Looking for a Christian Alternative to Google?

Is there a search engine like Google for Christians?

As far as we know, there is no 'Christian Google' as such made by Google themselves (owned by them) - indeed I very much doubt they would want to go down this route as they are very much all things to all people and a Christian Google would I'm sure be seen as politically incorrect by many. Google want to keep a clean, non-biased image and Christianity certainly doesn't sit on the fence on many issues!

So what's the nearest thing to a Christian Google?... there are and have been for at least ten years quite a large number of Christian search engines and portals that are designed specifically for Christians. I personally feel though, that most fall down straight away since 90% of the Christian portals contain Christian only websites, content pages and information. Christians like everybody else need not only information specific to their religion or specific beliefs, but information on everything - and this - no Christian portal or website directory that is purely for Christians does.


Here's some Christian search engines off the bat:
www.fishthe.net - Christian Search Engines

So in short - the Christian community has yet to come up with it's own google... not really surprising g

iven the massive scale and complexity of Googles network and search power.. any takers!!

All the best - Christian Advivce.net

Read Why Google is so Good!
The rise of spamdexing in the mid 90's made leading search engines of the time less useful, and the success of Google at both producing better search results and combating keyword spamming, through its reputation-based PageRank link analysis system, helped it become the dominant search site late in the decade, where it remains. While it has not been rendered useless by spamdexing, Google has not been immune to more sophisticated methods either. Google bombing is another form of web vandalism, which involves creating pages that directly affect the rank of other sites...

Christian portal /search engine directory sites that may be of interest

Christian Portals (http://christiandirectory.info)
What they say:
Welcome to the Christian Internet Directory, listing the Christian businesses, Christian rock groups, and religious websites across the globe. Find Christian resources to assist in your ministry, and much more. This directory is being constantly updated to include as many Christian sites as possible. Now you can shop at specific sites designated as Christian websites. You can use this directory to find church resources to assist in your ministry. Simply click on a category link to the left to find a specific set of sites, or search in the search box below. If your Christian site is not currently entered, we encourage you to find the proper category, and click the "Add URL" link to fill out the form. Be sure to bookmark this site so you can stay up-to-date on any new Christian portal sites.

Official Google Blog
What they say:
Recently I’ve been working with libraries on something we’re excited to announce for Google Scholar users. Libraries are fantastic repositories of scholarship, and we want to make them as visible and accessible as possible. We’ve just expanded our Library Search program in Google Scholar to help people around the world find works of their interest in local libraries. That program now includes links to libraries in Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland.
If for example you're a student in Sweden searching Google Scholar for [chemistry], you can click the “Library Search (Sweden)” link underneath the book titled "Principles of polymer chemistry" to see the list of Swedish libraries that hold the book. Then just pay a visit to one of those libraries to reserve it. If you’re outside Sweden, you can activate the Swedish library catalog links from the "Library Links" box in the "Scholar preferences" by searching for Sweden.

If you are a library patron and can't find the books from your library, ask your local library to participate in this program. If you are a librarian and would like to work with us to help users find scholarly literature in your library, please contact us. We'd like to thank our union catalog partners for helping to make this happen. Here's hoping researchers worldwide will use it to find and build on the amazing collections in the world's libraries.

Google Fight
This ones just a really fun site I found - not affiliated to google but fun!

Here's a Christian search engine that resembles Google to some degree. It has many 1000's of Christian websites spidered which includes much or the burried pages within the sites. Here you can find hundreds of articles and websites on Christian subjects as well as a 'Church engine'! This contains around 2000+ churches around the globe!

Advertise a Christian google type website or services here email: portals@christianadvice.net

We will check it out and possibly list it here if we think it's ok.


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