How Can I Sleep Better?

Well most of us these days are on the lifestyle equivalent of ‘speed’ when it comes to the way we treat our bodies when it comes to creating the right conditions for good sleep – by not switching of either our devices or our bodies until two minutes before we attempt to go to sleep.

Advice and help with insomnia – switch off your devices and stop working in tune with nature

The following video restates what we all know instinctively but have all but forgotten – namely that we are designed to sleep in the dark and work when it’s light!.. but restate this we must as most of us never switch off our devices and lives until late at night and wonder why we lay awake all night or when we do sleep its not deep – refreshing sleep. I’ll let the maker of the following video – a Christian who is a health expert explain better that I can.

How To Stop Migraines

Well it’s a long shot but it might just work Jim! Look – we all know drug companies have NO interest in testing God-made ‘drugs’, cures or remedies as – well there is simply no money in it – and what does the Bible clearly tell us and correctly so?.. that the love of money is the root of all illness – sorry evil.

Anyway – enough rambling. Can ginger really be as good at curing migraines as billion dollar financed drugs? I have no doubt that God is the real chemist that men can only dream of mimicking – badly. I am not saying all herbal remedies work as they don’t (I know I used to work for a company that frankly was making junk and claiming it did this and that and it was all fakery) but I DO believe that certain plants have incredible healing properties – put there by our creator for our use in this fallen world.

Sort the real natural health claims and cures from the false ones

But be warned – you need to sort the real claims of cures and improvements in conditions from the old wive’s tales and false claims made up by charlatan so-called ‘health‘ companies that want to flog you any combination of dried plants to empty your pockets as fast as possible when a plain orange or apple might be 1000 times better for you. Don’t believe me?.. as I said I worked for a health company that was doing exactly that – constantly having to replace the words on the packaging from; ‘will help’ illness X to ‘might’, ‘may’ or ‘could’ help illness X – as there simply NO evidence whatsoever about the claims they were making were true, and the food and drug administration knew this. But of course – one main reason there is little evidence is that the drug companies put very little into researching natural cures. Why would they!

The guy that makes the videos below really does do a lot of this weeding out process for you – I have studied many of these natural health ‘gurus’ and this one is genuine (and there aren’t many I’m sorry to say, as it’s all about $$$ in most cases).

How to cure a migraine with ginger?

Watch this video and if you want (and if you are not allergic to ginger), try out ginger as a cure for migraines and report back to this page with the results in the comments. I suffer from migraines constantly so will certainly be trying it myself!

More about migraines, their causes and treatments can be found here.

Plain Old Radish Kills Stomach Cancer Cells Dead!

New research (2011) indicates strongly that the plain old horse radish – that’s right – the thing we normally eat as a semi-hot white sauce on our beef has powerful anti-cencer properties. Especially in relation to stomach cancer cells. Whilst some vegetables have little or no effect on certain cancer cell growth (though they may reduce other types of cancer cell growth) the humble horse radish seems to have a lot of anti-cancer properties!

The message is to “eat a portfolio of vegetables to fever all the bases when it comes to stopping or slowing different types of cancer cells from growing or spreading or even forming in the first place. See the view below for more information on this – and we guarantee it’s not sponsored by the National Radish Association!

The Truth About Vitamins, Mineral & Supplements

Do Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements Work? – the TRUTH!

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Help with Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STI’s, STD’s

STD’s advice & help. Sexually transmitted disease & Infections Guide

For help on STD’s and sexually transmitted disease and infections >>

History of STI’s & STD Viruses

When people think of sex related diseases they tend to think of AIDS (immune deficiency syndrome) but there is in fact nothing new about people getting ill after having sex. Syphilis was a scourge of death, chronic illness and disfigurement, diseased babies and other problems.

The fist syphilis epidemic began in Europe in 1494 which some time later caused such havoc that the French army was disbanded. Many people would trace sex illnesses way back to biblical times and The bible does in fact hint to various illnesses related to sin in relation to sex outside marriage being one way to more likely become ill through sexual behaviour.

In the Second World War there was a poster of Hitler, Mussolini and a prostitute all arm in arm sporting the caption “VD is the worst of the three”!!! At the start of the war syphilis treatment was still relatively ineffective and new.

In 1658 it was recognised that the terrible plague was linked to sex. It remained a serious public health threat and major cause of death amongst the people until the amazing discovery of penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming some time around 1930. It’s first use was in combatting syphilis infection in 1942.

Unfortunately though – regardless of the wonders of penicillin we still have today the largest syphilis epidemic this world has ever seen. This is why it’s so important to take protective measure – lik not having sex at all before marriage. And if you cannot wait or find yourself in a no going back situation (very unlikely that any situation is beyond going back) then protect yourself and partner. However it would be best not to get into that situation in the first place!


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Christian Drugs Help

Drugs Help & Advice from a Christian Standpoint

Are you looking for or need Christian help for someone you know who is struggling with drug addiction?.. or perhaps you are having addiction problems yourself of some kind then see our websites listed below. There are many many drug rehab, help and recovery web sites, services and organisations.

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