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Elvis Sun Glasses
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Elvis Presley - come on... who doesn't really want a pair of these deep down in their Elvisy soul?!!!!... for The King - impress and be the envy of ALL your friends with a pair of EP sun blockers - these are the original glasses that made Elvis Presley so famous in the 1970's. They're too cool to go to a party without a pair!


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Elvis Presley Sun Glasses - 70's Sunglasses

  • Elvis Presley's Glasses
    Can anyone say they don't - hand on heart want a pair of these little dudes! Elvis presleys handmade Aviator sunglasses were truely the only shades to be seen alive in!

  • The king used these sun glasses to stop Glaucoma problems in the late 70's and has been famous for wearing them ever since - at all times - day and night - in concert - in bed - in the John!!!!

  • Get some super cool cheap Elvis Presley Sunglasses today and impress your friends with the coolest sun glasses EVER MADE on planet earth... truely fit for a King!

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