How Should I Not Hide my Light When my Daughter is Full of Anger if I Mention Jesus?

This article is about witnessing to family members. As the Bible says, the word will cause division in a family between believers and non-believers. How should I not hide my light when my daughter is full of anger if I mention Jesus. Is it ok to just say God bless you?


The Approach I have taken to family members not believing and being hostile towards God is just to a) not be over bearing with “Thus sayeth this and that” (they will never get it until they are prompted by God (often through seeing our good deeds, actions and faith) seek for themselves God and sometimes does more harm than good) – but don’t be intimidated and speak your mind in love if necessary b) serve and demonstrate Jesus rather than only focus on talking about him – that’s much better and leaves people with no excuse to bully you c) saying “God bless you” over and over can sometimes seem like a smack in the teeth to some people when life isn’t going well, so I would focus on this; The Bible says – we must do good works – not to be saved – but so that others will see the love of God in your good works for others in you and believe! Having said that it’s all easier said than done.

Oh and pray that God does the really impossible work for you – ie that He brings people and things to her attention that will help open her eyes to the reality of His existence and love for all sinners that love and seek after truth and who despite their transgressions thirst after righteousness.

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Christian Anger Management Help & Advice

What is Anger? Christians Advice & Help for Managing Angry Behaviour

Anger is a normal reaction when we feel something unjust has happened to us. We feel angry when someone lets us down or hurts us – intentionally or unintentionally. God himself displays and vents his just anger many times in the Bible stories and this is often interestingly called righteous anger! God’s righteous anger however appears as a reaction and direct result of humans sinful behaviour and tendency to love darkness.

Why is anger such a problem if not dealt with?

Anger when it is an emotional reaction to unjust behaviour or calamities that occur is not a problem. It’s already been said it’s a normal and necessary part of life and reaction to it like fear is the reaction to impending danger.

Anger becomes however a problem when it has no constructive outlet or remains hidden inside and an unresolved issue. In these cases anger pretty much always lead to resentment and un-forgiveness as well as bitterness and eventually – damage to not only the person but towards whom the anger is directed. Interestingly and just as importantly, the person who holds and will not let go of the anger and needs to understand full how destructive it is to the bearer – not just the receiver at the other end.

Bitterness Ruins Lives if anger is not managed

Anger turned to bitterness can take on a power all of its own and ruin good people. It can lead to hate – the opposite of love. The person with the anger often ends up the most damaged not because of what has been done – but because they are unwilling to forgive. God makes it very clear that un-forgiveness damages both the trespasser and the trespassed! So be careful about harbouring resentment – get help while you can:)

Why is Anger Necessary for us to Experience?

In Mark 11:25 forgiveness is described as being necessarily present before we can know the forgiveness of our sins from a loving God. We learn that to forgive is a required act of obedience and surely for a good reason – that God extends his forgiveness to us, and so we should forgive others. If we are not forgiving as he has forgiven us, there is no repentance – no forgiveness – and so no peace of mind for us.

Anger Cause a Gap to form Between our Loving God and us

Anger left unresolved creates a huge gap between God and us and is the cause of a great deal of disfunction within many people who refuse to deal with hidden issues and anger It is a fact of life that unresolved bitterness and anger gives rise to many emotional and psychological as well as physical (eventually) problems. Depression, nervous disorders and many physical illnesses all started off as anger turned inward.

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