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E-Harmony Service for Single Christians – a quality approach!

(works with traditional dating & matchmaking – not standard web-personals)eharmony-online-dating-singles-santa-monica-ca-california-banner

What they say: 

“eHarmony was founded in 1998 by relationship experts Dr. Neil Clark Warren to help people build successful, long-lasting relationships. After years of private counseling, research and public speaking, Dr. Warren made e-Harmony, combining expertise with the latest technology. Our mission is to help people find the right partner for life long love and happiness.”

Compatibility Is The Key
Scientific research has shown that picking the right person is the best way to achieve a great relationship. But how do you make a great choice in a club, church event, or party, where appearance and small talk is really all you have to go on? Using the internet, eHarmony is able to learn about its members from the inside out and match them based on deep, meaningful characteristics. Our detailed questionnaire measures the intricate facets of a person, including the 29 dimensions that are most important in relationship success. We then match singles who have the best chance of making great relationship partners. And to improve the chances of success even more, we guide matches as they get to know each other with a unique guided communication process.
With the help of eHarmony’s compatibility matching and communication guidance, our members can quickly find a “soul-mate,” instead of just struggling through endless dates that lead nowhere.

Thousands of Success Stories
To date, eHarmony has enjoyed – and helped its members to enjoy – outstanding success. We’ve met tens of thousands of members, and created matches that have resulted in hundreds of marriages, and thousands of relationships that are going strong.

Join Us!
We are as passionate about helping people create successful, long-lasting relationships. That’s why we put so much effort into our matching system and personal customer service. If you want to be a part of eHarmony and our vision, we hope that you’ll join us as either a user, a retail affiliate, or simply help spread the word!

Visit the site at: E harmony Christian singles matchmaker

What we say: E-harmony Christian singles matchmaker is a super high quality but not the cheapest way to get hitched… however probably a great way to get the best matchmaking done for you if you’ve tried the cheaper more hit and mis approch of most dating and singles services. These people do the match making for you based on your interests and preferences. One of the few good traditional dating agencies left! Click here for a complete list of singles ministries that may help you.

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e harmony Christian dating service reviewed at 2004

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