Mere Christianity
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Mere Christianity

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Mere Christianity
CS Lewis Classic Best Seller

MERE CHRISTIANITY is considered a great 20th century book and a 'must' for Christians and atheists alike. In fact anyone who wants real answers as to why so many thinkers believe in a living, loving God, creator, Saviour and Christianity itself. After reading several books on Christianity that did nothing to help my understanding, I came upon C.S. Lewis's books and Christian writings. Most books about the existence of God are off in their own worlds and do little to encourage and enlighten. This book explained the basis of Christianity and the reasons why it is more plausible to believe that God exists than does not - without leaving anyone in the cold. This book is perfect for the agnostic, the atheist, and Christians that wants to know how a highly sceptical English scholar became ' the most reluctant convert of all Britain'. - Logical, simple, but well thought out reasons as to how C.S. Lewis came to give his life to God. I was greatly impressed and have read this book many many times.


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Mere Christianity - by CS Lewis