How Do I Spot a Dating Scammer?

Online dating scams are so prevalent these days that many people are actually scared to use the Internet to find a soulmate. Just look at the uproar surrounding the generally believed to be safe, and the world’s largest dating site ‘’ for an idea of how ‘good’ things can go bad. To be frank – almost all dating sites and matchmaking services are set up purely for profit and because of this, website owners in the main don’t really care about individuals – you – or your safety. They are interested in their wallet.

The problem of romance scammers is most prevalent on free dating websites since there is no budget to weed out or vet individuals (there is one exception – the free site – owned and run by Christians and setup – purely to help Christian singles get married!)

Having said that, if you use a decent pay service – that will straight away eliminate a good proportion of scammers that are abroad – but of course it won’t protect you from people who can afford to pay but still have suspect motives and are looking for hookups and all the rest (if you are Christian and use a genuine Christian singles owned and run website you may be spared of much of this as the people on there in the main will be God fearing folk looking for like-minded people).

Spotting Internet Dating Scammers and Dating Con Artists

Below is a link to very in-depth guide as to how you can use the web to meet new singles and stay safe online.  Make sure you read all the way down to the end as there are some bullet points that will make you pretty scam-proof once you have read them! Of course – you can avoid any financial cons and con-artists by making a rule RIGHT NOW to NEVER send money online to anyone you meet on the web. This may not save you some heartache and time wasted but it will save your bank account being raided by unscrupulous people. God bless you and here is there article; How to stop romace scammers

Is Travel Insurance a Legal Requirement When You Go Abroad?

Are you legally required to have travel insurance when you travel abroad? According to most websites I checked absolutely not… I mean it’s YOU that are taking the risk right? However it is well worth looking at if you are doing anything physical sporty and a definite requirement though not legal for skiing – you’d be nuts not to get some health insurance there. But for some non-active holidays – I would actually consider skipping it in some cases – but it’s your decision so do some research into the best insurance prices and deals and what is actually recommended and not overkill to insure for!

Insurance companies are in it for the money – not the love!

But remember when you buy it – they have all the boxes by default ticked that can bump up the insurance price loads – I even had a box pre-ticked saying they would straighten out my teeth if necessary and this added another £X quid on top of my skiing trip. By the time I had un-checked the ridiculous superfluous stuff – I was down to half the price my travelling companion had already paid for his! So do a bit of checking and reading and unchecking of unnecessary cover. Remember – insurance companies are in it for the money – not the love!

Here’s a link with more info on this:

How to Propose To a Woman

Is she the person you would stay with through thick and thin?

Disclaimer; does not guarantee she will say yes!!:)

OK – over with the funny part and onto serious stuff. Well, we are assuming you have found the person you have decided to spend the rest of your life with and remember, as a Christian – that does mean life (we realise many churches nowadays through fear of losing members and upsetting the apple cart choose to sweep Jesus very clear words on the matter well out of sight). The fact is – as a Christian – despite what people will tell you – you don’t really have an option to divorce – separate under some circumstances if it’s sensible?.. yes – but divorce so that you can be a consecutive polygamist? (marry people one after the other)… sorry – God hates divorce and as Jesus told us; “it was not that way in the beginning” and one must assume that in the beginning God got things right as he wanted them.

They say when you know you know – this is clearly wrong as 50% marriages end in divorce. The Bible says; when you think you know – you probably don’t!

engagement ringMarriage I’m afraid to tell all those that have listened to watered-down sermons on the subject is a decision and a binding one at that, not a feeling, or something you are excused from if one party turns out to be ‘incompatible’! The fact is, we are ALL incompatible to be married – that’s what the power of a marriage is. Loving someone DESPITE their faults as Christ loved the church. Not a Christian?.. oops well you better go off to google and find a secular ’emotionally’ based article on the subject by some agony aunt.

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So, how to propose to a woman…

Notice in the wedding ceremony, the “till death do us part” bit. Are you man enough for that? So now that you have decided you want to marry this person and you have settled in your heart that you will not divorce them under any circumstances (it’s got to be more than looks and the feeling of falling in love since both of these can and certainly the former will fade – and sometimes people are scared, have accidents and may not end up looking like the person you married – but they ARE still that person and just as Christ committed himself to an unfaithful and quite ugly bride – so we must not let looks become an excuse for pulling out the ‘divorce card’) there are several ways you can propose to a woman.

Don’t live with someone beforehand!

Why? Because it’s too easy and there is no real commitment involved. The FACT is people that move in with each other are MORE likely to divorce statistically. Why? Is it anything to do with the moving in part? I doubt it. It’s far more to do with the type of person that thinks ‘try before you buy’ and ‘exit anytime if you want to’ is ok is the kind of person that will likely think divorce is an option. If you think it is, then stop now and read another article. This is not for you.

Spend a lot of time together – not necessarily to see if she’s ‘right’ for you – but to some of see her annoying habits and get used to them and get this fellas; so that she can see your incredibly annoying habits and get used to you! One pastor said he always starts a marriage counselling course with; “you realise you two are in no wise compatible.” Why does he say that? Because humans are inherently selfish and put themselves before others and are not willing to change old habits or meet in the middle as real marriage requires! You know the ‘through thick and thin’ stuff again.

How to ask someone to be your wife – a few do’s and don’ts first

  • you don’t need to try and top the best proposals you see on youtube – marriage is serious.
  • try match your proposal style to your future wife’s personality so she will like it.
  • don’t be slushy or sentimental sweet – but speak from your heart like a man! (I nearly said roaring lion!:)
  • don’t discuss this with too many people or someone will let the cat out – I promise!
  • be confident she will say ye – but be aware – she may and has the right to say no.
  • don’t be an idiot. (do I need to explain this bit?.. if I do perhaps marriage is for later;)
  • if you propose on holiday – don’t do it on he first night unless you are 101% sure she will say yes. A rejection at the start will ruin the holiday!
  • don’t do it somewhere dangerous like a cliff edge – she might use it!

What about asking the parents first?

Well is that what she expects and is that what the parents would expect? In that case yes and if possible I would say yes to this in any case since you will al need to get along. But of course there will be times when it can’t be this way and you may need to just get on and ask her! I think asking her before the parents is not good – despite what other articles say – you want my opinion – you got it. Respect our parents the ten commandments say and what better way than asking them first if it’s possible or appropriate?

Do I need to get a ring?


Do I need to spend lots of money on a ring or the event?

If she loves you for your money or your house or car – perhaps. If she loves you for you – then probably not. But don’t buy her a pice of old rubbish – make sure it’s really nice even if it doesn’t cost the earth and you may want to ask the dealer if it’s possible to swap if there is a problem, especially if you do have a decent income. If you don’t well – see what you can organise and a nice girlfriend would appreciate your efforts. You might need to get a job though!

What kind of ring should I buy as an engagement ring?

Well first you might want to empty your bank account to see what’s in there. No seriously, is your wife to be going to want something that costs the earth? Then do you really want to marry someone like that would be my first question. Second question is the type of ring; well most ladies are quite understandably fussy about what kind of jewellery they will wear so you could buy a cheap one – put it in a cracker and tell her – this is just a temporary one! Then let her choose the real deal. Otherwise – choose a nice ring you think she will like based on what she already wears and what you know about her.

Some engagement ring trivia; A study from Emory University is saying the bigger the engagement ring the more likely the couple will get divorced!
Our comment: this is not meant to make you superstitious, and likely more to do with the type of person that thinks they need an extravagant ring is the kind of person that is more likely to get divorced!!

When do I propose?

You can pick a meaningful date like your first date or some other great time you had together. If you pick a holiday date then remember this will always be shared with your engagement date – something to consider. Do you want your whole family there? This could be arranged or you could do it more privately – either way make sure you have time alone after together as you will likely need and want it. Also – consider when she wants to get married – this might affect when you propose!

Where will you propose?

Wherever you do it – will be cast in stone in your wife to be’s mind so consider this! A hilltop – a beach – a nice restaurant, a hotel but don’t be mean – not a bar or somewhere shoddy. Make sure it’s a nice place! Where wuold she like, a dingy old pub or overlooking the sea at sunset?

Do I need to do something big and extravagant?

I don’t know – do you? Do you feel yo need to? But the bigger it is the more can go wring one would assume. You want it to go right and this is not about making her laugh the most or be wowed by what strings you can pull at the local aerobatics flying club is it? Though these things may come in handy! Big, small, do whatever – but if she loves you she will like whatever you do that is sensible. Here are some suggestions of where you can propose to your lady; a beautiful bridge, a sunset at sea, a restaurant overlooking the city, a mountain top, a cable car, a plane journey (you might need some leg room if she gives you the boot;), a beautiful flower garden, camping or a picnic.

What do I say when I propose to a woman?

“Are you busy for the next 50 years?” often works. Seriously, just say something like; “Girlfriend’s name… you are the most wonderful woman I have ever met and I love you. will you marry me?” What about a few practice runs on a girl friend you know? She will surely tell you if you’re doing a good job or not. But if she says yes… remember next time to remind your tester it’s just a practice run at the outset.

How should I propose to a lady?

The traditional getting down on one knee has to be the best! Perhaps in private and perhaps in public – where would she like you to do it – see if you can work that out without asking her.

  • What about a small orchestra or musician playing quietly in the background? – Spanish guitar perhaps!
  • a banner across the place she walks to work (not on roadways unless your father is transport minister).
  • a banner in the sky pulled by a jumbo jet – I mean a Cessna.
  • A radio DJ announcement
  • a sign in the sand seen from a sky-scrapper or plane. Do you have large fingers?
  • an ad in the paper
  • a crossword that spells; will you marry me?
  • a parachute jump (instructors only!;)
  • diving

Which finger does an engagement ring go on?

473552_1432046824From wikipedia; In Western countries, the engagement ring is normally worn on the left hand ring finger (, though customs vary across the world. Before agreeing to marry, a couple may choose to buy and wear pre-engagement rings, also called promise rings.

imagesWhich is the ring finger?

Come on guys surely you’r not like me and don;t know?! Well from wikipedia again: By wearing the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, a married couple symbolically declares their eternal love for each other. In Western cultures, a wedding ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger.

How do I measure ring size?

Making a marriage proposal

So – you wanted to learn how to propose to a woman and now you know! Listen – you know this might be emotional – for her I mean – and you perhaps! So stay cool and calm whatever the answer. I mean if you’re the sort of person that starts ranting when she says no then you’re probably not marriage material yet! Hopefully though she will know you’re a great guy and say yes. If she does accept (even if she doesn’t in fact) end with a kiss and a hug and slide the ring onto her finger and praise the Lord!

More articles on how to pop the question to your girlfriend… – Perfect proposal according to WOMEN – how to propose to your girlfriend



Things You Need to Go on Holiday – a Checklist

So you’re going away on holiday and need a quick checklist of all the things you might need for your vacation? Here’s the list of things I needed for my holiday I’ve posted for you here to make it easy for you!

  • Passport (check your passport is in date BEFORE you book your holiday and get it sorted at the outset – if you have problems with your passport your holiday may not even happen).
  • Tickets – make sure you have these printed out and ready to go!
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen – you don’t want skin cancer at all or wrinkly skin before your time – protect yourself!
  • Jumper – yep even in warm places you may need one in the evenings!
  • Shorts
  • Swimwear
  • Medicine
  • Wallet
  • Phone, charger and adapter for relevant sockets
  • Driving licence
  • Cash – only take a small amount on your person and split it up incase you get pick-pocketed

What Tools Are Needed For Painting and Decorating?

So, you want to be a painter and decorator? What are the best tools to buy to be a painter and decorator then? Here’s a short guide I put together when I was looking at the tools, brushes, brush types, solvents, sheets, fillers and other tools and techniques you need to know when you are thinking of doing painting ad decorating work. First off, here is a great overview of the tools you need to paint and decorate. After that, see professional advice and help guides contained in the in-depth videos further down the page.

Painting & decorating tools; basic overview of what you need

Brushes: types and brush techniques

Here’s a short video from explaining the best types of brushes to use for different types of painting jobs.

Rollers: which type of painting roller to use and how to use them

The following help-guide video is a step by step guide showing you how to choose the right roller for the paint job you are doing and how to use your painting and decorating tools, with expert advice and top tips from a professional painter and decorator.

Paint pads: what are they and how to use them

Paint pads are nearly as quick as rollers but without the splatter – so some painters and decorators love them. I’ll let explain.

Before painting – prepare your surfaces and woodwork properly!

This is a must if you are wanting to do a serious job as a painter and decorator. Otherwise your paint will come right off and your client won’t ask you back. This video will show you how to fill holes, sand and smooth and make the surfaces ready for the paint to adhere well. Remember many people that will ask you to work will have experience themselves so you always want to do a good painting and decorating job!

How to paint a room

Once you have prepared the surfaces to paint (to see how to prepare wall and other surfaces for painting see the video above). Now you are ready to get painting your room! See below to see the best methods of room painting, windows, ceilings and skirting boards.


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How To Increase Rings on iPhone T-Mobile Before Voicemail or Call Divert

This is the most annoying thing ever – I can never reach my iPhone in my pocket or on my desk or anywhere before the stupid thing goes to voicemail. Clearly this is designed to increase revenue as someone gets paid when the caller has to leave a voice message. Outrageous but who would expect anything else from greedy mobile firms?!

Voicemail settings are not changed on your phone but controlled by ringing your carrier with a special code!

So, how can you increase the number of rings your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 makes before it goes to answerphone or voicemail (same thing)? Well after about 3 attempts at calling 150 and getting different answers I finally worked it out. Incidentally none of the advisers at TMobile got it exactly right so here is your answer.

Type the following (including the +44 – this was what I missed and it kept failing) and then press the green ring button;

**61*+447987805171*11*30#  (then press Call).  

Note: ’30’ above is the number of seconds your iPhone rings and must be entered in increments of 5 seconds.

To stop voicemail altogether on iPhone and TMobile

Text the following all upper case to 150 (TMobile);



What if I do not use TMobile on my iPhone 5 or iPhone 4?!

Simple – see that long number  between **61*+447987805171*11*30# – well that my friends just needs to be substituted with your carriers number. You might have to call their short number helpline to get this.

For increasing number of rings before call divert/voicemail on Talkmobile

  1. Using your phones keypad, enter  **61*121*11*
  2. Then enter the number of seconds you would like it to ring for (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30)
  3. Then press #
  4. And then press call

Hope that helps you with increasing the number of rings your iPhone allows before voicemail kicks in!