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We've all done it - some of us are doing it - what does The Bible say & how do we overcome backsliding?

Backsliding - a common of problem to Christian life

Do you feel like you are backsliden?... what is backsliding? Well it certainly doesn't mention the word in the bible as such but the term backslidden has come to mean what happens or the end result when a Christian loses faith or allows something to happen to get in between him and God


But don't panic because help is at hand as always - God knows that all of us bar none have or will become backslidden or move away from God at different times in our lives. Is that how you're feeling right now - well here I have found a great article and advice site that talks about backsliding and the Christian.

Most of us have at onetime or another backsliden - todays world with all its temptations and offerings makes this all to easy - so what should Christians do when it happens and what does the Bible say about it?

For a great help article on dealing with backsliding
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