Is Purgatory Real

little-devil-illustrationIt’s a nice thought… that we all get a chance to clean up our act before we go on to the great gig in the sky! But common sense tells me that this is a man-made doctrine, designed to keep people coming back to church, since we all know that people’s main concern is; am I going to heaven

The short common sense answer to the question; does purgatory exist is; of course not! It’s just another concoction by the church to keep us coming back and ultimately filling the coffers. If you are Catholic and reading this I am terribly sorry to burst your bubble but Jesus was very, very, very clear that man is to live once – then the judgement. He didn’t say; man is to live twice – once on earth – once in purgatory, and then the judgement.

It is also worth noting that Jesus talked of hell more than any other person in The Bible so for all those that say; naa… it’s just a description of x, y, z, be very careful who you listen to – your workmate, the guy at church or Jesus Christ – the one whom the entire Bible is based on. Jesus said very clearly hell was made for the devil and his angels.

For those that think; a good God wouldn’t allow people to suffer in hell! you might consider then why he allows innocents, men womwn and children to suffer incomprehensible sufferring on earth where God’s spirit actually resides with us in the form of The Holy Spirit. If that’s you, you may want to read this article.

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