Christian Eye Gazing Events

What is an ‘eye-gazing’ event? I would think this has to be a variation on speed dating events where people get together in a large group – guys and girls and have 3-5 minutes sitting and chatting opposite each person of the opposite gender in the group!

However I will come back and update this page when I know more about exactly what an eye gazing event is really all about!

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Do All Religions Lead To The Same God

Don’t all religious beliefs take you to the same God in the end?

It’s a nice thought isn’t it.. that all religions, beliefs, religious ideologies, faiths and denomination and sects within those beliefs ultimately bring you to the same God! Ted Turner thinks so and he’s a really clever and nice chap you could trust isn’t he! You know the guy that believes in world depopulation. You first Ted!

So – is Bhudism better than shamanism? I Catholicism better than traditional Church of England?… what is the the Church of England anyway?… Surely they all lead to the same God? Not so fast!

The truth is, until not so long ago myself included, most Christians today don’t even know how their own church came into being, and have no idea where the rituals and religious beliefs of their particular denomination arose from. Here we discuss these vitally important issues.