‘friendship’ is far too strong a word for the main part. Facebook has done it’s job, and further diconected the youth of today from those people that really matter, and put them in the hands of the media, and all those that wish to manipulate them for their own ends and profit.

How Do Catholics See The Pope in Relation to Jesus Christ?

It would appear that according to their own writings, their official Catechism and teachings that The Pope is the new ‘Christ. See the quote below for the answer to this question from the horse’s mouth.

Does the Pope Represent Jesus Christ on earth?
The Pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ, but he is Jesus Christ Hismelf hidden under the veil of flesh. Does the Pope speak? It is Jesus christ who speaks…” – Pope Piux X Catholiquie Nationale, July 13, 1895


Is this the truth? We say; of course not! – Jesus told us in his own words we would not have to be told who the Christ is upon his return in The Bible, he would come not like the first time, as a servant. but he would return in a way so all eyes and ears would know without a doubt who he was! But don’t take our word for it… find out for yourself by studying The Bible for yourself and to “show yourself approved” as The Bible requires.