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Relationships Advice. Help for Christians on Good Relationships

This Christian advice guide is wanting to provide men and women in the church the help they need to have fulfilled and loving relationships be they single or married.

On our site you will find many topics on the subject of relationships, self esteem and other self help pages that are all Christian based in content. We also have friends and sites that provide Christian relationship counseling, Christian life coaching services and many other advice pages and sites that can help you improve your inter-relational relational skills.

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Some of these sites may contain information that may not be Christian based but shed light on some relationship issues – please keep this in mind:)
Excerpt: “Love relationships are changing! Today, we want a lover, friend, companion, and most of all, a soul mate connection. Soul Talk offers a fresh way of communicating that changes the very nature of how men and women relate to one another:
Intuitive Listening allows you to hear what your partner isn’t saying
Listening Empty helps you quickly resolve conflict and re-connect
Speaking to Empower keeps conversations positive, even the difficult ones
Acknowledgment and Appreciation keeps that “in love” feeling alive
The learning and practice of Soul Talk allows two very different individuals to understand one another, resolve conflict, and deepen and enrich the love that they share”.
What they say: “ is a free online destination for men, a men’s portal, designed to provide men with daily features on subject matter that interests the general male population. What is its mission? To offer men candid advice, that is useful, practical and entertaining. address issues regarding dating, women, fashion, money, fitness, and entertainment. Offering advice that is too complicated or unrealistic does not serve any viable purpose, therefore it deals with topics that can be incorporated into men’s daily lives. Unlike other men’s sites or magazines, updates every day, with new articles that focus on matters that men deem relevant and practical. The site also provides men with helpful suggestions for everything from career advice and first dates, to gifts and efficient cars. Its objective is to help men.”

To help us along the way, we continuously search for the most interesting and entertaining writers available. Besides our regular contributors (who have become daily staples in our user’s reading diet), we’ve also featured great writers like:
John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus);
Jeffrey A. Krames (Jack Welch Lexicon of Leadership, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times);
Robert Knafo (GQ, Connoisseur, Slate);
Barbara Taylor Bradford (A Woman Of Substance, 70 million books sold);
David Tutera (A Passion For Parties, Oprah, The Today Show, The View, CNN);
Mark Schoen, Ph.D. (Director of Sex Education for the Sinclair Intimacy Institute, award-winning filmmaker);
Pete Sisco (renown fitness expert and author of 6 books);
Brooks Melchior (New York Yankees);
Eve Hogan (Lifetime);
Renee Piane (Love Mechanics, NBC’s The Other Half, A&E’s Love Chronicles). – relationship help and advice
What they say: aims to provide the inside track for busy women online, on everyday important issues like relationships, health, careers and beauty. The site includes expert advice, discussion groups and email, plus tips and articles on everything from fashion to parenting. handbag has renowned expert writers and a breadth of coverage that have established its reputation as the leader in a crowded field.

The typical help guide user is aged between 25 and 45, with a median age of 31. She is likely to be ABC1, and either married or living with a partner in the home she owns. In her spare time (of which there is little!), she enjoys the cinema and reading magazines – particularly the women’s and home improvements titles. There’ll be a bottle of good quality wine in her weekly shop, and she is constantly on the search for a good book. As a voracious shopper, she purchases by mail order and online.

She visits three times a month, on average, for tips and advice about a future purchase or for inspiration, stopping off to read her horoscope, and do a quiz, vote, or both. She’ll definitely visit health and beauty, fashion, money and shopping, all delivered in a smart, spirited and intuitive tone.”

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